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  1. Can Chromatografting Create Water Repellent Corrugated Packaging Boxes?

    Corrugated Packaging Boxes--> Have you thought about the water absorption and retention capabilities of the humble Corrugated Cardboard Packaging Boxes? It is good at absorbing water and retaining it, but it also proves to be a major problem in certain situations. For example, if cardboard boxes loaded with items comes in contact with moisture or water, then it loses its durability and the contents are exposed. However, the water retention ability is an essential feature which makes cardboard recyclable as the recycling process is water The issue with cardboard boxes is that the presence of moisture cab reduce the strength of the material rapidly and before you react, the damage would have already been done. If this were to be defined in technical terms, then increasing the relative humidity to 80% would reduce the stacking strength of the box by 33%. This is the case with moisture. In the case of water being spilt over the material, the strength becomes null and this becomes the root cause behind the collapsing of the boxes

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  2. Top 3 Packaging Trends in 2015

    2014 ends in just 2 days. While this year witnessed some major trends in the packaging industry, especially a notable inclination towards green initiatives and sustainability, the coming year holds even greater prospects. As technology continues to develop, the packaging trends get subjected to changes that is applicable across all industries. Here are 3 key packaging trends that will make their mark in 2015.

    Increasing Value of Sustainability

    Various studies conducted for analysing the views of people, with respect to the integration of Sustainable Packaging Materials, have revealed the following outcomes:

    • More than 50% of the respondents have expressed that they wish to have more sustainable packaging at the time of purchasing products.
    • Approx. 40% of the respondents are willing to bear the extra cost that is applicable for sustainable packaging.
    • More than 3/5th of the total respondents have stated that they look for new gift wrapping ideas that involve re-using packaging materials.

    All of these key outcomes indicate that the users have accepted and are getting used to sustainable packaging. This particular preference is influencing purchase decisions and it has also compelled brands and businesses to re-think their packaging designs. If brands are not proactive in implementing sustainability in their packaging designs, then 2015 might mark a significant decrease in their business and customers with a good chunk of your target group moving towards competitors who have made sustainability their priority.

    Need for Maintenance of Transparency in Supply Ch

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  3. 3 Major Benefits of Using Custom Packaging Boxes

    Customized products are always the best, mainly because they are made right as per your specifications. Everything is made just the way to want it and that is what makes customized products stand out from the crowd. When it comes to the packaging industry, custom packaging boxes can make a lot of difference in the way customers connect with the brand and also in the manner in which value is created for it. Before delving into the major benefits of getting custom boxes, it is important to understand the key aspects that are modified according to your specifications. Whenever you place an order for custom shipping boxes, the following details need to be provided to the manufacturer.

    • Dimensions of the box (length, width and height / depth)
    • Thickness of the flutes for the corrugated material
    • Additional cushioning / padding requirements
    • Type of corrugated partitions for segmenting the interiors of the box
    • Mentioning of labels and item-specific details.

    Benefit #1: Packaging That Fits

    Despite the fact that people tend to use regular / standard corrugated boxes for packingtheir stuff, it is clear that this does not provide a winning edge. By using a custom box, you can get the most compatible dimensions that suit your product, the required cushio
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  4. How DCG Pac

    Dear Friend, Let me bring you in on a little issue that I faced this Christmas. You know how many gifts I have to collect and give to everyone around the world. Every year the number of gift request just keep on increasing. Now I can

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  5. 5 Ways to Creatively Utilize Used Corrugated Boxes

    So it

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  6. Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping Tips For Christmas

    Christmas and the holidays are those times of the year where you see a lot of gifts being exchanged. This means a various packaging materials being used to wrap the gifts for achieving a stunning visual appeal. But don

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  7. 5 Simple Christmas Cookie Packaging Ideas

    The festivities are just around the corner with Christmas and the New Year so close. You must have done your shopping by now. Gift packaging must also be underway. But what about cookies and other edibles. Surely, no celebration is ever complete without the sweet treats. Cookies, chocolates and other homemade items are common during the holiday season. However, it is the Christmas cookie packaging that makes a huge difference because it reflects the sentiments and emotions of the person who is gifting them. I am sure that you have already contemplated a lot about the possible packaging designs and ideas. Here are 5 simple yet beautiful packaging ideas for your cookies which would melt anyone

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  8. This is Where the Innovation of Your Product Packaging Starts!

    This is Where the Innovation of Your Product Packaging Starts!

    It won’t be an exaggeration to state that the product packaging with customized corrugated boxes, these days, is just as important as the product itself. One’s capability to innovate and experiment with product packaging ideas can effortlessly make or break a business deal these days.

    The way you package your product has a huge influence over what first impression or what image people perceive for your brand and this indirectly decides your sales figures too. You can have the most cutting edge product with a dull packaging that has very low chances of getting noticed. On the other hand, you can have a run-of-a-mill kind of a product with an inventive and revolutionary packaging that can jazz up your brand, get noticed everywhere and gives you high sales figures. You can pursue your quest of innovation by going in any direction, out of which we have discussed some here:

    Go minimalistic with the design

    Like many other companies, you can take a minimalist approach, which is a lot different from the regular catchy box designs to get noticed by the customers. Without having to use bright colors and catchy designs, you can play with shadows, neat lines and bold text combined with the basic colours and rather simple designs. With this approach you can project your brand’s style as understated and classy which naturally stands out from the crowd.

    Experiment with shapes

    You can play with the box shapes and think of unusual and highly creative box designs that can be lots of fun to open. Come up with box shapes that are far from regular square ones and generate a curios

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