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  1. Packaging Materials Can Be Kept Out of Landfills. Just Ditch Traditional Materials

    Traditional packaging materials developed over time and were the foundation for modern packaging solutions. But somehow, the traditional materials are still in use today. Most of these materials end up in landfills. With the amount of plastic materials that end up there, it is safe to say that the environment is at a huge risk. Do we really want that to happen?

    Product safety is important when deciding the packaging design. We do need our products to reach us safely and without damage. But this doesn

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  2. Don’t Burn Cardboard Boxes This Winter!

    Winter has come and it is that time of the year when you can find small bundles of waste materials and used cardboard boxes being burnt to get some heat. This may help in escaping the cold weather temporarily, but this is not the right thing to do. Not only are we wasting resources that can be reused, but also adding to the pollution levels. Think about all those shelters and temporary homes that can benefit from these used cardboard sheets, boxes and other packaging materials.

    Why Do People Burn Cardboard?

    Cardboard, rather used cardboard, is usually available everywhere and it catches fire easily. These reasons are more than sufficient to show why people burn cardboard materials. These people are not completely at fault because we throw away usable cardboard material instead of putting it to other use. There is a dire need to minimize wastage and encourage reuse.

    Give Unused Cardboard Boxes for Makeshift Shelters

    There are a lot of people who do not have a proper home. All they have is bits and pieces of damaged material which they use to create a makeshift home. Instead of burning corrugated materials, we can give them to people who are living in such shelters. Cardboard is a good insulator and helps in keeping the interiors warm. This is a better solution than burning the boxes. Thousands of people can benefit from this kind gesture. I am sure that they will love it.

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  3. Your Product’s Packaging May Not Survive the Indian Roadways

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  4. 3 Benefits of Using Custom Packaging for Your Products

    Anything that is custom made is better than standard products mainly because they are made as per exact specifications. Apart from the dimensions, everything about a custom product can be refined to suit ones preferences in terms of color, theme, style, functionality and appeal. This is what helps it to stand out from the crowd. When it comes to customization, packaging materials are easy to customize if you know what you need.

    Custom packaging solutions offer the following benefits to businesses and helps them to position the brand uniquely in the market.

    Tight-Fitting Packaging

    A tight fitting packaging means that there will be minimal wastage of materials and the product(s) can be packed properly. In order to get a tight fit, it is important to use the best packaging materials. Customizations also include the creation of internal sections and padding that provide more protection to the contents. Plus, you get to style the package any way you want. Due to the tight fit, you can also save up on shipping costs as the dimensional weight would be almost similar to the actual weight of the package.

    Strengthening the Brand Value

    Everything about a package goes into creating the perception of the brand for the customer. This is prominent in the case of ecommerce products where the only physical interaction of the customer with the brand is when the product is received. In such a case, the packaging is responsible for creating the user experience. One wrong move and the enti

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  5. Great Packaging Solutions Can Help You Get

    If you search about any product these days, then there is a good chance for coming across its unboxing video on YouTube. Electronic items, especially mobile phones, have unboxing videos that are created by real people. This is why people tend to have greater faith on these videos. Plus, the brand benefits from genuine reviews and indirect promotion of their products. All of this was made possible just because the brand used attractive packaging designs that appealed to the customer.


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  6. Stop Using Excessive Packaging Materials to Avoid Unnecessary High Shipping Costs

    If you are a retailer, then you need to take a closer look at the shipping costs for your products. They have not increased due to revised rates. Rather, you are paying more because the dimensional weight pricing is more than the price that is based on weight. You can easily avoid unnecessary high shipping costs by stopping the excessive usage of packaging materials. All you need to do is to get the right packaging materials for your products.

    Why Was Dimensional Pricing Introduced?

    Earlier, product packaging did not pay much attention to the overall space being occupied by the package. The additional space was usually the result of excessive cushioning materials and overly sized boxes. In simple terms, the shipper basically used a bigger box with more cushioning than required. This caused the package to take up more space despite having a relatively less volume. Not only do excessive packaging materials take up space, but also add weight to the package and this increases the shipping costs. As a result, vehicle volumes were affected by almost 300%. Due to this, the concept of dimensional weight was introduced.

    How To Calculate Dimen

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  7. Are Courier Services Using More Packaging Materials than Required?

    The next time you visit your neighborhood courier office, take a good look at the packaging materials that they use. Courier and postal services consume a good amount of packaging materials for ensuring the safe delivery of the packages that people send to different places. Without proper packaging, the contents of the package are at a risk of damage and tampering as well. But is the risk big enough to justify the excessive use of packaging materials?

    There is a certain extent to which the packaging materials need to be used in order to secure the package. Beyond that, all materials practically go to waste. The rise in demand for courier services has been brought about by the increase in online sales where the goods need to be delivered to the customer in the least amount of time possible. In the race to achieving a greater share of the market, courier services tend to overuse materials for making absolutely certain that the contents are safe. The contents may be safe, but the environment isn

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