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  1. Scientific Research Shows How Corrugated Stops Bacteria

    Corrugated boxes are used widely as containers for a number of products and shipping materials. Be it gadgets, furniture, electronics or food products, corrugated boxes act as a great packaging material for all of them. These boxes tend to possess the characteristics that include reusability, cost-effectiveness and great utility.

    Corrugated Boxes: A safe mode of packaging

    These boxes are considered to be lightest, yet the strongest material for packaging of various products. These boxes successfully handle the pressure that comes along with the stacking and shipping of various items. Ideal for transporting, corrugated boxes are majorly used in food industry.

    Food industry and corrugated boxes:

    When you consider food items, you need to realise the fact that most of them are highly perishable! This is the reason why corrugated boxes turn out to be a much preferred option for the packaging of such items. Going by the research on the corrugated boxes, it has been proved that microorganisms die quicker on the corrugated surfaces, as they get trapped in the rigid paper fibres and gradually die due to the lack of nutrients and water. This actually protects your food item from the attack of microorganisms, making them last longer.

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  2. Trendy Ideas for Trousseau Packing & Wedding Favours!

    Indian weddings are famous for their grandeur. It involves a lot of bling, decorations, relatives, happiness, celebrations and most importantly, gifts! Here every detail is taken into consideration while planning a perfect wedding trousseau. However, it could be a little tricky at times; so, we have curated a list of some stunning wedding trousseau ideas that are sure to please everyone. Let's have a look:

    1. Trunk Style Packaging for Bigger Surprises

    How about old style classic trunks? Not in trend though, they make for a nice functional trousseau to pack all your clothes and linens. Those old style carved wooden and tiled mosaic chests or boxes add a traditional touch to your trousseau. You can also spruce it up by painting it. It will jazz up the whole look and give it a nice modern feel.

    2. Dazzling Jewellery in Decorated trays

    Highlight your dazzling bridal jewellery in beautifully decorated trays. You can present your diamonds and pearls on a blue velvet surface and place it on nicely embellished trays with shining motifs. And, place your kundan and gold jewellery on a traditional red surface and present it on a tray with gold tone. It is a perfect way to add all the bling to your wedding trousseau.

    3. The Royal fold for Wedding Couture

    When it comes to carrying, the designer suits, formals and ethnic wear; go an extra mile. Ditch the old boring folding designs to wrap the gift and go for some trendy patterns like fan, frills or whichever decorative shape you desire. Just pack it in a protective case and add in some flowers, beads or decorative metal leaves for a stunning look.

    4. Showcase your Charisma with a Themed Packaging

    Themed packaging is in vogue a

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  3. Sustainable and Safe Pet Food Packaging on the Rise

    In today’s world of fast running life people miss the peace and affection that core of their heart craves for. The culture of nuclear families, separations and loneliness in the busy world has somewhere affected the lives of people. Who else other than pets can give warm and selfless love? And these loving creatures of God have become parts of human life to fill the emptiness in their lives.

    Pet owners cannot compromise with the health and well being of their pets. Their food, regular health checkup and their safety needs to be properly taken care of. The most important thing is the food which needs to be healthy and this factor has lead to gradual rise in the pet food packaging industry. The package of pet foods is equally responsible for the health of pets as the food is.

    Why Pet Food Packaging is Imperative?

    Decides the Sustainability of Food

    Pet food packaging is crucial as the sustainability of food depends only on packaging. If it is frozen food or in its raw form, it has to be packaged accordingly so that it remains the eatable form till the delivery to the final customer. It has to be maintained that food do not get spoil till it reach to the customer.

    Retains the Quality of Food

    The quality of food should be same as it is developed while manufacturing. The role of retaining the quality of food also depends upon food packaging boxes. If the material is not good or strong enough, the quality can deteriorate with the course of time.


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  4. Pharma Exports Have To Abide by The New Packaging Standards To Be Set By Govt

    Indian packaging industry has huge market in exporting packaging material of pharmaceuticals to African and Asian countries. Pharmaceuticals need to be packed in safe and sustainable material as it commands the health of patient. Medical drugs need to be in their safe and healthy form till the delivery to the final customer.

    Government has recently issued instruction to Indian Institute of Packaging to work in the direction of designing new packages that are attractive, safe and long lasting for pharmaceuticals.

    The decision came in the backdrop of rejection of pharmaceutical order exported to Vietnam and the flaw was spotted in packaging. Government has instructed Indian Institute of Packaging to work in this direction and consult pharma experts to understand how pharmaceutical packaging material can be improved.

    The new standards will be formulated according to the consultations of both IIP and pharma experts. They are expected to be set by next year which all the packaging industries would have to abide by.

    What are the expected grounds of the new packaging standards?

    Sustainability of Drugs

    It is expected that the new standards will be formulated considering the sustainability of drugs in the packaging material. Drugs should be in its quality form and packaging should not be of low quality as it can lead to chances of getting perished or spoilt due to damage or tearing off of the packe

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  5. How the Boring Brown Box Became an Object of Desire?

    Do not underestimate the power of brown boxes that you may find boring and outdated in packaging. You may not find them fashionable and attractive, but brown box has become the object of desire in the new era of online world and has found itself a place with increasing business of logistics operations.

    As technology has surpassed all the barriers of the day-to-day life and online businesses have become the key charge of this new era, the packaging industry is bestowed upon with major benefit. Brown boxes have now become the desire of the online retailing companies that works around shipping process on regular basis.

    Why only brown boxes are standing high on the demand list?

    Light Weighted and Easy to Handle

    Brown cardboard boxes are light in weight which makes shipping companies to use them while packing the products ordered by customers. The light weight makes the orders easy to carry and transport without any hassle.

    More Adaptable to Printing and Graphics

    Brown boxes are like clay which can be given any shape, the same way these boring brown boxes are easily adaptable with printing and graphics. This makes the companies to desire cardboard boxes so that they can give the desired prints and graphics to the packaging of products.


    Another perk of choosing carton boxes is that they are extremely affordable. They are easily available at cheap rate in market and as they are being used wid

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  6. Chase the Pokemon on the Pokemon Packaged Gifts and Items

    In today’s world everything that has potential to catch the eye-balls has huge market to be sold in. The universe loves diversity and so the people living on this planet. As they say the first impression is the last impression, the same rule applies in the market. Mere useful and good quality product won’t help you to reach customers, what is most important is how the cover appears.

    Not only children, but all the old and rotten souls are hungry of creative, innovative and exciting things be it the creativity in goods or in its packaging. Yes, creative packaging is essential in present times as it has taken the role of advertising and pulling the customer with its attraction.

    Let’s find out how the Pokemon Packaging adds a unique tinge to product packaging:

    It’s an old flame of love

    Most of the ripened souls of today’s time must be having an old crush on Pokemon. Even if you are aging between 25-30 years in present you must be having a first relationship with the heart-throb Pokemon. Here the baton is passed on to the packaging and role of product gets minimized.

    It is dear to toddlers

    Pokemon Go packaging is something that your rug rats will not let you to leave the market until you will buy them the goods packaged in the cute outfit. It makes the product attractive,

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