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  1. Lightning Deals to amp up Your “Sellerbrations”

    Lightning Deals to amp up Your “Sellerbrations”

    The festive season is just around the corner, and this is the golden time for all e-commerce sellers. Being an e-commerce seller, you need to prepare well beforehand for this important time of the year. Make sure to set your strategies and goals for the season right in advance.

    With the hope of getting the highest sales during this time, you need to make sure that you’re backed up with the best packaging materials for your goods. It’s better if you consolidate your packaging box sizes and fix few standard sizes based on the product’s size. Make sure to keep track of your supply inventory and re-ordering. The best way to keep your packaging material requirements sorted is by ordering a bulk amount of corrugated boxes online. You also need to have a minimum number of office stationery items well in store such as customizable tapes, courier envelops, safety pouches, polybags etc.

    Being an online e-commerce seller, you know that you can either make or break your brand name during this time of the year. So, it becomes really important for you to not compromise even with the quality of your packaging products. You can also avail great discount offers and save a large amount of your money if you order your packing material online and in bulk.

    DCGPac is one of the largest corporate packaging material suppliers in India. They have made it easy for any e-commerce seller to get packaging material online easily. You can choose your required size of the corrugated box from a wide range of packaging products. Some of their ongoing discount offers on packaging ma

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  2. Let People Discover You Easily - Sell Office Stationery Online

    Let People Discover You Easily - Sell Office Stationery Online

    There was a time when the office stationery items such as the pens, writing instruments, pencils, staplers, paper sheets, calendars, diaries, glue etc. were available at the stationery store near me. But, the Office stationery items are no longer limited to the dusty shelves of the retail stores. With the advent of the online stationery store, one gets to tap an unexplored market, with the customer base ranging from offices with tight budgets to executives ready to spend a considerable amount on luxury items.

    Wouldn't you want to make big by selling stationery items online?

    Selling the office stationery online gives you the advantage of selling all your products including the smallest of the products to each and every one across the country and make a good revenue out of the same. When you sell office stationery online, you create your own customer and this way excel in B2C and at the same time you establish contacts with the various office stationery suppliers, thus bring in huge contracts and opens the floor for opportunities.

    Now, the main and the most important question that arises is how to be sure of creating a successful online stationery store? What actually you can do or what you ought to do to make sure that you make profits from your online stationery shop?

    Don't worry, we are there at your rescue!

    We will tell you how!

    Have a look at some of the exclusive strategies you can incorporate into your business model for stationery online and reap some good amount of profit:

     Office stationery need not be limited to just offices

    The term 'office stationery' never implies that it is confined to offices only. Thus, your target audience is not limited to the various offices, including the startups, entrepreneurs and other Government and administrative offices. You can target the colleges also which make use of the office stationery products. Also, when you hit the

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  3. The Complete Guide to Eliminating Complexities in Raw and Packaging Materials

    The Complete Guide to Eliminating Complexities in Raw and Packaging Materials

    The complexity in packaging products and packaging supplies is one of the major concerns for the giant firms and companies, especially who work in the logistics domain. The supply chains suffer from too many packaging products and too many packaging supplies and overly built infrastructures. If we look into the deep details of the packaging line and try to understand about the various loopholes and uncertainties in the chain, we will be able to determine the root cause of the problem and this will help us to build up a robust infrastructure which can minimize the loss and step up the profit. Complexity is a minor issue not only for state-run businesses but also for prime e-commerce companies. Packaging for e-commerce industry is one the most basic and important element of their sales and marketing. Properly packaging the e-commerce goods will reduce the complexity and the associated cost with it while rendering benefits for the company and also building up the brand.

    Types of Consolidation.

    Complexity can breed anywhere. Complexity in one domain gives birth to another and that runs into the latter to create another which in turn multiples like cancer-causing cells and curtails the whole procedure making it unproductive. A simple way to look through the maze is to take the lens and narrow down to three segments for consolidation.


    Packaging suppliers are the key partners who play a very important role in the back end process of any firm. Any production to manufacturing industry lays its backbone on the supply of the raw material. Thus the packaging suppliers play the most important role in these industries. For certain commodities, the supply chains have special suppliers which are the weak link of any chain. As they tend to be more often narrow down the process than creating the special link. The suppliers can be consolidated by first evaluating

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