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  1. Why Premium Packaging Could Be A Game Changer for Your e-Commerce Business?

    Still using that age old brown corrugated packaging box? It may be contributing towards your reducing consumer strength. According to an eCommerce packaging survey conducted for the US region in 2013,

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  2. How to Pack an Antique Vase for Shipping

    Antique vases are very valuable, not only in terms of its monetary value but also in terms of its importance as an antique collectible item. Not only are they delicate, but they need to be packed using carefully selected packaging materials in order to ensure their safety. This is why everyone is so concerned about packing antique items for shipment. Obviously, the fragile nature of the vase requires double packaging in order to truly protect it from every possible external force that it may be subjected to during shipping. The problem with packing vases, especially antique ones, is that they have a non-uniform shape and you need to work very carefully with the vase so that you don

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  3. How to Pack a Sofa for Moving / Storage

    Probably the biggest concern that people have while packing their furniture is to avoid damaging the fabric. It is possible to get it repaired, but it can burn a hole in your pocket. Why risk damage to the fabric when you can easily prevent it with proper packaging? With the right packaging materials, and a little help from your friends, you should be able to pack your sofa without any hassles. While moving or storing your sofa, the fabric is often damaged due to moisture and dust. It is important that you understand the possible ways in which moisture and dust may enter the packaging and damage the fabric. This can turn out to be an expensive affair, especially in the case of leather sofas. Before you start packing, just make sure that you are fully aware of the consequences of using a particular packaging material. Never make the mistake of using a material without fully understanding any negative outcomes that may occur.

    Things You Will Need

    • Corrugated Rolls / Corrugated Sheets
    • Shrink Wrap
    • Packing Tapes (Strong)
    • Paper Pads
    • Microfoam

    Start Packing

    Most people would prefer using packing blankets and this works out well in most cases. But it is a bit cumbersome to handle it and the costs of acquiring a packing blanket are relatively high. In such situations, the best thing that can be done is to make use of lightweight cushioning materials and then covering the sofa with shrink wrap to give it one of the best protection possible. When ready, start packing the sofa by following the steps mentioned below.

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    • How to Pack a Microwave Oven with Moving Boxes

      Packing a microwave in moving boxes might appear to be a very simple task. While it is not a difficult task either, it is definitely one which requires careful attention in terms of packing materials, use of cushioning material and preparing the product for packaging. Without the right materials and the correct packing process, you could end up increasing the risks of damage to your product. The best thing that can be done is to retain the original packaging in which you got the product in the first place. Not only is this packaging customized to suit the storage requirements of the product, but the dimensions are also perfectly aligned to provide the maximum protection. However, in the absence of the original packaging, the best thing that can be done is to Get the best Packaging Materials (preferably ones made from recycled materials) to pack the microwave.

      Preparing the Microwave for Packing

      You need to prepare the microwave for packaging if you want to avoid unintentional damage being inflicted to it during transit.

      • Clean the microwave (preferably with the use of compatible cleaning agents) and dry it using a clean cloth. Make sure that no water or cleaning agent remains on it.
      • When you have finished cleaning it, remove the glass plate that is located inside the microwave. This glass plate works as a turn table and i
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    • How to Pack a Window Air Conditioner

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    • Top Businesses Reveal 9 Secrets for Reducing Shipping Cost without Compromising on Quality

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    • 4 Effective Tips for Packaging and Shipping Perishables This Summer

      Thinking of sending mangoes to your relatives this summer? Well, you might have already started pondering over the ways in which you would send in your perishable items to your loved ones. But perishable items during the summer can get spoilt, if not packed with care. Not only do you need to select the packaging materials carefully, but also ensure proper shipping methods so that your package is delivered with fresh contents. Check out these 4 effective tips for packaging and shipping perishables this summer. If you are unsure about any of these tips, then consult with professional experts before implementing any of the things suggested below.

      Apply Insulation to the Packaging Materials

      Corrugated shipping boxes are great for sending perishable items. But it doesn

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    • How to Recycle Packaging Materials Made from Styrofoam

      Styrofoam has taken over the world by storm with its amazing cushioning ability and the ease with which it can be moulded into any shape and size. You can find it as part of Packaging Materials, safety cushioning in helmets and a myriad other applications. But just because it is Styrofoam, it doesn

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