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  1. How to Improve Your Corrugated Box Packaging

    With the pace at which ecommerce businesses are growing today, it should not come as a surprise if the demand for corrugated packaging increases by a great margin. Manufacturers are constantly trying to figure out ways in which they can improve and strengthen the corrugated boxes in an effective manner.

    Due to the diverse demands of customers in the ecommerce domain, most businesses prefer to use corrugated sheets and cut them into the required shape and size. Some businesses even go to the extent of procuring customized boxes that have been branded to add value to the package.

    Customers do not take faulty packaging lightly. One single flaw and the brand would be highlighted in various social media. This is the trend that is being seen on all popular social networking platforms. So businesses today tend to take their packaging more seriously than ever before.

    Check out these important tips for improving your corrugated box packaging.

    Keep the Adhesive Applicators Clean

    The only way the glue joints on the corrugated packaging is going to work out is if it is smooth and free from lumps. The glue applicators need to be cleaned and checked for contamination as this can affect the quality of the gluing. If the glue is left unchecked, then the nozzle could get clogged leading to lumps in the glue which would prevent the adhesive from being applied in a uniform manner.

    Get the Best Packaging Material

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  2. How These Major Packaging Issues Are Being Addressed by Corrugated Packaging

    Corrugated packaging has been helping manufacturers provide adequate protection to their products without compromising on overall presentation as well as functionality of the packaging. It has been one of the cheapest packaging material

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  3. Packing Tips for Sweets Boxes

    No happy occasion in India can ever be celebrated without a healthy dose of

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  4. Global Protective Packaging Market Will Reach $29.30 Billion in 2020

    Protective packaging, as the name suggests, helps in preventing damage to the contents of the package during shipping and ensures that the products reach safely to the intended recipient. As per industry analysis and future scenarios, the global protective packaging market is expected to reach $29.30 Billion in 2020. In order to reach this value, the protective packaging market would have to exhibit a compound annual growth rate of 4.7% .

    Since protective packaging serves the purpose of protecting the core product, it can be used as a primary as well as secondary packaging. The usage of the packaging will depend on the end use application of the product which is determined largely by the category and the industry to which the product belongs. With rising income levels of population, improving middle class, urbanization and other factors, the prospects of the protective packaging market seem very good in the years to come.

    One of the most significant factors that is driving the growth in demand for protective packaging is the increasing popularity of online shopping which is overtaking conventional retail shopping. The advent of mobile technologies and the creation of app based shopping services have brought about a dire need to have impeccable packaging solutions in order to ensure the safety of the products when they are sent out for delivery. Customers perceive ecommerce businesses on the presentation of the package, delivery times, and the protection provided by the package to the product. No one wants to receive a damaged good, especially after the

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  5. Things to Keep In Mind When Packaging Your Items for Shipping

    Are you worried about your packages getting damaged during shipping? No package is ever damage-proof. With the right packaging materials and techniques, the risk of damage can be minimized and the liabilities can be mitigated safely without incurring financial loss. It doesn

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  6. The Global Self-Adhesive Labels Market Will Be Worth USD 36.92 Billion By 2020

    Self-adhesive labels have become an integral part of the packaging industry where it is being used as a convenient labelling solution. One only has to remove the label from the sheet and stick to the package. If market estimates were to be considered, then the worth of the global self-adhesive labels market will be approximately USD 36.92 billion by 2020.

    It is interesting that the trends in the global self-adhesive labels market has been going hand in hand with the trends observed in converting and packaging industries. The self-adhesive labels are most commonly used in the food packaging industry where fresh produce is packed and conveniently labeled with a self-adhesive label. It is important to mention the nutritional information as well as the manufactured date / expiry date so that the usability of the product may be determined. This information may be printed, but at times, the information can be handwritten.

    Some of the major factors that have propelled the growth of the self-adhesive labels market include increasing urban population, demand for pharmaceutical supplies, increasing consumer awareness, and growth of the e-commerce industry. The average consumer today takes every information into consideration and only then makes up his / her mind about purchasing a product. The packaging process itself has been optimized to ensure faster turnaround times and minimum delays. By using self-adhesive labels, it has becom+e possible to create customized labels in a jiffy.

    Such level of convenience has been one o

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  7. Gift Packaging Ideas for the Busy Soul

    If you always seem to run into last minute gift packing, then you are a busy soul who needs to have some really cool gift packing ideas that are easy to do and don

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  8. Corrugated Packaging Can Help Growers Control Costs and Waste in the Supply Chain

    The fresh produce industry is financially affected by climatic problems that may occur during the year. The majority of the loss is in terms of damaged crops which leads to wastage of food resources as well as financial losses. Contrary to popular belief,

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  9. Types of Office File Storage Boxes

    If you thought that staying organized in an office was a piece of cake then you have serious misconceptions. Even though the workspace has moved on a great deal to the digital domain, the role of physical documents still holds significance. The amount of paper that comes in and out, whether it is through the mail, printer, or fax any office can easily become a cluttered mess. File storage boxes help to organize papers and files in a better manner, making it easy to sort and manage them without wasting a lot of time.

    Types of File Storage Boxes

    File storage come in various sizes to accommodate different paper or file sizes. You can even get one custom made by a packaging material supplier online. All you need to do is to specify the dimensions, mention the number of boxes required, and the packaging material supplier will get them delivered to you. Generally, there are two broadly categorized file storage boxes - Box to Fit Office and Box Files, and Box to Fit Legal Files.

    • Box
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  10. A Brief History of Cardboard Boxes

    Before you just throw away the corrugated box in which you received your package, just think about where it all began. Have you ever wondered how the corrugated box came into existence? It isn

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