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  1. 30% Price Drop on Corrugated Boxes at DCGpac

    With festivities peeping right from the corner, festivities have braced the marketplaces quite adorably! As traders, it is time for you to commercialize this opportunity and make the most out of it! Changing the packaging of your product during this festive season will not only grab the attention of your customers, but it will also multiply the holiday experience for you as well as your customers!! There might be concerns that such packaging may turn out to be much of an expense than a profit! For that, all you need to do is act a little wise. You can simply opt for corrugated boxes which are considered to be the most apt packaging option for any product, when durability, wear and tear and safety is considered! Not to forget, you need to keep things simple so that your product is not overshadowed! Wrap up a corrugated box with red and white papers, some glitters and here you have a gift basket ready to leave for the doorstep of your customer! You can also sketch some doodles and make a plain box something that brings a smile to your customer. So in case you have made up your mind, make sure that you check out DCGpac for your requirement of corrugated boxes! DCGpac is now offering these boxes at a price drop of 30% which surely will add up to the joy of your festi

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  2. Are You Ready For The Christmas Packaging Rush?

    Festive season turns out to be the most vibrant time of the year! Likewise, Christmas is right around the corner and here we have for you some very crucial information that would help you to run the business more smoothly and effectively!

    Just What Can You do to Ensure You’re Prepared

    If you have been into the trading business for quite some time now, you would surely have a rough idea of the total number of sales, orders and packaging requirements as per different occasions, around the year!

    You might be quite aware of the fact that when do your orders begin to trigger up and work this into your planning.  Often, it has been noticed that the number of orders rises by 50% in mid-November, and then again by 200% by December! Keeping this mind, you should get an idea of what to expect and how to fulfill the requirement of supplies!

    A number of businesses face the issue of having apt packaging material and hence order it a day before. However, as a businessman, you must realize the fact that ordering festive-fit packaging is quite necessary to add up to the sales and festivities for the customers.

    Make Sure You’ve Got Your Packaging Boxed off

    Make sure that you present your product to the customer in the right so that when they receive your parcel not

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  3. The Way To Win Market Competition in 2017

    Online retail has captured a large share of mind space of the consumers! There are retailers who have grown 5 times since the inception of their online business and are now ruling the market! So what makes the growth so sustainable? Ever wondered?? Well, there prevail certain factors that help an online retailer to grow, get noticed, earn profit and credibility! In case you turn out to be someone who is looking for such factors to enhance your online business, then here are some factors you should check out!

    Customer Service:

    Customers, when opt for online shopping, are very particular about the customer service! After all, a highly satisfied customer is likely to do business with you again! Going by the facts, a major ratio of the customers who are well satisfied with the service of the online shopping platform, will purchase more products and give the brand a positive recommendation! To sum it all, customer service is one of the key drivers that leads a brand towards sustained success!

    Review Cornucopia:

    When a consumer reaches the online market, he will firstly have a look on the already existing reviews and ratings provided by the peers as the fellow consumers can obviously be trusted! So if  you plan to take your business online, make sure that you take the review and ratings section quite seriously! This, not just increases the user engagement on your website, but it also makes the whole shopping experience more interactive and trustworthy!


    Constant innovation in the e-commerce space is something that attracts the attention of potential customers to a digital storefront! This might include anyth

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