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  1. 6 Most Common Packaging Myths Demystified

    6 Most Common Packaging Myths Demystified

    While all the businesses know the need for packaging, some businesses don’t really understand its full potential. Product packaging plays an important role while creating your brand image in the market. It is important to understand that the packaging of your product can either lead you to success or become a reason for your downfall. Most businesses tend to make some common packaging mistakes that hamper their growth, some spend overtly on packaging assuming that’s how things work while some keep it basic and assume that it’s the product that really matters. It is important for businesses to plan their packaging strategy carefully so as to get higher returns and fewer damages.

    Here in this article, we have tried bursting some of the most common myths about packaging which might help you recognize its true potential.

    1. Being Penny-wise & Pound-foolish with Packaging

    This is one of the most common beliefs that most business owners have. Opting for the cheapest quality of packaging available may save you a few bucks initially, but eventually, it will incur losses due to increased damages. Good quality packaging creates an outstanding customer experience. It is always better to look for a good economical deal and not just a cheap one.

    2. Relying on Generic Packaging

    A regular packaging for all sizes of products makes your products prone to damages. Different products need different types of packaging, such as Legal documents or educational material may need tamper-proof plastic envelopes whereas goods of certain shape or size may need bubble lined courier bags.

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  2. Difficulty in Choosing Right Packaging Material? Read This!

    Difficulty in Choosing Right Packaging Material? Read This!

    When it comes to packaging, many people have a hard time. This is because the packaging of any product, gift or item is very crucial. The packaging of the product is important as it acts as a barrier between the product and the other environmental factors. It is very important to choose the right type of packaging material depending upon the product and the area where it will be shipped. Almost, 23% of the items get lost or are received broken at the users' end because of incorrect packaging. The advent of big firms in the shipping business has provided all new boom to the packaging material online. Also, as the concept of home delivery is becoming more and more famous day by day, so is the requirement of packaging material online.

    Large retail houses and firms have entered the online market. The business firms which earlier used to sell their products by distribution system have come up with online websites. Nowadays, every second retail and the wholesale firm has its own website or have tied hands with online websites to sell their products. Making your product available online will not only help in improving the sales of the company but introduces large customer base. When you market your product online then home delivery is the only option viable for selling of goods. These goods have to be packed up properly for delivery to prevent any damage. The goods can be transferred from any part of the country to another part. Thus the manufacturer should ensure the safety of the good.

    The second most important aspect of packaging is to make your product socially more acceptable. Anything which is eye-pleasing, have a positive impact on the customer. It builds up the reputation of the company. Food processing companie

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  3. What all to Consider Before Buying Security Bags & Envelopes?

    What all to Consider Before Buying Security Bags & Envelopes?

    Security bags are heavy duty bags that are used to contain valuable products or important documents or legally sensitive items. These envelopes are specially designed to be tamper resistant so as to prevent theft. Security bags or envelopes are basically designed to instill a sense of the security amongst customers of their confidential documents during transit. If are a part of businesses that attach  high confidentiality to their information,  like pharmaceutical, education or legal then using high-quality security packaging is a must.

    Also, if your business involves handling of sensitive documents or valuable material that needs to be shipped to your customers then using tamper resistant and tamper evident security envelopes are crucial for maintaining your brand's credibility and customer trust.

    Before using any plastic envelope or bag to transit legal documents or valuable material, here are a few things that you should consider so as to ensure proper security of your documents. The process isn’t so tricky, if you make a few right choices. You can source excellent packaging products without spending a lot of money. Read on to know what all to keep in mind before buying the right type of security envelopes or bags.

    1. Thickness – The everyday plastic courier bags or envelopes are of about 50 to 60-micron thickness. to ensure proper security of your documents, your security mailing envelopes should preferably be made of 75-micron thickness and above.

    2. Must Be Opaque – Your security envelope or bag should preferably be opaque so as to prevent any light to reflect through it. this feature ensures that the documents or contents of the package are not visible to anyone, even if one attempts to se

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  4. 6 Things to Remember While Packaging Electronics

    6 Things to Remember While Packaging Electronics

    Whether you mark your item fragile or not, the way your package is handled depends on the individual carriers and handlers, therefore it is important to pack your products well. Marking the package fragile does improve the chances of better handling, but doesn’t guarantee it. Also, no matter how good your courier company is, they are not going to add more protective layers of packaging materials to your package. Shipping documents or apparels is not a big challenge as it involves simple packaging. Whereas, shipping electronics can be a tricky task as, if not packed properly, your product might get damaged or broken during transit.

    Electronics being expensive, you would never want to incur a substantial loss due to its damages. It is important to understand that electronics should always be packed in such a way that the packaging protects the electronic product from shocks it will get during transit. Here are a few tips to ensure maximum safety of your electronic products during transit.

    1. Check user manual – Always check the user manual of the product that you're shipping before you start packaging products. Most user manuals come with instructions on how to pack and ship the product. This can make it easy for you to figure out the right type of packaging to be used for the product.

    2. Use bubble packaging – One of the safest choices for packing electronics is using bubble wrap packaging. Pack your electronic product with a thick layer of bubble wrap and ensure that all the edges of the product have been well covered so as to prevent chipping. Bubble wrap also keeps electro

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