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  1. Why Your Product's Packaging is as Important as the Product Itself

    Why Your Product's Packaging is as Important as the Product Itself

    For people who think that packaging is just meant to ensure the safe delivery of the actual products to the consumers, it is time to take reconsider their outlook. Everywhere we look, we are encountered by packaging of different styles and types enclosing almost everything we use in our everyday life. From designing packaging for ecommerce and retailers to the primary packaging chosen by manufacturers, constant innovation and creativity seems to have become the key focus.

    In fact, some packaging is so impressive that it has become the identity of the brand itself. So, it naturally gives rise to the question of what makes business owners invest so much time, effort and money in choosing the best packaging for their products, if its only purpose is to simply ensure that the customers receive the product in a safe and easy to use manner.

    Product Packaging as a Marketing Tool

    Several researches have proved that product packaging plays a critical role in influencing the buying decision of consumers. This is because most customers do not view the packaging as a marketing tool but rather as a powerful communication tool, which not only helps them to gain vital information about the product itself, but about the company offering the same.

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  2. Confused About Corporate Gifting? Here is a Smart Idea

    Confused About Corporate Gifting? Here is a Smart Idea

    As the festive season is approaching fast, many organizations have started making strategies about how to re-establish their official relationships with their employees and clients. It is also a tricky affair to figure out the right way to do it.

    The best way to boost your own employees’ morale is through customized corporate gifting. This ongoing trend has become a regular practice amongst various organizations to promote their products or services. One of the main reasons behind giving corporate gifts to your staff members and clients is to show gratitude to your employees for their hard work and appreciation to your clients for their continued patronage.

    Here in this article, we’ve listed top 5 benefits that you get if you follow the customized gifting trends, this festive season.

    1. Strengthen relationships with existing clients

    One of the main motives behind offering customized gifts is to strengthen the official relationships. This also ensures that your existing or loyal customers are sure to use your product or service for a long period of time. Clients and employees of the company being happy also create a positive brand image for the organization in the society.

    2. Acts as a marketing tool for the company

    It also help in the marketing of your brand. It basically acts as a marketing tool for a large number of organizations. Customized gifting options ensure that your employees and clients remember doing business with you for a long time.

    3. Increases employees&

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  3. Personalization is the Key to an Impressive Packaging During the Festive Sale!

    Personalization is the Key to an Impressive Packaging During the Festive Sale!

    With the ever-changing packaging trends in the market, the ability to keep up with the new trends can leave a major impact on your company’s growth. In this tricky situation, it is important to choose something that is going to stay in the market for a longer period of time and would give you increased benefits.

    Custom packaging or personalized packaging is one trend that is an excellent way to introduce or re-introduce your product in the market. One of the main benefits of personalized packaging is that it lets your customers feel the personal connect with your brand or product and enhances the overall customer experience. Here’s everything that this new packaging trend has to offer you, this festive season:

    1. Increased Sales

    According to a survey, about 71% of people prefer personalized packaging over standard packaging. Personalized packaging is something that increases curiosity in your customers and makes them buy your products even when they don’t really need it. Also, it offers your customers an unmatchable customer experience that would keep them coming back to you again and again. It also reduces the risk of frequent returns.

    2. Unique Design

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  4. 5 Reasons Why Creative Packaging Should not be Restricted to Festive Season

    5 Reasons Why Creative Packaging Should not be Restricted to Festive Season

    In this rapidly evolving market scenario, it is important to understand the need to create brand awareness. Product packaging plays a significant role across every industry to establish a unique and differentiated presence in the market. It also aims at customer retention and customer loyalty. There are over millions of small business owners on Facebook alone, therefore it is important for you to stand out in a pool of multiple business owners. Though there are many factors that help in creating a positive brand image, but one of the key areas is the packaging of your product. Good packaging not only attracts your customers but it also protects your product from damages.

    According to an analysis, customers generally consider the quality of the product and the way it looks on the outside when buying. This is where the right choice of packaging comes into the picture. Therefore, it is important to choose the right type of packaging for the right product. Considering the new customized packaging trend in the market, it is important to know how customized product packaging can win you more customers, this festive season. Customized packaging is the key to achieve an excellent customer experience and many other goals.

    Here’s a list of top five reasons to choose customized packaging solution not only for the festive season but all round the year:

    1. Establish Your Brand

    Customized packing boxes can help you increase your brand awareness. You can actually utilize the empty sides of a standard box to make your customers relate with your brand. Customized boxes that feature your brand n

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