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  1. 4 Ways Beverage Packagers Can Boost Quality and ROI

    With growing market and increasing competition, companies that are selling products, hunt for two things – uniqueness and low cost of their product. With product of the manufacturer being unique, the number of units sold out increases, and with decreasing the cost of their product, it turns out to yield more profit. First question asked while installing any new system is – “What will be the sources of return on investment (ROI) and how it can be increased?”

    A good manufacturer would create a perfect balance between quality of the product and ROI strategies. For winning trust of your beloved customers, quality of your product is one thing which should not be compromised. Also a quality product with poor packaging material is like going for war without any weapons. Materials like cardboard boxes for packing can be used, which are both sustainable and made attractive by making designs on the walls.

    For the manufacturers of beverages, bodies responsible for their bottling and packaging, ROI is easily available. Out of all the data that is available regarding their product, many users are unable to identify where to look in order to maximize their returns, as most of the factors provide long-term value.

    Below stated are the chief four reasons for generating ROI without compromising with quality:

    Improve Yield:

    Checking ROI by improving yield – i.e. by reducing the amo

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  2. 5 Advantages of Eco-Friendly Packaging

    Traditional plastics have been in use for several decades now and we all have benefitted from its numerous advantages. But with the exploitation of this resource, we turned a deaf ear to the ailments of mother earth. Increasing landfill wastes, depletion of non renewable sources, contribution to CO2 emissions are all problems that have arisen due to excessive use of plastics which can also lead to various health problems. Our environment is being degraded in its entirety, only to fulfill the selfish desires of humanity. And now, it is high time that we wake up to the nature’s clarion call.

    Environmental concerns over the globe have given rise to a new technology in packaging which is better for the ecosystem. This environment friendly packaging supersedes the advantages offered by traditional plastics not only in terms of the benefits to the natural world, but also in the amount of packaging. With the global emphasis on sustenance, eco-friendly packaging provides you with a good alternative to the age old packaging techniques.

    As evident from the name, eco-friendly packaging helps us in protecting the environment. Generally, it is manufactured from recycled products and thus reduces the waste of natural resources used in production. These manufacturing products become available as raw material when recycled again

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  3. 65-Year-Old Bank Employee Saves Birds With Cardboard Bird Houses

    The summer months prove to be fatal for birds that are not able to find adequate shelter from the blistering heat. Most of us ignore the plight of the birds. Simply putting out a cup of water will not suffice. We should be proactive towards coming up with new ways of providing protection and shelter to the birds who find it difficult to create nests owing to the extensive modernization of cities where vegetation is removed in the name of industrial growth. Its time to give back to the birds and help them through the summer months.

    As reported by Times of India, retired bank official Ashok Tewani took this work upon himself, two years back, when he saw these little birds struggling to build their nests in nooks and crannies around the air-conditioners, under balconies of homes, near the electric meters and in parking lots. "Most of these nests, which the birds make so painstakingly are pulled down during cleaning of these places," says Tewani who got the idea of making bird houses when he read about the fast depleting number of sparrows.

    Tewani always had a creative bent of mind and was on the look for new ways to explore the world of art and craft. Initially he started off with carton boxes that are used to pack chocolate bars. "I came across this initiative of building wooden bird houses and putting them on trees. But in summers birds don't make nests on trees and look for some place in the shade. I use old wedding cards for styling the roofs

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  4. Did You Know - Bubble Wrap Was Initially Meant To Be A Wallpaper

    We all love bubble wrap. The joy of popping the bubbles and hearing the popping sound feels almost therapeutic and as much as we want to save the packaging material, we almost always end up popping all the bubbles. The humble bubble wrap has an interesting history and back in the days when it was created, it was meant to be used as a wallpaper.

    Bubble Wrap was invented by two engineers Al Fielding and Swiss inventor Marc Chavannes in Hawthorne, N.J. in 1957.  The two were not, however, trying to make a product to be used as packaging material. Both Fielding and Chavannes were trying to come up with an idea for a textured wallpaper by using air bubbles as the “texture”. They tried to achieve this by sealing two shower curtains and creating small air pockets between the layers. Sadly, this idea didn’t go well with the public and the inventors had to think of another application for their product.

    Being made from plastic, the next obvious use of the textured plastic sheet was to use it as greenhouse insulation. While bubble wrap by itself does create somewhat of an insulating effect, this idea didn’t pan out popularly either. The idea was great and it could have been a successful product in terms of greenhouse insulation if only the inventors had worked out a way to educate the public and show the potential benefits of their product. However, this was not the case and they were forced to think of yet another application for the product.

    It was three years after the initial creation of Bu

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