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  1. From Conception to Reception, the Gift Packing Boxes Online in India Cover Everything

    From Conception to Reception, the Gift Packing Boxes Online in India Cover Everything

    You may have already finished your holiday gift buying for your beloved ones, but this does not leave you off the hook from wrapping them. It is said that a gift is not a proper gift until and unless it is packed and wrapped in the most tempting way. The extra layers of cellophane paper, shiny glaze and those stars add a more appealing view to your gift. Most of us tend to get away with the sloppy business of wrapping the gifts or hire experts of gift wrapping. These experts can be your next door store owner or the little ones in your home who are open to every opportunity for art and craft. You yourself can become an expert in gift packing by the end of this write-up. To start with you can buy the gift packing boxes online, India. These boxes are cheap and available with one-day delivery features. These materials may range in pricing, that is packaging materials Bangalore may cost you a little higher than the packaging materials in Ahmedabad.

    To start with,if your gift is not in a box then find a rectangular box forit. This will reduce your labour exponentially. If your gift is small, then find a decorative bag to put it in.


    The supplies for your gift wrap are easily available in your city. Just typing packaging materials Delhiin the Google search bar will show you innumerable search results. The main material which you would require before starting is a ruler, a pencil, double sided tape, scissors, optional gift ribbon and name tag.

    Let’s Make some Measurements

    Find a large flat surface and open your wrapping paper. Place your gift on the wrapping paper and check for the measurements. Try rolling the paper on the gift which will give you the correct measurement of the wrapping paper. Make sure that when you roll out your wrapping paper is two to three inches longer on both the sides of the gift.A ruler can be used if you find moving t

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  2. Corrugated Box - On Time, Every Time, More than just a Packaging Product

    Corrugated Box - On Time, Every Time, More than just a Packaging Product

    Most of the items at your favourite supermarket, discount store or shopping mall were safely delivered in boxes made of corrugated cardboard. Corrugated cardboard is one of the best packaging products. Corrugated cardboard is such a versatile packaging material that millions of tons is used each year to protect and display the products. During 1992 the corrugated box manufacturers produced more than 25 million tons of corrugated cardboard boxes. Ever wondered how these boxes are made which are required at such large scale? Ever thought that these corrugated boxes are a boon to packaging and logistics industry?

    How it started its journey?

    From corrugated box manufacturers to the corrugated box supplier, the journey started in 1884. Corrugated cardboard is strong, stiff and light weight material made up of three layers of Kraft paper. In 1884, Swedish chemist, Carl F. Dahl, developed a process for pulping wood chips into a strong paper that resists tearing, splitting and bursting. He named it the Kraft paper. From paper mill, the rolls of Kraft paper are transported to a corrugating or converting plant. At the plant, layers of Kraft paper are crimped and glued to form corrugated cardboard,  which is then cut, printed, folded and glued to make boxes.

    How is it manufactured?

    The first step in this process is to load the Kraft rolls onto a huge machine called corrugator. A typical corrugator is as long as a football field. Some rolls of Kraft paper is used as a corrugating medium, and others are used as liners, the layers of Kraft paper glued on each side of the medium. After the corrugator is readily heated, it is pressed upon the Kraft paper to form corrugated cardboard. The sheet of cardboard is cut into wide rolls that then go to other ma

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  3. Tips for Saving Money on Office Stationery

    Tips for Saving Money on Office Stationery

    The money forms the foundation of the business. Thus, saving money and spending it judiciously can help in laying the foundation of a business which will go a long way. While setting up the business, gathering each and every item for the office seems to be a difficult task and stationery items topping the list. The very task of thinking about a 'stationery store near me' and the availability of all the stationery items in the stationery shop can indeed give you a hard time. The cost of the stationery and the overheads including the delivery charges often eats away the profit of the business.

    There is no denying the fact that the well-organised items of stationery are recognised for the smooth day to day functioning of any organisation. Thus, each and every task related to stationery items, be it searching for stationery items online or purchasing the stationery items from a nearby store is indeed not a cake walk for any entrepreneur.   

    So, what can you actually do to save money on the office stationery? Here are the essential tips for saving money. Read further:

    Buy the stationery items in bulk

    The office stationery items are one of the outgoing costs that an office incur, thus to streamline the same and reduce the cost one can go for buying in bulk from the online stationery shops. The basic stationery items such as papers, pens, notepads and inks are always required in bulk, so buying such items in bulk can bring some economical prices for you.

    Monitor the usage of stationery items

    To minimise the wastage of stationery items and an undue increase in the cost of the stationery used in the office, i

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  4. Choosing the Right Packaging Materials to Minimize Transportation Damage

    Choosing the Right Packaging Materials to Minimize Transportation Damage

    There are several instances where people might need to transfer goods from one place to another and in each case, the primary focus is on ensuring that the goods reach their destination in a safe and secure manner. However, most people fail to understand that using the appropriate packaging materials as per the type of goods being transported is of utmost importance. In fact, the choice of the right materials in packaging for e-commerce deliveries plays an important role in preventing any damage or scratches to the goods being delivered. Rather, it would state that using the wrong materials for packing the goods to be transferred can badly influence the reliability, goodwill and overall business prospects of the e-commerce companies.

    Classification of Packaging Material

    As mentioned before different goods need to be packed differently.  Most people believe that paper, corrugated box and bubble wrap are the only categories of materials used for packaging can be classified. This is because they are unaware of the fact that the packaging material suppliers generally categorise their products into three main types depending on their level of contact with the goods to be delivered. These categories are explained in brief as follows.

    • Primary Packaging:  This category comprises of materials that come in direct contact with the product. In most cases, the first stage of packaging for e-commerce and other products involves the use of materials from this category. When the goods are directly sold to the consumers, they are packed in materials intended for primary packaging, which is often crafted from cardboard, plastic, metal, glass, wood etc. In most cases, these materials fulfil only the functionality of making the goods easily available for use to the final consumers.  
    • Secondary Packaging: Secondary packaging materials are generally defined as those that are used to add an extra
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