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  1. How DCGPAC Helps Brands Create a Memorable Unpacking Experience

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  2. Does Custom Packaging Means More Than Just Branding?

    As a customer, have you been impressed with the packaging of some of the products that you purchase? This is because the manufacturer made the efforts to ensure that every aspect of the package was designed in a way that would enable you to connect with the brand and relate to it. But does custom packaging only emphasize on branding? One of the most common misconceptions amongst customers and manufacturers is that custom packaging is only good for enhancing branding. This is one of the objectives of custom packaging, but it definitely not the only objective. If you were to look at it from a basic perspective, then custom packaging does offer enhanced protection as well as presentation for the intended products. It all depends on the way the package is conceptualized and designed. Custom packaging helps manufacturers to deliver the following benefits to the customers.

    Assurance of a Damage-Free Product

    A custom packaging design ensures that the dimensions, contours, and build of the package is made to provide maximum protection to the contents. This goes a long way in assuring a damage free product. After all, no one likes to receive a product that is damaged. Not only does this indicate a monetary and financial loss for the customer, but the brand also loses its goodwill due to the dissatisfaction caused by the delivery of a damaged product.


    It is possible that the manufacturer might want to make the package reusable or maybe even functional in nature. All of this would be reflected in the package

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  3. 3 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Use Short Run Packaging

    Start-up businesses or small business have one thing in common - they both lack adequate funding for kicking off promotional activities on a large scale. Without the required promotions and marketing initiatives, the business would not be able to achieve the desired growth in the desired time frame. The situation becomes even more challenging if the business operates in the ecommerce domain. For small businesses, specifically product based businesses, it is important to utilize the budget carefully so as to work with the limited available budget and come up with Effective Packaging Materials for Shipping. Investing heavily in huge orders of custom or branded boxes might prove to be problematic. First of all, there is no stability in the demand patterns initially so it becomes a bit difficult to estimate the required packaging materials. As a safe bet, it is better to order less and obtain greater benefits with the use of short run packaging. If you have not yet decided on using short run packaging for your business, then these reasons should encourage you to use it.

    Reason #1: Direct Cost Savings

    Short run packaging is great for less quantities as you get the benefit of lower costs with enhanced marketing potential. In the initial phases, it would be difficult to grasp the demands of the customers accurately. The small packages would help you to probe the interests of your target customers without having to lose a lot of money in the process. So in a way, short run packaging helps with direct cost savings that can prove to be a life saver if you have just started out as a business.

    Reason #2: True Production Sample Prototy

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  4. The Best Way to Remove Stubborn Packing Tape

    Have you dealt with the issue of removing those stubborn packing tapes from your products? Obviously you might not have faced a problem if the packing tape was stuck to the Cushioning Material (such as bubble wrap) or the packing boxes. But if you have a large electronic equipment, say for example a refrigerator, then you do find some really annoying packing tape stuck to the glossy and beautiful surface. The first thing that everyone tries is soap and water. Was it effective? I guess not, otherwise you would not be reading this. Some people even use acetone or nail polish removers to get those sticky bits off the surface. It does require some muscle power to really scrape those bits off. Such solvents may be the first things that come to mind, but trust me, they are not very effective. Also, you can end up damaging the product itself, which would be even more disappointing if you have just purchased it. No solvents, no soap and water, and definitely not a sharp edged tool to scrape off the bits. Then what do you do? I believe that the best solution for these

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  5. Japanese Company Develops a New Packaging Material That Can Withstand 99.5% Alcohol

    Why would you want a plastic packaging material which is capable of withstanding an alcohol content of 99.5%? Before you start assuming that this packaging material is only going to serve the purpose of packing alcoholic beverage, then you are highly mistaken. Apparently, this new plastic packaging material can be used for strong contents such as alkali, acid, incense, etc. in addition to liquids with high alcohol content. If this works out, then it could replace bottles and cans as the choice of commercial packaging for such contents.

    The New Packaging Material

    As reported by Japan Today,

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  6. 4 Packaging Complaints Made by Consumers That Need To Be Resolved Immediately

    Consumer satisfaction is the most important aspect of any business, especially one that operates in the e-commerce domain. You can never be too sure about what factors could impress or piss off customers. The best way to manage the situation is to keep an eye out for red flags and consumer complaints, so that appropriate steps are taken to address them. Packaging is often the most common agenda highlighted in the complaints. As a business, you need to keep evaluating your product packaging periodically to ensure that all the elements are perfectly balanced and everything is just right. You probably still get a lot of complaints though. Check out these packaging complaints and if you have received something like this, then make sure you resolve them soon or else you risk losing your customers to competitors.

    Complaint #1:

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  7. Why Should You Get Custom Packing Boxes for Wallets

    Why do you need a fancy packing box for a wallet? Isn

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  8. Can Bioplastics Offer Better Food Packaging?

    Eco-friendly plastic! Now this is something that will certainly get a lot of surprised reactions from people. Although the concept and presence of bioplastics has been in existence for quite some time, the commercial implantation this innovation is not believed easily. For years, we have only seen the harm that plastic has done to the environment and the increasing damage that is being done on a regular basis. We have changed our approach to one that is more eco-friendly and sustainable, but the commercial production of such materials still surprises us.

    What are Bioplastics?

    Bioplastics are basically plastic materials where the carbon component is a derivative of renewable feedstock. These materials contain renewable carbon as well as fossil fuel based carbon. Due to this mix, not all bioplastic products are completely biodegradable. The biodegradability depends on the ratio of constituents of the respective material. However, the sources of the carbon for the plastic are natural feedstock comprising corn, potatoes, rice, tapioca, palm fiber, wood cellulose, wheat fiber and bagasse.

    Bioplastics as Food Packaging

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  9. How to Achieve the Fastest Ecommerce Packaging Process

    At times, e-commerce packaging requirements can be pretty challenging, especially when the mix of products that need to be packed differs a lot in terms of size and product type. Every Ecommerce business has faced this issue where the packaging department faces a tough time for managing the packing of orders and dispatching them on time. Did you know that a simple trick could help you to achieve the fastest ecommerce packaging process without using any fancy equipment or additional tools? The basic way in which the packaging process works in an business is that a scanner picks the products as per the order and scans them before giving it to the person responsible for packing it in the shipping box. There is hardly any time given for picking up the products as per the order and by the time it reaches the packer, the person already has a lot of pending packages to prepare. This causes a significant delay in the process and creates a roadblock that affects the productivity of the business. E-commerce is one industry where the most reliable parameter for evaluating the efficiency of a business is to check the delivery service. The delivery is the only tangible part of the business that can be checked in terms of speed and quality. All other elements are represented digitally where you can only check the

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