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  1. Going Saffron, White and Green for Next-Gen Packaging Solutions


    Colours play a much more significant role than simply providing vibrancy to an otherwise boring presentation. If you take a look at the Indian Flag, the colours saffron, white and green represent courage and sacrifice, peace and truth, and faith and chivalry respectively. Likewise, the colours when implied for next-gen packaging solutions can be used to indicate the features that define the packaging trends of the future.

    A lot of efforts and resources go into packaging, and with the world becoming conscious over sustainable use of the existing resources, it has become important to align the packaging designs and their manufacturing with such initiatives that will help to achieve the perfect balance between commercial needs, marketing potential and environmental protection. Here we have come up with our own explanation of the tricolour with reference to packaging solutions that would ensure a better future for us and the generations to come.

    Going Saffron

    Saffron represents courage and a burning desire to achieve new heights. With advancements being made in technology and the ongoing research in sustainable packaging, the need of the hour is

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  2. How Online Packaging Solutions Have Made Small Businesses / Start-ups Independent

    Take a good look at the various start-ups and small businesses and you will be able to see them struggling with one important aspect

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  3. DCGPAC "Most Creative Packaging Idea" Contest

    Hey guys, its contest time yet again.

    This time we have brought a contest that will require you to put on your thinking caps and share the most interesting and effective packing hack for your kitchen. Tell us about your packing techniques and the packaging materials that you use to safely pack delicate and fragile kitchen items. If you have come up with your own storage idea or packaging design, then let the world know about it.

    Contest Details: Who can participate? Anyone can participate in this contest. You only need to have a good and effective packing idea to take part. How long will the contest run? The contest will run for a week, after which the winner will be declared. How will the ideas be evaluated? The ideas will be evaluated on uniqueness, effectiveness, and feasibility. Share your packing hacks in the comments section below. The best idea will get an amazing gift from DCGPAC and will also receive a special mention on our social media pages. To help you get started, we are sharing our idea below. #MyPackingHack

    Plates and other crockery items made from bone China are very delicate and need careful packaging methods along with the right packing materials. First, all similar items need to be grouped together. Wrap each piece of china carefully with tissue paper. Secure the tissue paper around the wrapped china with regular, clear packing tape. Cover the individual items in bubble wrap. For plates, you can add a small sheet of bubble i

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  4. Declutter Your Office Space with These Office Stationery

    Tired of all the clutter in your office space? Still finding it hard to manage your inventory and office stationery? It doesn

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  5. Office Relocation Made Easy With Relocation Kits and Office File Storage Boxes

    The decision to relocate your office might not have been an easy one. It takes a lot of efforts and investments to create the physical environment and employees tend to get attached to the surroundings. The address of the office also becomes an important part of all official communications and moving to a new location would require a lot of monitoring to ensure that all communication is directed to the correct address. There may be many reasons for relocating the office. However, without the right packaging materials, the task at hand would appear more daunting than it is.

    Are you aware of all the packaging materials that you would need during the relocation? You would not want anything left behind, especially something that has a lot of significance and holds sensitive information related to your business. A good way to plan for a stress free relocation is to make the necessary arrangements well ahead of the actual date on which you intend to relocate. If you are not sure about all the packaging materials and supplies that would be needed, then consult with a professional relocation service or you could search for relocation kits online. These come in various kit sizes and include all the things that would be needed during a move. Basic items such as tapes, markers, labels and boxes of various sizes / shapes are included in the kit based on the estimated quantity of items that would have to be packed.

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  6. Gift Packaging Ideas for Eid

    The auspicious occasion of Eid is just round the corner. As thousands prepare to end their month long fast (of Ramzan), there are many who are trying to come up with gift packing ideas for Eid. Although the celebrations of Eid do not mandate the sharing of gifts, it is done as an expression of happiness. This particular trend has been encouraged mainly by non-Muslims who join in the festivities.

    If you are still struggling with gift packaging ideas to make your gifts stand out, then read ahead for some really nice ideas. This should get you started on possible designs and help you to come up with ideas of your own.

    Traditional Packaging

    Traditional packaging works out the best if you are confused about the packaging design. You can never go wrong with this package. Just get a simple cardboard box, place the product inside it with adequate cushioning, add premium gift wrap paper, tie some ribbons, and place a nice label on top. This should give a decent presentation without requiring a lot of effort in packing.

    Jars Filled With Sweets

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  7. How DCG Is Helping To Make Packaging Easier For Eid Celebrations

    The month of Ramzan is almost over and the celebrations for Eid are being planned. Throughout this month, the demands for certain products have increased almost by 5 times the general demand. Apparels and edible items (such as dates and dry fruits) are amongst the products that are required in large quantities during the month of Ramzan, especially at the time of Eid. The movement of such products would require proper packaging for protecting the contents. DCGPAC played its part in ensuring that the packaging for such products was made convenient and hassle-free for people.

    Corrugated boxes, bubble wraps, ziplock pouches, tapes and labels are some of the packaging materials required by shippers to ensure that the products reach the market on time. Would you have liked it if you couldn

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  8. Indian Packaging Industry Needs to Conform to International Standards for Competing Globally by 2016

    The Indian Packaging Institute estimates that the packaging industry in India is worth USD 24 billion and growing at more than 15% p.a. India

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  9. New

    This is going to break a lot of hearts. The new iBubble Wrap going to be all the more uninteresting because the bubbles just can

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  10. 10 Stationery That Will Take You Back to Your School Days

    The modern age of digitalization puts a high emphasis on eliminating the need for paper and other school stationery products. However, we are still unable to get enough of supplies like notebooks, pens, highlighters, paper-clips and post-it notes.

    With technology, intentionally or unintentionally inhibiting in almost every aspect of human life, the demand of school stationery, instead of declining is on an upsurge.

    No, it

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