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  1. 10 Creative Uses of Ziplock Bags That You Probably Never Thought Of

    These convenient little plastic pouches with a ziplock system might appear to be an insignificant part of your packaging materials. But before throwing them out, just wait a minute to think about the ways in which these wonderful little ziplock bags may be reused. Even if you have not given much thought about it, here are some really creative ways in which people have actually used Ziplock Bagsto make things a bit more convenient for them.

    Makeshift Overheads Display

    Whether you are travelling by flight, or simply taking a bus to reach your destination, this easy hack can save you the trouble of keeping your smartphone / tablet hoisted high for convenient viewing. Just put your device in a ziplock bag, hoist it up against a hook in the seat in front of you, and you will get your very own overheads display.

    Protect Important Documents

    This is the easiest way to protect your documents and keeping them in a crease-free

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  2. How to Pack Eyewear for Shipping

    Nowadays, you can get anything and everything on the internet. With the growth of e-commerce businesses, packaging has formed an important part of the entire process which is being used to ensure the safe delivery of products along with ensuring an appropriate presentation. Customers often perceive the effectiveness of an ecommerce business by the way in which they package and deliver the products. This is why even unconventional products such as eyewear need to be packed carefully without losing the personal touch required for creating an impact. Before the development of e-commerce business environments, not many would have given a thought about actually shipping eyewear to customers, especially not the usual kind of eyewear. Maybe a few premium brands would have a custom Packaging Solution for delivering their products. But apart from that, people usually preferred getting their spectacles from physical shops. The shift towards online purchase of eyewear, including powered eyewear, has been gaining popularity in the recent times and companies like Lenskart have really taken things up by several notches. One of the most interesting aspects of their services is the way they pack their products. You just cannot expect anything more than what they already provide. It isn

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  3. Coca Cola to Unveil a 100% Bio-based

    The world knows about Coca Cola and its products. It is one of the biggest names in the beverage industry today and has a pretty strong brand value. The moment Coca Cola

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  4. How Educational Institutions are Driving Growth for the Indian Packaging Industry

    Less than 5% - this is India

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  5. Appeal to the Sense of Smell with Scented Packaging

    Pick up any package and you will notice that the elements of the design appeal to sight and touch. Have you ever imagined what it would be like to get packages that have the aroma of the product that is stored within the package itself? Yes, this is possible and there are a few companies who have come up with their own rendition of

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  6. 5 Packaging Designs that Will Make You Go

    Have you ever come across a packaging design so awesome that it made you go

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  7. Why Product Design and Packaging Are Important Considerations in Branding

    Just imagine the thoughts that go in your head when you stand in a retail store with hundreds of products lying on shelves in front of you. The moment you see a product, the brain starts classifying everything and tries to associate the image with an experience. In simple terms, the mind tries to compare, remember, and associate. The human mind needs to fill the void that exists for classifying things according to experience. It is this very void that is targeted by marketers when designing products and their packaging. Every aspect of the product

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  8. Why Stand-Up Pouches are Gaining Popularity in the Beverage Industry

    Have you noticed that flexible packaging is gaining prominence in the beverage industry in the form of pouches?The stand-up pouch has become quite a phenomenal trend in the packaging industry. It has seen significant growth over the last five years in a number of key markets around the world. Mineral water, non-carbonated soft drinks and wine are just some of the products for which the stand-up pouch is being used as packaging material. As far as carbonated drinks are concerned, this particular packaging may not be quite ready for it yet. However, we could expect improvements in the design so that it becomes possible to store carbonated beverages as well. Despite the few limitations associated with this packaging design, there is always a possibility of new uses being adopted. For example, the sale of cocktail mix (in stand up pouches) in the last 4 years has grown from zero to a whopping 300 million units (annual requirements).

    Why is the stand-up pouch packaging so much in demand

    (Source: Linx Global)

    Well, for a start, the basic design of this packaging material includes such aesthetics and features (spouts and handles) which are usually not found in other pa

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