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  1. 3 Advantages of Using Corrugated Boxes

    3 Advantages of Using Corrugated Boxes

    Used for packaging pottery and glass until businesses opened up to its huge benefit, corrugated packaging box are now the MVP of the packaging industry. These boxes are now widely used to meet the demands of packaging goods that need high protection especially during transportation.

    These boxes are used in the form of packing boxes, corrugated shipping boxes, corrugated packaging sheets, pizza boxes, candy boxes, ice cream boxes, heavy duty corrugated boxes, corrugated paper rolls, shoe boxes, automobile corrugated boxes, duplex carton boxes, vegetable boxes, paper boxes and food boxes, among others.

    Here are the three BIG advantages of using corrugated boxes for packaging: -

    Maximum Protection

    The most vital aspect of shipping products is protection. No one wants to incur losses due to damage to goods during transit. Corrugate boxes are the best option for packaging, especially fragile goods. This is due to the fact that corrugated boxes provide a very stable cushion for the product. This cushioning in turn keeps the goods safe during transportation no matter what the distance, shipping and even the handling. Also, you can get corrugated boxes in different sizes and thicknesses depending on how fragile the goods are.

    Other than preventing breakages, corrugated boxes also prevent foodstuff from getting damaged by keeping the moisture away. The three layers of paper in these boxes also comes in handy when goods need to be refrigerated as they need a double layer of packaging to keep them fresh over longer distances.


    You can get your corrugated box supplier (like us at DCGPac) to provide custom boxes

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  2. 3 Features of Perfect Packaging

    3 Features of Perfect Packaging

    For any business that delivers packages through post, there’s actually a lot of thinking that needs to be done with respect to packaging to ensure that your package is delivered in the right condition while also making your brand stand out! Besides, the quality of the delivered product, packaging and presentation certainly play an essential role.

    Here are 3 features that every type of packaging must have: -

    It can be transported well

    Before, going crazy to find a killer design, ensure that the packaging you choose is able to travel from source to destination with zero damage. So, consider the type of transport you will be using because different types of transportation will result in different conditions. Further, if your product is bulky or fragile, choose materials with high strength.

    It’s durable and secures the product

    Durability is one of most important features of any type of packaging. Whether it is a box or a bag, it must be durable and tamper-proof. Further, depending upon the type of product you are transporting, find the right kind of packaging which keeps it secure during transportation. Consider the weight and shape of the product, and fragility of the product when selecting packaging.

    It talks about your brand

    Packaging can be customized to tell the story about your brand. Customize your box with your brand logo or a design that is not only eye-catching, but also share-worthy.

    The prese

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  3. Growth for the Indian Packaging Industry

    Growth for the Indian Packaging Industry

    Where does it stand right now?

    According to a report titled ‘Plastic packaging: The sustainable choice’, prepared by FICCI and Tata Strategic Management Group (TSMG), the packaging industry in India is expected to reach a net worth of about $ 73 billion by the year 2020.It is anticipated that in the coming years, the  Indian packaging industry will register an 18% annual growth rate.

    Of the global packaging industry, the Indian packaging industry constitutes only about 4%, but the organised boom in e-commerce within the country offers huge potential for future growth of retailing, which in turn gives a boost to the packaging sector as well.

    As various industries start paying more and more attention to sustainable and environmentally safe practices, the packaging industry too has undergone significant changes in the demands for various packaging material. For example, tin is slowly and steadily being removed from baby food packages as the demand shifts steadily towards cartons and cardboard boxes. On the other hand, products like liquid cartons and metal cans see a dynamic growth in the future as well.

    At the core of it

    The main crux of the growth of the packaging industry is however, the requirement of packaging products owing to the significant increase of e-commerce ventures that require packing materials in abundance to meet the delivery demands of their end users. At DCGPac, we are coming up with new innovations like economical packaging brands as well as high quality brands, to help create clear segregation for a highly focused impact which will contribute to the industry’s growth. This in turn will aid the packaging industry to in

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  4. 3 Ways to Make the Most of Bubble Wrap

    3 Ways to Make the Most of Bubble Wrap

    Bubble wrap is among the most useful packaging materials which offer ample protection to products, especially fragile items. As the name suggests, bubble wrap features a plastic material with air-filled pockets incorporated into the design to provide the extra-cushioning.

    The ‘origin’

    Bubble wrap was invented in the 1950s as textured wallpaper but it wasn’t long before it was used as a packaging material. Even though it has amazing cushioning properties, let us not forget that there is a right way and a wrong way of doing things.

    The trifecta of using it the right way

    • Should the bubbles be in or out?

    The most common question that comes to mind when using bubble wrap for packaging is; should the bubbles face the item or be on the outside? While the matter is still open for debate, the consensus is that the air-bubbles should face the item. This way, the bubbles can actually provide the necessary cushioning and prevent the item from bouncing. Also, the bubble pattern is helps to hold the item in place.

    • Sometimes, you need to pre-wrap certain items

    Sometimes, little pieces of plastic coming from the material tend to get stuck on the item secured in a bubble wrap. This is more likely to happen when you leave the wrapped item under direct sunlight or near a heat source for long periods. The good news is that you minimize the damage by placing the item in a plastic or paper bag before you enfold it in a bubble wrap.

    • Tape on all sides of the packaging

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