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  1. Pressure Witnessed in Print Price and Margins Globally!

    Since ages, print price and margins have been under pressure. However, lately it has been proved that this is not just the scenario in India, but it has been witnessed globally. Going by the reports of Messe Dusseldorf’s 4th drupe global trends, it is claimed that the pressure has been witnessed globally. The survey is based on the conversation with over 1200 participants who were interviewed. This included 331 responding suppliers out of which 220 were from Europe while the others were from the rest of region.

    If the global terms are considered, 42% of the printers said that their businesses were in a good economic state. On the other hand, 11% said that their businesses were running poor. However, the forecast of the next year turns out to be optimistic, but there are regions like Africa which also witnessed a net decline, ruthlessly. It is now a proven fact that prices are falling globally and are compensated by triggering the utilization which raises the overall revenues at the price of falling margins.

    Further, the reports of the survey suggested that 14 out of 16 technologies listed scored penetration that is 10% or above in at least one of the market sectors. So if you look at the complete picture, it will turn out to be a complex one in the market sectors, yet there has been a substantial growth of 8% in the sheetfed.

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  2. Product Packaging: An Investment for Higher Returns

    Packaging turns out to be one of those elements which have a direct impact on the sales of a product. Hence it is always considered as an investment when you spend on the packaging of your product. Packaging has a massive impact on your potential customers and their buying decision. Hence, every time you think of bringing a change in the packaging of your product, you will have to consider the fact that it will have a direct effect on the cost, brand and sales. Let’s have a look on how packaging has a direct impact on the different aspects of a product:


    Your product will obviously be sitting on the shelf of some store accompanied by numerous alike product which turn out to be competitors. The other products shall differ in the shape, size, color and packaging. Hence, you need to implement a packaging strategy which will make sure that your product stands out and competes well. It has to be packaged in a way that not just grabs the attention of the customer but also makes it to the shopping cart.


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  3. Why Use Transparent Packaging For Your Product?

    Packaging turns out to be the image maker of any brand. It is one of the elements contributes greatly in the decision making of any consumer. When you consider packaging as per the point of view of the consumers, you need to realize the fact that consumers always will prefer packaging that is little more informative and appealing. They will always want to know what’s inside the package and whether it satiates their need or not. As a retailer or business, never forget that the packaging you choose for your product to settle in, represents your brand and the promises you give to the world via your product. Hence, you should always make sure that the packaging should be done right and effectively to hit the right audience.

    Especially when food products are considered, consumers look for packaging that extends information and characteristics of the product in the most detailed and genuine manner. This is why often food products are well packaged in clear or transparent packaging. Clear packaging presents some opportunities about the product and the brand.

    Once you package your product in a transparent packaging, you give out the message th
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  4. DCGpac launches cleanliness drive in office premises!

    It has been more than a decade since we have achieved independence and yet we stand far away from being called as a clean country. Step out on the road and you will see potholes, garbage, trash and filth!

    Isn’t it a responsibility of every individual to keep his surroundings clean and take a step towards cleaner India?

    This is the reason why Swachcha Bharat Abhiyaan launched by our respected Prime Minster has gained so much leverage. DCGpac, understands the importance of this drive and hence decided to contribute. After all, bearing CSR is a very integral part of the global landscape. Considering cleanliness as one of the importance corporate social responsibility,  DCGpac took a step towards the cleanliness drive and cleaned up the whole workplace. The team members of the company made sure that they deal well with the plastics and all the garbage that was littering in the office premises. The company believes that bearing CSR delivers serious business innovation and also offers an improved company culture. This little cleanliness drive left the DCGpac team with a feeling of unparalleled happiness and satisfaction.

    The packaging retail company believes that every big accomplishment starts with a little step and this was their first little step. After all, every effort counts. The trail of good work has begun at DCGpac and soon they shall contribute more towards the country and its enhancement.

    Following the Swachcha Bharat Abhiyan, DCGpac

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  5. This Holi, Get Colorful Discounts at DCGpac

    Festive season is always dominated by loads of offers and deals. With Holi peeping right from the corner, DCGpac is here again, with special Holi offers and deals. Enhancing the vibe of this vibrant festival of colors, DCGpac has in stock for you something that will make your Holi all the way more colorful.

    Festive season triggers up the demand of numerous products. As retailers, packaging essentials that will wrap up your product in the utmost festive manner will be your need of the hour. Considering this, we have launched an offer where all you need to do is shop for 799 INR or more and use COLORDCG199. You will now get a discount of 199 INR on your purchase.

    How does the Holi offer work:

    Here are the simple steps that will take you to the offer:

    -Shop for your packaging essentials to a total of 799 INR or above.

    -Apply the coupon code COLORDCG199

    -The offer is valid from 9th-13th March

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  6. A 12% Hike in The Raw Material Cost of Corrugated Boxes!

    The sudden price hike on the manufacturing of corrugated boxes by Kraft paper mills in the western region and the shutdown of its production has led to inactivity of the manufacturers of corrugated boxes. On January 27, Kraft Paper Mills had suspended the production for 5 days followed by a closure from February 11-15. Yet another shut down is scheduled for 5 days, from March 11.

    After syncing with the west zone mills, South zone mills also closed their plants from February 11-15 while the North India zone was to shut the production from March 1 to 5.

    The recent frequent shutdowns have resulted in intense price excitability and there seems to be no constancy in near future, in terms of both, the price and the timely supply of kraft paper which turns out to be the basic raw material for the manufacturing of corrugated boxes, says Kirit Modi, President of Indian Corrugated Case Manufacturers Association. The industry now plans to pass on the additive cost and hike in raw material prices with a 12% hike, he added.

    Supply Distribution:

    Due to the frequent shutdowns, the availability of craft paper has gone down and has now become a serious issue. Approximately the survival of 12,300 box manufacturers is under test as the sector employs 6 lakh people for the manufacturing of boxes, which gives a turnover of 18000 crore rupees annually.

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  7. The Psychology of Colors For Your Packaging

    Holi is peeping right around the corner and you can see colors splashing out from every nook and cranny of your surroundings. Colors and Holi go hand in hand and there is no doubt that colors make the celebration of Holi so much more fun. As a retailer, you can use the same concept for your packaging.

    Packaging colors are one of the elements that will set your business apart from others and your choice of colors will set your product apart from your competitors' products. The colors you choose should send the right subliminal messages to inspire any potential customer to buy your product.

    There are regions, group of people and communities that associate a particular color to signify an activity. For instance, South East Asia associates light blue color with death and mourning. Unfortunately, Pepsi-Cola changed its vending machines to this color and had to immediately undo it because sales had taken a major hit! This is how large the impact of colors are for your product.

    We have collected a list of colors and studied how they impact the human psyche.

    Black : Black is the color of power, authority and control. It tends to stand out when used as a packaging color as it makes products appear heavier and more expensive and transmits a higher perceived value. Black adds a degree of mystery and intimidation on one hand and elegance and class on the other.

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