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  1. Packing Materials and Supplies You'll Need to Pack and Move Your House

    Packing Materials and Supplies You'll Need to Pack and Move Your House

    Life is unpredictable and our lives are volatile. We tend to change, evolve, grow and move from one place to the other. However, there are certain things that are significant to us and lie in our foundation.

    They are deeply set in our cores and therefore when we move we wish to carry them along with us in our new places, homes or locations. This article will guide you through what are the crucial things you'll need when you are packing and moving from one location to the other.

    What things to pay attention to?

    When you relocate or move to a new place, it is necessary to ensure that your basic household goods arrive at your new destination or home safely in its original condition without any damage or scratch. To ensure this you could follow the below suggestions:

    • It is essential that you first start with a packing list of the packaging materials you will need to pack, move and transport these goods in a secure condition from your current house to the new one.
    • This is the domain where you can cut down on moving costs if necessary and if you keep a smart and open mind.
    • You could experiment with different types of packaging materials and be flexible in your ways to acquire them by ordering online.
    • Getting your packing material online is one of the best ways to get your packaging done in less time. DCGPac can help you with an extensive range of top quality packaging for your items.
    • Make sure that you have corrugated boxes for your electronic items. You can’t just use any cardboard box for electronics because it is a fragile piece of technology.
    • The best way to transpo
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  2. Custom Packaging Boxes - The Key to Keep Your Valuables Intact

    Custom Packaging Boxes - The Key to Keep Your Valuables Intact

    One of the biggest areas of focus for almost every business organization is to enhance the branding and customer loyalty amongst their customers. In this respect, most businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the significant role of using customized packaging boxes to get the products to the shoppers. These boxes can prove extremely crucial for the sale, storage and shipping of supplies while also making a strong impact on the buying decision of the customers. That is why the use of the corrugated box to deliver the purchased products to the end users in a safe, secure and impressive manner is gaining much popularity.

    In order to better understand the reasons for their extensive use across diverse industries, it is important to first learn more about them.

    What are Corrugated Boxes?

    Corrugated boxes are a type of packaging material crafted from corrugated paperboard. The edges of this paperboard comprise of rows of air columns which act as a cushion to provide better protection to the packed goods against shock, vibration compression and moisture etc. Most manufacturers design them in a variety of styles to match the diverse needs of users from different business niches. The most common of these styles include the regular slotted container, which features all the flaps having the same length. Another common style of corrugated boxes is the half slotted container, which features only one set of flaps and is ideal for carrying heavy objects.

    Branding Advantages of Custom Corrugated Boxes

    One of the biggest benefits of using a custom corrugated box for packaging is that they enhance the market value of the products and create a sense of interest amongst the prospective clients. In fact, people tend to pay little atten

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  3. 5 Ecommerce Packaging Solutions That Rule The Roost in 2017

    5 Ecommerce Packaging Solutions That Rule The Roost in 2017

    The world of packaging materials, especially in the online sector, is continuously evolving and improvising because of its volatile and fast-paced nature. With high online consumer base, an unprecedented growth has been seen in the last decade of the e-Commerce or digital sector. There is a heavy competition among E-commerce companies.

    Below we are listing out top 5 packaging materials which are used in the eCommerce industry on a large scale. Also, availability of these Packaging materials online has made life far easier and faster.

    1. Corrugated Boxes:

    One of the most frequently and widely used packaging materials in the eCommerce industry is Corrugated boxes. Since shopping has gone digital on a large scale, these boxes are a common and simple sight of packaging material seen enabling the delivery of the online ordered product easily.

    What are its Pros?

    • These boxes are the most excellent packaging tool as the material it is made of is highly tensile and incredibly durable with great strength to hold, carry and deliver the item safely plus with convenience.
    • This carton (or generally referred to as the outer brown box) keeps the product very safe and secure, especially while storing and shipping it.
    • The best benefit of these boxes is that these secondary packaging is available in innumerable and varied sizes, patterns and varied specifications or dimensions to select the most suitable.
    • Buying this packaging material online is very easy. 
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  4. 5 Reasons Product Packaging Affects Brand Perception in E-commerce

    5 Reasons Product Packaging Affects Brand Perception in E-commerce

    Simply go back to your good old days of the childhood, remember that excitement that used to surface when a package used to be delivered to your door? Each and every one has a certain kind of giddiness at the time of tearing and opening the packaged product. The proper product packaging plays an important role in the overall experience the customer has with your brand.

    As much as 95% of the products fail in the market because of the improper packaging. The customers are busy individuals these days and they really don't have time to weigh down the pros and cons of the product while shopping.

    If you thought that packaging products are something that can be left in abeyance, you must carefully read each and every word of this post. We give you the prime reasons which make proper product packaging a must for every business. Read further:

    • Helps in building the brand

    Your customer has purchased your product, but that should never become your reason for stop wooing them. The way you package as well as present your goods for shipping is one of the essential yet powerful tools of marketing. Hence, don't simply put the goods ordered in the box, instead use packaging as a ladder for building the strong reputation for your brand. Get your customers back to your brand wanting for more by using the right sort of packaging supplies. The brand is built with the help of customized branded courier boxes /pouches /tapes etc, also the shape, size, and quality of the same matters.

    • Provides protection to your product

    There is not even a single buyer on this Earth who would like to receive a product which is dented, broken or scratched. And he/she is totally correct in t

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