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  1. Gift Wrapping and Packaging Ideas for Valentine

    With Valentine

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  2. Best Packaging Material for Packing Small Quantities

    When it comes to packing small quantities of items, nothing comes close to the effectiveness of pouch packaging. Not only is this really convenient, but it is really versatile, which means that a large variety of items can be packed using this. It is really easy to experiment with this packaging design by using different packaging materials, altering the shapes and sizes of the pouches and extensively utilizing the printing space available on them. In simple terms, pouch packaging is the best that you can get for packing small quantities conveniently.

    Popular Materials Used in Pouch Packaging

    Pouch packaging can include various materials, not being restricted to the use of plastics only. However, the popular materials used to make pouches include:

    • Polyvinyl Chloride
    • Polyolefin
    • Polypropylene
    • Paper
    • Polyester

    The reason behind using different materials is that the right material used for the right application would make it the most effective Packaging Solution for the contents stored in it. Pouches can be integrated with various features such as microwave friendly packing, ensuring moisture free internal environment, etc.

    Popular Styles of Pouch Packaging

    Depending on the application and the specific characteristics of the contents, the popular pouch packaging styles are:

    • Zip lock pouches
    • Multi-colour pouches
    • Spout pouch
    • Centre seal pouches
    • Stand up pouch
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  3. Packaging Solutions Gone Horribly Wrong!

    No matter how careful you might be while packing products in Corrugated Boxes, you can never truly rule out the risk of damage to the package. The problem becomes even more aggravated when you apply some technique that you are not quite familiar with or have little understanding about. As the saying goes,

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  4. The Online Advantage for Wholesale Stationery

    Wholesale stationery has always appealed to the masses because of the relatively low prices of products. You might remember visiting one in your childhood where your parents might have bought a lot of things at the start of your school term. Today, the entire experience has been brought onto the online domain and with the advent of communication and internet technologies. Whenever there is a requirement, all that needs to be done is to visit the online store and place the order. In a few clicks, you would have made the payment, placed the order and shared the delivery address. Isn

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  5. How Many Times Can A Cardboard Box Be Recycled Without Losing Durability?

    With everyone contributing their part towards sustainable practices and green initiatives, recycling and reusing cardboard boxes has become a prevalent practice. It is good that people have become aware about the harm caused to the environment in the absence of recycling. But recycling is not the ultimate solution. Did you know that you can only recycle a cardboard box 8 times? With every cycle, the grade of the material deteriorates to the point that after 8 times, the material becomes quite frail and becomes unsuitable for use. Every time the material is processed, the fibres lose their strength. This is why you never get 100% recycled materials. Recycled fibres are mixed with virgin fibres in various proportions to ensure adequate durability of the material. Nowadays, you can Get Storage Boxes Online in places like India where the boxes are both virgin as well as recycled. Depending on the storage requirement, you can chose from various grades of cardboard with each grade having a different mix of virgin-recycled fibres. If you have boxes that have been recycled beyond 8 times, then you should use it for compost or for soundproofing your rooms as these do not require the

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  6. 4 Benefits of Getting Your Packaging Materials from Online Stores

    Technology does bring convenience and comfort. Nowadays, you can get practically anything and everything from online stores and you won

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  7. Wait! Don

    I know that this might be one of the most difficult tasks that you might have been requested, but just keep yourself away from the bubble wrap at the moment. Don

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  8. Why Should You Buy Office Stationery from Online Stores in 2015?

    If we were to think beyond the convenient shopping experience providing by online office stationery suppliers, then we would realize that there are numerous factors that have resulted in a trend where offices are now inclined towards purchasing their requirements from an online vendor than getting the same from a local retail facility. You may argue that in a physical facility, you can check the supplies and ensure that you get good quality products, there are several other advantages of online shopping that have made this the preferred source of getting office supplies. Here are some of the most important reasons that led offices to use online shopping for getting their office supplies.

    Extensive Product Range

    You will hardly find an extensive collection in a physical outlet, whereas in an online store, you can get huge collections of products. It is also possible to visit other vendors and find specific products or get more options in a specific product line. The best part about all of this is that the total time required to browse such an extensive collection is a fraction of the time taken to do the same in a physical facility. Such large collections help you in getting supplies that fulfil your requirements perfectly.

    Ability to Compare Products from Different Suppliers

    Usually, you would be subjected to brand biasness in physical retail outlets. The owner of the outlet obviously has some form of reward based arrangement where he gets some monetary benefit by promoting a specific brand and suggesting its products over others. However, this would not help you in getting what you are looking for. In the on

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  9. How is Bubble Wrap Made?

    Bubble wrap

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  10. How to Pack Complex Shaped Items

    It is not mandatory that everything that is manufactured needs to conform to a standard shape or design. The thing with creativity and innovation is that it allows people to go beyond the constraints of standard definitions and come up with something absolutely unique. This may be quite pleasing to hear, but these odd-dimensional products offer great challenges in terms of packaging. The problem does not arise in the type of packaging materials used. Rather, the problem arises in the way it is packed because every portion of the product needs to be given adequate protection so that nothing is damaged during movement. But packaging or the external wrapping is a small part of the process. The most important aspect is the provision of cushioning for the shape such that it is protected from all sides. In order to select the best cushioning material for your product, you need to evaluate the material against the following criteria:

    • Type of material
    • Thickness of the material used
    • Extent of material resilience (the extent and speed with which the material regains its original shape after compression)
    • Load of the Cushioning (in the case of fragile products)
    • Extent of free movement of the cushioned item

    Examples of Packing / Cushioning Complex Shaped Items

    Complex shaped products need to be given adequate cushioning based on their orientation, size, and edges. You could either use a complete frame to convert the complex shape into a simple standard format, or you could pad the edges such that it forms a simple shape vi

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