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  1. Seal the Deal with DCGpac to Pocket Big Gains

    Packaging materials are basic to every company selling goods and with increase in online marketing the demand for shipping items has increased. The general news states that with bulk demand of packaging material, the latest need of the producers is to get the profit margins in the same. DCGpac has a decent deal to offer to all the online retailing companies, producers, retailers, wholesalers to gain big profit margins in packaging items.

    You can improve the profit amount by engaging with DCGpac, it has wide range of rich quality packaging material which is available at top notch price. It offers huge variety of packaging items ranging from big printed cartons to polypackets, envelopes, packets for stationery and office items and lot more. You will get all types of packaging material under one roof like packaging tapes, paper rolls, corrugated boxes, gift wrapping items and other items that further reduces the overall cost on the entire purchase.

    Here are the top reasons how you can improve big profit margins by engaging with DCGpac:

    The Mega Sale is On

    The most exciting reason that can lift up the gains is that DCGpac has started its mega sale. Do not miss the chance to get 15-50% off on the selected products as the general news says. This is the biggest opportunity of buying packaging material in bulk and save huge amount of money.

    Unlimited Range of Packaging Material

    DCGpac offers huge amount of variety that a

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  2. Amazon Shoulders the Refund and Return for Sellers Under

    Amazon has made it easy for its associated sellers to share the cumbersome job of returning products and also for refunds. It has been commonly found these days that online retailers have eased the return and refund policy with increasing market of online businesses. It is crucial to live up to the expectations of buyers and provide them products of their perfect choice without committing mistakes.

    Often, the consumers tend to receive wrong orders or defected products due to which, it becomes a burdensome activity for the sellers who are engaged in their other business operations. Now Amazon has shoulder this burden and has eased the process for its sellers listed under

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  3. How To Make Beautiful Photo Frames from Cardboard Boxes

    Photo frames help you keep memories alive even when they are years old. You can put up photo frames in any part of the house, drawing room, bedroom or else where. But wouldn’t it be creative enough to make photo frames on your own. Does this sound exciting to you? If the answer is yes, let us help you show how to make photo frames from cardboard boxes.

    Making photo frames from unused cardboard boxes - A list of top cardboard photo frames

    Yarn Photo Frames

    Take a card board cut in the size of a square leaving it blank in the middle with each side approximately 2 inches. Now for each side, you can wrap it with different colored yarns, giving it a multi - colored look as shown in the picture below.

    Glittery Photo Frames

    Again take an unused cardboard. Now cut in cute shapes like that of a heart, circle or oval and leaving around 2 - 3 inches from the edges on all sides, cut in from the middle. Next paint them with beautiful colors like pink, blue etc. Next step is to put glitters on it when the paint is still

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  4. 10 Ways to Shop Smarter at this Raksha Bandhan

    Raksha Bandhan is the special occasion to celebrate the bond between brother and sister. Since siblings grow up together, they share so much more than friends, they are your partner in crime, your playmates, and someone with whom you have shared your childhood and teenage years. Now, this rakhi, it makes sense to gift something special to your brother/sister.

    Check out the top 10 smart ways to shop at Raksha Bandhan

    1.Don’t Impulse Buy

    When you are going to purchase gifts for your brother/sister, make sure to look around and buy carefully. There is no need to just buy anything, see what he/she would like and be useful and then buy.

    2. See What You Spend Your Money On

    With Rakhi round the corner, many companies offer combo packs, wherein you buy one thing and get the other one free. This way you can save and purchase two gifts for your sibling. Combo packs from different companies are available online and in stores.

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  5. Use and Create Expensive Gift Boxes from Unused Cardboard

    Unused cardboard are a great way to make some expensive gift boxes. These can be colored, painted and made into beautiful boxes which can be used for gifting purposes. Today, we will show you how you can use and make some great gifting boxes from unused cardboard present at your homes.

    Making Creative and Expensive boxes:

    The Golden Color Layered Box

    You can prepare a box of this style by starting from the outer cover first. Make a large rectangular box which can fit in 3 - 4 sliding rectangle boxes. Afterwards, start preparing the inner boxes, cut in shape of rectangles with lesser width. To be able to pull these boxes from the large box, you can tie a ribbon formed in the shape of a loop by making a cut in the rectangle box as shown in the image for easy pull and push. This can be used for gifting chocolates etc.

    Creative Wrapping for Kids

    This can be a creative idea if you are planning to gift something to kids. Why not first paint the cardboard box, then wrap it and after wards, paste blue, black colored patches like roads and paste toy cars on that to make it look appealing.

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  6. Packaging Material to Reach The Peak of $1 Trillion by 2020

    Packaging is the basic need of every product all over the world and hence it is the business that will always keep running. The types of packaging material differ from product to product and suitable changes has been made considering environment, ease in transportation and safety matters. The process of production and consumption is increasing all over the world with rising economy and therefore the direct benefit is being received by the packaging industry. With booming production of products, the demand for packaging materials is also scaling peaks.

    According to the latest report of The Future of Global Packaging to 2020, it is expected that packaging industry will thrive and the market value will make huge jumps in the bits of 3.5% growth a year. It will reach the milestone of $1 trillion in 2020 with the exploding growth.

    It will be a great opportunity to prosper for small packaging material suppliers and manufacturers. Consumer behaviour pattern is also changing, they are demanding more attractive and easy to carry packaging. It is helping to add innovation in packaging and therefore creativity skills are also getting a big chunk of profit with this.

    As packaging involves variety of materials such as plastic packaging, metal packaging, cartons, glass packaging, paper packaging and many more, it will have direct impact on these respective types of packaging materials industries.

    Growth Rate of Packaging Material and Its Impact

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  7. 8 Creative DIY Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones

    Gifting anyone is a way to show some special affection or love towards someone close, family, friends, spouse etc. However, when you give a gift to someone special, you also need to make sure that the packaging is perfect and appropriate. There are several nice gift packaging ideas which you can follow to make your gift look nice and creative.

    Top 8 DIY Gift Ideas

    Gift Packaging with Ribbons

    Gift packs will make a different impact when they are knotted with some beautiful ribbons. You can select some vibrant shades of ribbons along with golden or silver glitters to make it look really attractive.

    Baby Covers

    When your gift is for a small baby, why not wrap it with gift papers that have pics of small babies. Attaching a baby toy on top will make it look real cool and cute.

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  8. How to Maximize Warehouse Space And Efficiency For E-Commerce?

    As we are aware, warehouses are a great way for companies to operate. The cost of the land, building, machinery, labor and the items stored in the warehouse can amount to a significant sum of money. Most companies would like to maximize the operation of the warehouse, either by streamlining the placement and picking of goods, reducing the time goods are stored in the warehouse, or automating as much as possible to minimize labor costs, while improving accuracy. Companies can also reduce their costs and improve the efficiency of their warehouse by maximizing the space utilization, ensuring that it is possible to store as many items as possible in the most optimum space.

    Tips to Maximize Warehouse Space

    Improving Space Utilization

    Having a large warehouse is a good business practice, but you need to maintain properly. A large warehouse means that a business can store large numbers of items there, but with proper management. With a large warehouse the staff need to manage everything properly including the loading or the unloading of trailers.

    Assessment of Items in the Warehouse

    You need to carefully assess each and everything present in the warehouse.

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