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  1. Things To Consider Before Choosing Movers & Packers

    Things To Consider Before Choosing Movers & Packers

    Moving from one place to another can be a major hassle, if you're unaware of the tricks to ace the situation. Most of us end up finding the situation extremely stressful, time-consuming and expensive. Packers and movers make the process smoother, easier and less stressful. However, if the packers and movers are not chosen carefully then the whole process can become even more arduous and time-consuming.

    Here are five things that must not be ignored when choosing a moving company for your next relocation:

    1. Authenticity – It is important to check the authenticity of your packers and movers as most local moving companies don’t even have a proper license to operate. A genuine packing and moving company will have all the licenses and documents in place. A local moving company doesn’t even guarantee you a safe transit of your goods. Therefore, it is important for you to be sure that your goods reach the destination intact.

    2. Experience – Another important thing that you must not ignore is the experience of your moving company. You need to check if the company is new in the industry or have been in the market for long enough. If the packers and movers are new to the market but have a good clientele of satisfied customers and are offering services on competitive rates with all the documentation in place, then it is surely worth a try. Although, big brands are much reliable but sometimes they do take small projects for granted. Therefore you should be clear about your expectations and the type of moving company you want.

    3. Team of Workers – You should be aware of the fact whether the packaging and moving company have their own team of skilled packers or they have sub-contractors. Clarity on the number of people who would come to pack your products and their proper identi

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  2. How Color Of Your Packaging Can Make Huge Difference To Your Brand Image?

    How Color Of Your Packaging Can Make Huge Difference To Your Brand Image?

    Color is one of the most significant components when it comes to the packaging of your product. According to a research, it is believed that your brand's color or the color of your packaging bears a significant effect on your customers. The color of a packaging is visible from a greater distance than any other elements of your product packaging such as the shape and graphics, thus being much vital to the packaging of your product. The correct combination of the packaging color, graphics, logo design and quality of packaging materials can make your product stand out.

    Helping your product packaging make the cut, we’ve listed what each packaging color can have an impact on your customers and the significance of each color. Read on further to make the right choice for your brand:

    1. Green - Green is a color that is mostly associated with balance and harmony. It is a color that signifies security, health, wealth and growth. Brands related to Health or organic sector should prefer this color for the packaging of their products. You can use this color to create a calming effect amongst your customers. Pale or lime green color can also be used for elegant and soothing products.

    2. Yellow - Yellow signifies cheer, positivity, and happiness. This color creates a kind of positive vibe and excitement about your product amongst your target customers. In packaging, yellow suggests either something original and innovative or a fun product. This color is a perfect fit for brands that aim to lift the spirits or bring joy to their customers through their product.

    3. Grey - Grey should be avoided as it signifies conservativeness and indifference. Although, this color can be used with a bright color such as yellow, red or blue to bring energy a

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  3. Handy Packaging Guide For Apparel Industry

    Handy Packaging Guide For Apparel Industry

    Who doesn’t enjoy retail therapy? We all do, every once in a while. Do you know about 48% of online shoppers search for apparels when shopping online, therefore the fashion industry plays one of the major roles in the e-commerce sector.-  Being a fashion brand, it is pivotal for you to focus on the apparel packaging that you offer.  Packaging is one of the few visual elements that leave an everlasting impact on your target audience. A well-designed package is a brand’s chance of turning its first-time customers into repeat customers.

    Here’s a list of all the aspects that you should consider while choosing a packaging design for your fashion brand:

    1. Appearance – Appearance is one of the most important factors of packaging that has the power to create customer enthusiasm around your brand and can lead to brand loyalty as well. According to a study, most of the customers admit that they are excited to open a package when it looks appealing on the outside.

    2. Protection – Another important factor is protection. Protection is one of the main functions of packaging; therefore it is important for you to ensure that your product packaging provides proper protection. For a brand related to clothing or apparel industry, the packaging for your product should ensure proper protection from any type of environmental hazards.

    3. Convenience – It is important for you to consider your customer’s convenience and then design a packaging for your brand according to it. Keep the packaging of your product lightweight and easy to carry so as to ensure maximum convenience of your customers.

