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  1. How to Choose the Right Corrugated for Your Boxes

    How to Choose the Right Corrugated for Your Boxes

    The use of white and Brown Corrugated Boxes for packaging is prevalent in this day and age. We all know the many advantages of using corrugated boxes for packaging. Let us explore a few more practical aspects of using this material more effectively. The first question while choosing corrugated is how do you make sure which is the right type for your boxes. In fact, it is quite easy to decide the type of corrugation for your packing material. The strength of these boxes is attributed to the liner boards and corrugated sheets. The liner boards are paper pulp sheets and the corrugated sheets are in the shape of flutes and these together constitute the ultimate strength of a corrugated box. So, to know, which type of corrugated material to pick for your boxes, why not learn about the types of this material first? The most common types of corrugated are:

    • Single Wall Box: Usually used as a Shipping Boxes or a retail storage box, Single wall box serves as the most common packaging material worldwide. It is made up of a corrugated sheet sandwiched between two liner boards. These boxes are durable and strong.
    • Double Wall Box: Double wall boxes offer great support and stability and therefore, these are well-suited for the items that require an extra amount of protection such as the glassware and other heavy objects. These boxes have two single walls which contain two liner boards having two pairs of corrugated sheets sandwiched between them.
    • Triple Wall Box: Since these are made up of three walls, these offer more support than any other boxes to the items packed. These are relatively more expensive and rel
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  2. Corporate Gift Packing to Reflect Your Brand Image

    Corporate Gift Packing to Reflect Your Brand Image

    While there can be many options for corporate gifting to choose from, extra amount of care should be taken, when it comes to choosing the Packing Material for your corporate gifts. This is because gift packing and wrapping is all about creating a lasting first impression and when it comes to representing your brand through gift packing, you need to make sure that these impressions should be no less than magical.

    So, the gift packing is about as important as the gift itself at least in case of corporate gifts, since both together serve to create your brand’s image in the minds of your customers. We all know it well that strong branding exercises comprise in being able to associate your target audience’s positive emotions with your brand.

    Understandably, a corporate gift is not a usual gift but a lot more than that. It can be actually an annual token of appreciation for its deserving employees offered to them during the festive season of gift giving. Or it can be simply a gift offered to recognize employee’s special achievements or presented to them on their retirement. The gift packing should be able to capture the emotion specific to the event in addition to living up to the brand’s image. A special and innovative gift packing can also creatively make use of your brand’s colors or your logo image to empower your brand with easy visibility and recognition.

    So, on the whole, a sensible corporate gift in a well-suited and creative gift packing serves as an amazing tool to make your clients and associates think in a certain way about your brand. So, using a pleasant corporate gift, perfectly suited for the specific occasion, you can assure your significant stakeholders that your company is loyal to them and wishes to continue your mutual tie-up. These can also win you, new clients apart from the retention of the old ones.

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