We know about the damage electricity can do to us; either by getting zapped by an electric shock (even worse the shock could be fatal) or getting struck by lightning which again could be deadly. Well, electricity could not only be wrecking to us but also to the inanimate things around us with the reason not even being as critical as a current leakage or lightning. These inanimate things are the electric devices we use and the reason they are prone to damage is Electrostatic Discharge (ESD). Although lightning is also caused by ESD (being the severest form of it), here we would be focussing on the tiny effect of ESD which is capable enough to destroy the electronic devices but have a tingling effect on us.

Before we go further, let us understand what is Electrostatic Discharge. We experience ESD in our daily lives. We often get a tingle on our fingers when we touch some metal objects or at times even other people. This minuscule shock is mostly experienced when we pull down a sweater while wearing it. This diminutive shock is the ESD. ESD or a static shock is caused due to static electricity which is due to the imbalance of electric charges within or on the surfaces of materials. Static shock is produced as a result of the friction between two surfaces, resulting in getting excessively charged with opposite charges (protons and electrons). Electrons are quite insignificant in mass and tend to leave the atom on rubbing or friction and attach to another surface, creating an imbalance of electric charges. Nature has a way to create a balance between these oppositely charged surfaces by neutralizing the charge as the electrons again transfer to the positively charged body and hence we experience the shock. 

ESD has an insignificant effect on the human body but it can simply malfunction an electronic device. The circuitr

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