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  1. How Packaging Can Be Used To Increase Brand Awareness

    In the growing competition in today’s world, it has become essential to pay attention to every aspect of your product. The flooded markets have ensured to snatch away the limelight from even the most useful products available. It is thus important to increase brand awareness among the potential customers with the correct brand awareness strategy.

    The current trend clearly lays importance on the outward appeal of your product. Packaging is a window to the quality of your product and brand. With the correct packaging, you can make your product stand out and boost your sales. You must thus pay utmost attention to it to ensure that your product gets the best visibility possible.

    Here, we have listed some of the ways in which packaging can be used to build your brand.

    Create a Unique Unboxing Experience

    Social media is a powerful tool to attract customers. Market analysts and packaging experts might be well aware of the ‘unboxing’ trend across the globe. ‘Unboxing’ videos garner millions of views and help in advertising your brand.

    A recent packaging study found that 59% of the people shared their unboxing videos just to show off their purchase. This clearly shows the importance of your packaging design. Customers wouldn’t exactly want to open a dull, boring package. You thus need to experiment with various designs to create the perfect un

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  2. 5 Ideas for Giving Personal Touch to Gift Packaging

    A lot of emotions are associated with the gifts you buy for your loved ones. You might spend hours searching the entire market just for the perfect gift. But, do not forget that packaging your gift is as important as your gift itself. A well packaged gift will always be well received. After all, the first impression is the last impression. And, who wants to take chances with their loved ones?

    So, read ahead to discover unique ways to add a personal add to your gift packaging and delight your love.

    Add Your Initials

    Do you want to add a personalized touch to your gift without much effort? Adding your initials might serve the purpose. Just print letters in any size and font or cut out your hand written letters.

    You can also be more innovative and creative like the shown picture. The letter S has been cut out from a printed sheet of paper and tied with a simple thread to the ribbon.

    You can use innumerable simple objects like tapes, cards, wires, ribbons, laces to create a classically wrapped present with your imprint upon it.

    Bonus Presents

    What can be betater than a gift wrapping which i

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  3. Do We Really Have To Pay Attention To

    Most food articles come with a shelf life that must be adhered to. Beyond this, they degrade and decay due to reactions with atmospheric oxygen and also undergo decomposition due to microbial action. As a result, we are left we rancid, smelly, slimy, dis-coloured or mouldy food materials which can lead to chronic ailments if consumed.

    Packaging companies thus try to provide you with the best oxygen free packages with added preservatives to increase the shelf life of food articles. They also use multiple layered cardboard boxes for packing. But, such measures do not guarantee freshness once the food item is taken out from the packing material. Also, food quality can deteriorate even before you perceive signs of spoilage. So, date codes are printed to help the consumers in evaluating the freshness of their food.

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  4. Best Rakhi Gifts Ideas for Your Sister?

    Rakhi is just round the corner and this is the best occasion for you to shower your love on your darling sister. Rakshabandhan is a celebration of the bond between a sister and a brother and is one of the most cherished festivals in India. Along with the sacred promise of protection, rakhi gifts for sisters are a must. So, dear brothers, please don’t lag behind. We, the 21st century women, want everything to be according to the latest trends and classy. We are fashionable and simple, bold and demure, quirky and sophisticated, we are everything at once. Confused? Don’t worry, for we are there to help you. You know your lovely sister the best. Choose the best suited gifts from the ones we are listing down here and show your affection towards her.

    A Pre-Sponsored Vacation To a Place She Always Wanted To Go

    This would be a gift she’ll love you for forever. A pre-planned trip that is already sponsored by you will give her major brother-sister goals. This would be a great gift idea to get a million-dollar smile from your sister this Rakhi.

    Cook Books

    If your sissy has a tough hand at cooking or is the other way round, i.e., she loves spending time in her kitchen, nothing will be better for her than a hamper of

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  5. Global Bottled Water Packaging Market 2016-2020

    There have been many market researchers who have presented the detailed segmentation about the bottled water packaging system. The system varies upon the type of material being used for packaging (plastic, glass, etc) and the geographical areas also (America, Europe, etc). The reason of providing packaged bottled water is just to give safe drinking water to people. The market of package bottled water is wide and competitive because of the increase in the extension of product and innovations being done with the technology. Some of the key vendors in this market are:

    1. Amcor
    2. Berry plastics
    3. RPC
    4. Plasti Pak
    5. Graham Grief

    It has been shown that during the forecast period 2016-2020, the global bottled water packaging is expected to increase to 5.58% of CAGR. There has been a great rise in the consumption of the bottled water, which is the only factor for driving the growth of bottled water packaging to a global level. And, the rising demand of bottled water can be largely attributed to prevailing water borne diseases and the scarcity of the tap water in many locations. The bottled water has a consistent taste and quality, so that it can be used easily by the travelers.

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  6. Packaging Solutions Help You Reduce Your Storage Space

    If you own a warehouse, the most common problem that might hit you is the storage space. In fact, the smooth operations of a warehouse are usually disrupted by three most common challenges, viz.:

    • Excess of wrong merchandize
    • Excess of the right inventory
    • Improper use of the warehouse space

    In order to cater to the ever-changing demand of your customers, it has become of paramount importance to make the available space more valuable. It is quite bizarre that the warehouse space proportion by online retailers and high-street retailers has almost shot up twice more in last 4 years until 2015. Surprisingly, this makes up to 40% of market. No warehouse today, remained vacant, which is evident from the fact the vacancy rates had reduced sharply from 2009-2015.

    Lack of space, adjusting large volume of inventory and reducing the cost of storage has almost become a menace for the storage space industry. However, by optimizing the space through effective packaging solutions, challenge of storage space can be tackled with ease.

    Here are some of the packaging solutions that help you reduce your storage space to a large extent:

    Air Cushioning

    The inflatable packaging solutions are the innovative concept and help you reduce the storage space by as much as 90%. The airbags or air cushioning materials can be supplied flat, which eventually can be filled using compressed air while tra

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  7. How to Protect Your Shipment Effectively in Rainy Season?

    The rainy season is approaching and with it, it is bringing a potential threat to your shipment. Apart from the respite from the scorching heat, rains also bring in new horrors for the transporters who ignore packaging specifications. Every year, a large number of products are wasted because of inadequate protection.

    If the packaging opens up, the materials might get wet and eventually turn rusty or moldy, depending upon its nature. It thus becomes essential to ensure proper packaging of your products. If you use a cheap and light packaging, your product’s safety is at risk. But, a heavier and expensive packaging has its own disadvantages. It will add significantly to your load due to its bulky nature. Hence, it is essential to use the ideal packaging as per your requirement to avoid wastage of resources.

    Here, we will list some of the critical elements which will help you in protecting your shipment effectively in the rainy season. It is significant that you keep in mind all these points while transporting your goods in this season.

    Quality of Cardboard

    The type of Cardboard Boxes used by importers is usually of low quality. Do not commit this blunder in a bid to save money for such cardboards tend to absorb moisture rapidly and can damage your goods.

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