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  1. Buy Corrugated Boxes Online this Diwali to Avoid Last Minute Delays

    Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, is approaching fast and sweet vendors across the country have already started gearing up for the rise in demand during the celebrations. Every year, vendors come up with new packaging ideas to attract customers and give value to their offerings. The ones who manage to win the hearts prepare well ahead and make sure that don

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  2. Dubble Bubble Develops New Light Weight Packaging Concept Involving Air

    The packaging industry is marked by innovations in packaging design with the efforts being directed at minimizing package weight, costs, and rigidity. Every now and then, some company comes up with an innovation which has the potential to bring about a major change in an important aspect of packaging. Dubble Bubble has collaborated with ULMA Packaging to design Dubble Bubble

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  3. Amazing "Boxless" Gift Packaging Ideas

    Who says gifts have to be packed in boxes all the time! You can break free from traditions and come up with various gift packaging ideas with the use of different gift packing materials which do not conform to a box design. It can be in the form of pouches, bags (drawstring), jars or just about anything that your creativity can build. You can use decoration flowers, gift wrapping paper, strings and other gift packing materials to come up with amazing ideas.

    Here are some

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  4. Let Go of Old Corrugated Boxes

    So you must have heard about reusing old boxes and making the most out of them. It is a good idea to reuse materials as much as feasible as it helps to save costs and also contributes towards minimizing wastage. But when does it need to stop? This is one of the most important questions surrounding the reuse of corrugated boxes. People just don

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  5. How to Increase Brand Awareness with Premium Packaging

    Premium packaging is a major game changer for businesses, especially during the peak seasons where every brand strives to survive amidst cut throat competition in the respective markets. It helps to overcome the lack of adequate brand awareness that is usually brought about by a sales-oriented approach which focuses on sales volumes instead of branding.

    While most businesses make use of an omnichannel sales strategy for increasing sales prospects, it does not have much impact on brand awareness. For example, by making your products available on online marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart, you may be earning a new customer. But is it really earning you brand awareness? I guess not. The customer relates the shopping experience to the brand of the online store. So you have just helped the store earn some goodwill through your product while you end up getting only monetary benefit.

    Premium packaging not only ensures a better consumer experience, but also helps in generating strong brand awareness that is enhanced by encouraging users to share it on their online social circles. If you feel that packaging doesn

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  6. How Online Stores are Preparing for the Upcoming Festive Season this Year

    Almost 38% of online retail stores are still unprepared to meet the rise in demands and the upcoming rush during the festive season. The demands go up considerably during the festival months and online stores can run out of packaging material, leading to delayed deliveries and unhappy customers. No business wants to deal with the wrath of unhappy customers because their opinions can flare across social media, creating a trail of negative reviews along the way. Such actions can harm the brand

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  7. 3 Major Trends that are Driving Growth of Flexible Packaging

    Have you noticed the change in packaging designs for every day products? The next time you visit a retail store, try and understand the major differences in the way things are packed and presented to the customers today. Gone are the days when rigid packaging dictated the market trends. There has been a considerable shift in preferences where the increasing use of flexible packaging has not only added a whole new level of convenience, but also made the package less prone to damages.

    Flexible packaging delivers one of the most economical and feasible packaging solution for food, beverages, other consumables, pharmaceuticals and other products that need to have a long shelf life. Low shelf life often leads to wastage if the product is not bought or is not in demand. The best thing about flexible packaging is that it can be modified to include barriers for protecting the contents from external agents. Such packages usually come in a one-size-fits-all design. The increasing use of flexible packaging is just the tip of the iceberg. It marks a trend in which innovation is being used to encourage the development of packaging solutions that are functional, sustainable and safe.

    The following key trends are driving growth in the flexible packaging industry.


    Due to the fact that flexible packaging uses less resources than other materials, it helps in reducing transportation costs, packaging costs, and amount of resources required for creating similar quantities of p

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  8. Relocation Kits vs Individual Packaging Materials - The Better Option for Moving

    Relocation can be daunting and can turn out to be quite a hassle if planned incorrectly. Not only do you need to manage the logistics, but also the packaging materials for ensuring the safety of the stuff. Now most of you would go to the local store and get different packaging materials that would be required for managing the move. The problem with this approach is that you often tend to leave something out. Last minute purchases create a lot of confusion and can be pretty stressful. However, there are some people who would prefer relocation kits any day because they are convenient and you get everything that is required for packing the things.


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