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  1. How to Pack a Bike for Shipping

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  2. Stop Wasting Office Stationery and Reduce Inventory Costs!

    Just because it is free for you (the employee), it doesn

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  3. Can You Completely Trust Security Mailing Envelopes?

    Are you always concerned about the security of your confidential and important documents? Postal delivery is still the most effective solution in terms of delivery time and applicable costs. The issue with postal services is that people aren

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  4. I Wrapped My Gift in Just 2 Pieces of Tape!! Want to Know How?

    Gift wrapping can get quite frustrating with all the packing paper, tapes, ribbons and other accessories. Everybody loves gifts, but no one is ready to pack it because obviously, who would want to get into this mess. But trust me, there are ways in which the job can be done in almost a jiffy with not more than 2 pieces of tape being required to do it like a pro. Hard to believe?

    The first thing you would need for this is a box (which has been sealed properly with the contents already placed inside), an appropriate length of Premium Wrapping Paper, two pieces of tape and a lot of practice. Make sure you have everything in front of you before you start to wrap the box.

    Once prepared, just follow these steps and you would be able to impress anyone with your exceptional packing skills.

    1. Place the box at an angle towards one end or corner and then fold two corners into the center of the broad side of the gift package. Remember, the box needs to be a cuboid-shaped package for this method to work properly. You also need to estimate the correct length of wrapping paper required for your package.

    2. Now use one of the tape pieces to stick this portion to the box. It would keep the wrapping paper in place.

    3. Flip the pack over and make sure to fold the remaining paper along with it. It should be done in one swift motion to avoid a mess.

    4. Fold the remaining two corners in the fashion described in step 1 and seal everything with the remaining piece of tape.

    There you have it. Just two pieces of tape and less than 4 folds for a fast gift wrapping method. Try it out yourself and don’t forget to share your experience and tips. It would definitely help others to fine-tune this technique. And if you have not been able to get a clear idea from the text description above, then check out the below video for a better understanding.

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  5. Are Odd Shaped Gifts Giving You a Wrapping Nightmare? Not Anymore!

    Be it Valentine’s Day or your friend’s wedding, there is absolutely no break from sharing gifts. Every momentous occasion deserves a gift. I am sure that most of you are already wrapping up some item for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Irrespective of the occasion, the most daunting task while wrapping gifts is to pack items that have odd shapes and sizes.

    One of the reasons behind the hassles of packing an odd sized item is that there is no pre-made box or packaging that can easily encapsulate the item. It depends on the creativity and skills of the person packing the item. Surely you can wrap it in some way and obviously, the recipient won’t be too happy with the packaging. But the point of creating wonderful packaging designs is only to increase the anticipation of the person receiving the gifts so that when the gift is revealed, the quantum of happiness is even more.

    Packing odd shaped/sized items is not rocket science. All it takes is a little bit of patience and the Right Packaging Materials so that you don’t have to struggle with the wrapping later. Check out the following steps and you would come to know exactly how easy it is to wrap an odd sized object.

    Gift Wrapping / Packaging Supplies Needed

    1. Scissors
    2. Tape
    3. Wrapping Paper (as per your choice and availability). The best results can be achieved when the thickness of the wrapping paper is perfect as per the object to be packed.

    Creating the Gift Wrap / Package

    1. Spread out the wrapping paper evenly across a flat surface and keep the object in

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  6. How to Gift Wrap a Teddy Bear for Valentine Week

    Who doesn’t love a teddy bear! From the youngest to the eldest, everyone has a strong emotion with Teddy Bears. These cuddly bears are so nice to hug and being without one can never be thought of by kids. These stuffed animals may be the perfect valentine gift, but if you are not familiar with the correct gift wrapping technique, you will end up with a lumpy package that isn’t pleasing to the eyes.

    Now you might be tempted to put the teddy bear in a box and then pack it like you would do with a regular valentine gift. But it would only add bulk to the entire package and would not create as much of an appeal as is possible with a direct gift wrapping method. The best way to get it done in the right manner is to layer it with colored tissue paper and then finish wrapping it with cellophane for a “candy” package design.

    The reason behind covering it with tissue paper first is that the person receiving the gift would not be able to identify the content by feeling through the package. The cellophane is used for creating a protecting layer around the bear and also give it a proper shape. When working with tissue paper, make sure you use a strong tape to keep it in position. It can be a little frustrating at first, but soon you will get the hang of it. A good option would be to ask a friend to help out with the wrapping and you would be able to get it done sooner.

    With the teddy bear covered in tissue, you need to place it on top of a sheet of cellophane. Make sure you use a cellophane roll because you need to leave 10 inches of space on either end and the layer needs to come on top of the package also. So using a roll would be a good idea. Before you make the candy design, make sure to tape the individual ends of

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  7. How Corrugated Boxes Are Helping Businesses to Overcome Digital Challenges

    Have you wondered that the growth in digital integration could actually be creating more challenges for business entities, especially those in the retail and e-commerce landscape? This boom is being reflected in the packaging where highly colourful and functional retail-ready solutions are gradually dominating the black print corrugated box. Even though the colourful options may be gaining popularity, this has not faded the market share of corrugated materials in any way. In fact, these corrugated boxes are helping businesses to overcome digital challenges. This is the most recycled Packaging Materia and is compatible with colour printing. It has also become possible to align corrugated with labels and flexible packaging which is the result of tailored print runs without any minimum requirement. This is one of the reasons behind the growing popularity of white shipping boxes. Corrugated material is able to meet the current expectations of the modern business environment where consumers as well as retail entities prefer convenient, visually appealing and functional packaging. For retailers, this helps to keep costs at a bare minimum without compromising on marketing effectiveness. Customers benefit from the improved brand value, convenient packaging and recyclability of the material. Andy Barnetson (director of packaging affairs, CPI) shared his views on the growing impact of corrugated material on overcoming the challenges of digital integration. He said,

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  8. 5 Cute Chocolate Packaging Ideas for Valentine Week

    Have you prepared yourself for the Valentine Week? 7 days before Valentine

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  9. How Moving Kits Can Save a Lot of Trouble for College Students

    The term is almost nearing its completion and in a month

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