    4. Customization – Customization is the key to win customers for your fashion brand. A personalized touc

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  4. 5 Important Features Of The Perfect Packaging Material

    5 Important Features Of The Perfect Packaging Material

    While selecting a packaging material, it is important to understand all the features that the packaging should have for the safety of your products. Not only the packaging material should provide you with the ease of carrying, transmitting and storing but it should also be reliable and durable. Some of the basic properties of packaging materials such as strength, flexibility, and transparency determine whether the packaging is suitable for the product or not.

    Here's a list of all the key features that one should look for before buying packaging material for your products -

    1. Extra Security

    One of the main features that a packaging material should have is extra security. The packaging should be manufactured in high strength opaque, from 60 microns to 100 microns’ thickness and co-extruded polyethylene film. To strengthen it more and provide extra security for your products, the packaging material should have a thick seal or a solid flat seat at the borders. This ensures that your product is intact during transit.

    2. Moisture Resistant

    Another important feature that a packaging material should have to keep your product safe and secure is moisture resistance. The packaging of your product should preferably be made up of polyethylene which is moisture resistant and doesn't allow the outside moisture or water to enter inside the package. Polyethylene keeps your valuables safe and secure from outside climatic conditions.

    3. Recyclable

    Keeping environmental factors in mind, it is important for you to consider a packaging material that has an optimal thickness and quality material which can easily be recycled or reused.

    4. Easy to Carry

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  5. Ultimate Guide to Know Everything About eCommerce Packaging for Indian Online Sellers

    Ultimate Guide to Know Everything About eCommerce Packaging for Indian Online Sellers

    The market around us is changing at a very fast pace. In the world of social media, the trending topics are the new change. People are going almost crazy for the new goods. This has not only changed the ideology of the people at large but also their shopping habits. You have yourself noticed the change in the trading or shopping patterns of the people. The online market has expanded its reach to every household. Now people living in the remotest part of the world are also able to shop for the top international brands. The shopping has no limits now. If you have the right amount of money then everything is within your reach with the help of an internet connection.

    Apart from that, the marketing of the product is also very important to make it popular in the general public. More and more competitors are entering the market. This is beneficial from the customer point as it provides more options for them. Thus every company employs various methods to market their product. There are three important features of any online commerce. Firstly, the website service and user interface, secondly the after sales service and thirdly packaging.

    Packaging has emerged a very important aspect of marketing. The companies are laying more and more importance on the packaging of its products. The material which is used extensively by the firms is the corrugated boxes online. These boxes prove to be an excellent material for packaging. The corrugated boxes online can be bought at reasonable prices from other retailers.

    Why are Corrugated Boxes Preferred?

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  6. 5 Most Adorable Gift Wrapping Ideas for This Valentine’s Day?

    5 Most Adorable Gift Wrapping Ideas for This Valentine’s Day?

    The Valentine's day is just around the corner and the hunt for the most adorable gifts begins. When it is about Valentine's gifts, loved ones always tend to put a lot of thought and effort into wrapping the gift. It is also more important than the gift because first impressions win the heart especially if the packaging is cute. Although the gift and wrapping could be expensive and extravagant or entirely sentimental, it is crucial in both cases that the packaging must reflect and convey our feelings for the loved one to whom we plan on surprising with the gift. After all, in the matter of hearts, one must do their best to make the person feel special. It’s known that creative wrapping does take a little more efforts and inspiration, so we have made the task easier for you and listed out the most adorable and thoughtful gift wrapping ideas and gift boxes for Valentine’s Day to help you leave no stone unturned for your special someone. Take a look:


    It is a day to celebrate hearts! So, why not try out something that depicts that in the best possible way. You could try to make a peek-a-boo wrapping with the theme of hearts. Wrap the package one at a time in a red coloured patterned gift paper. Then, with a thick brown or white wrapping paper cut out heart-shaped, or cut away a half a heart, leaving it attached and open to give an impression of a small door. Then you can wrap the gift again with a p

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