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  1. Indian Student Invents Low Cost Incubator from Cardboard Box

    Child healthcare facilities are still lacking in most countries and this poses a direct risk to the life of the new born, especially those who need immediate care after birth. Even if the facilities are available, they may not be within the budget. The need of the hour is to come up with innovative healthcare technologies and facilities that are affordable as well as in line with industry standards. Innovation is the only means to bring in affordability and ease of access for the medical technologies.

    Malav Sanghvi, a student of Innovation Design Engineering (IDE) Master

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  2. Should Babies Sleep in Cardboard Boxes?

    Should babies sleep in cardboard boxes? This is not a current fad, rather this is a Finnish tradition which is supposed to

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  3. New Packaging Technology has the Potential to Strengthen the Packed Meat Market in India

    Meat products are in demand throughout the year in India as it caters to the needs of the domestic as well as foreign markets. But the biggest challenge of transporting meat is its preservation over long periods. These perishables have a specific shelf life and despite the implementation of appropriate measures, the meat products can get damaged if the right storage environment is not provided. Moreover, the amount of energy loss during the transportation of these meat products is too high and is definitely not good for the environment as well as for the budget.

    Due to the high costs involved, meat processors in India are being advised to use new packaging technologies that keep meat fresh longer, thereby reducing energy costs and other expenses. According to Global Meat News, the Indian Institute of Packaging claims to have developed a new

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  4. What Happens To Cardboard Boxes After Diwali?

    As soon as Diwali approaches, people get into the frenzy of the festive season and sales go up by a great margin. The increased sales also indicate that a lot of packaging material goes into packaging the products and ensuring that they keep the contents safe throughout. With so many boxes being used during the festive season alone, have you ever wondered what happens to the boxes after Diwali?

    Post-Diwali Effects

    Corrugated boxes are used not only for packing sweets, but also crackers and

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  5. Packaging innovations are Crucial for Boosting Exports

    Packaging plays an important role in economic development of any nation. Not only is it important for the commercial sector, but it is also a crucial component of exported products. Innovations in packaging designs and packaging materials hold the key to improving the cost effectiveness of the products and making it much more durable to withstand the long distance journeys.

    Union Minister Nirmala Sitharaman shared her views on the role of packaging innovations in boosting exports. In her speech at the Annual Convocation of the Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP), she said,

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  6. What Does Your Packaging Material Tell About Your Business?

    Product based businesses are leveraging the internet and the mobile platform for reaching out to a larger population. No longer do you need to visit your local store to buy stuff as you can order anything and everything online. Why would you order online, especially when you have not inspected the product yourself? Well, that

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  7. Getting the Right Packaging Materials Can Help You Manage Deliveries on Time

    The festive season can be pretty hectic for retail outlets and ecommerce websites as they need to cater to the increased demand while ensuring high quality in their services. This includes logistics, package safety, presentation, and cost-effectiveness of the packages. One of the most important things that manufacturers need to focus during the festive season is the timely delivery of products. Customers wait in anticipation for their orders to be delivered. It can be pretty frustrating for them if the packages are delayed. It might not be a big deal during any other time of the year, but it means a lot during the festive season.

    Right Packaging Materials Minimize Delays

    Logistics is not only about transporting the packages from one point to another. It is about ensuring the proper transportation of products while ensuring adequate safety for the packages when they are stored. One of the reasons behind delays in delivery of products during the festive season is the lack of packaging materials. It is possible that the store runs out of packaging material and without a ready stock of supplies, it wont be possible to ship the orders as per the stated schedule. This is where online packaging material suppliers gain the upper hand. They provide packaging materials pretty fast and you can always share your requirements well in advance to make sure that your stock is maintained appropriately. Plus, the right packaging materials will also minimize the chances of damage during transit which will prevent unnecessary delays.


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  8. What Makes White Corrugated Boxes Ideal for Custom Printed Packaging

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