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  1. Want To Pack Or Pop With Your Air Bubble Roll?

    Want To Pack Or Pop With Your Air Bubble Roll?

    Cushioned and water resistant, air bubble roll indeed makes for an excellent Packing Material! You can avail it in about any size to wrap your stuff of any shape and size. So, small to very large – Depending upon your specific need and whether you are going to move, ship or simply box your items for storage purpose, you have enough variety to choose from! When you think of Bubble wrap, you can picture its clear color by default. On the contrary, over all these years, with the progress in air bubble roll technology, several colors of air bubble material such as red, green and yellow are slowly entering the market. Not only air bubble roll is a relatively cheaper packing material option, but it also helps keep dust and dirt off your packed items.

    If you think that air bubble rolls won’t fit your specific need, you can also consider options such as air bubble bags to completely cover your delicate and breakable stuff for fail-proof protection. Apart from air bubble bags, you can also think of using the air bubble envelopes or the shipping envelopes. The inner lining of these envelopes is padded with air bubbles so that smaller items such as books and DVDs can fit well inside them.

    There are quite a lot of people who love to pop the air bubbles for the sheer joy of it. Some even believe it to be a great stress-buster. While you can actually pop the bubbles of an air bubble roll, there are websites that let you virtually pop bubbles too! The virtual bubble-popping makes for a cheaper and more eco-friendly way of getting your dose of bubble popping delight.

    Whether you use air bubble rolls for packing your stuff or popping the bubble, you can easily avail this material online on popular websites such as 

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  2. How To Get Your Product Packaging Right?

    How To Get Your Product Packaging Right?

    Small businesses usually put packaging of products for shipping at the back seat. All they focus is product development and all the packaging part of it is left for the last minute, not realizing that it is in fact, a key part of their supply chain.

    The truth is that bad product packaging can actually kill the best of your product development efforts. So, ensuring that your product is packed in a way, as to arrive in one piece and as desired will only lead to your business success. Everyone knows that success for any business doesn’t mean a one-time sale but it actually comes from getting repeat sales denoting the customers’ trust in the brand.

    Here are a few simple steps, following which, you can get your product packaging right:

    Get the Right Packing Material

    As you consider your packing material options, first understand that your packing material needs may vary significantly depending upon whether your business has an online or a physical presence. For online businesses, the external packaging has to be tough enough to take the product to its end consumers safely.To avoid making any wrong choices, do ask your Packing Material Suppliers up front for appropriate packaging for your needs.

    Source Packing Material Online

    Your product can be any shape or size for which you would require suitable packaging solutions. So, if your product type requires you to seek specialised designs from the scratch, you might as well need to approach the sourcing of its packing material in a number of ways. In such as case, looking online for the supplier to find the right packaging makes perfect sense.

    Get Your Packing Solutions Customised

    There’s no dearth of choice to fulfil your packing material needs in a world of modern online platforms

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  3. Bubble Wraps For Longer Lasting Protection

    Bubble Wraps For Longer Lasting Protection

    The Bubble Wrapcushioning was invented as early as 50 years ago. It has been useful ever since in packing all the delicate and fragile items, auto parts, mobiles, computer parts etc. It can be generally availed in different sizes depending upon what size of an object we wish to pack. The amount of cushioning needed may also vary. One can use multiple layers to protect items against shocks and vibration, whereas a single layer acts as a surface protector. Apart from this, the bubble wrap material is also used in making cushioned mailing envelopes. Few of us would know that bubble Wrap is actually a trademark of Sealed Air and in fact it is a brand! We have been using this term incorrectly to describe all the air cellular cushioning material, whereas the trademark Bubble wrap exclusively applies to the Sealed Air cellular cushioning material that includes several cushioning products of bubble wrap. It is owing to the huge popularity of the brand bubble wrap, this term soon got generalized for all the air cushioning based packing material!

    What Qualities of Bubble Wrap Make it Better?

    Ideally, the bubble wrap you choose must offer an assurance of high levels of quality and performance both. The bubble wrap available with DCGPAC is created using special technique so as to ensure appropriate cushioning offered by full air bubble from the start till the end of the transit of your stuff. This is because we understand the fact that if your stuff needs to remain protected inside the ship then it ought to have air cushioning around it throughout its journey. The bubble wrap rolls and bubble wrap envelopes you avail at DCGPAC offer longer lasting protection with the help of their protective barrier film. To find out more about our wide-ranged offerings, visit ww

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  4. What Are The Different Types Of Corrugated Cardboard?

    What Are The Different Types Of Corrugated Cardboard?

    If we ask you: “What all are the different types of corrugated cardboards?” And you just say: “Oh really? Are there more than one type of it? I never knew that!” then you sure have not dealt with packing material and packing suppliers much. For those of us, who can’t tell the “C-flute” from the “Double wall cardboard”, here’s a quick guide to know about different types of commonly used Corrugated Boxes.

    To begin with, what is Corrugated Cardboard?

    Technically speaking, the correct term for it is corrugated fiberboard. The term ‘cardboard’ encompasses all types of heavy-duty paper including card stock, paperboard, and corrugated fiberboard. However, what a layman would understand by the term ‘cardboard’ is the corrugated fiberboard. It is made by gluing a flat sheet of paper and a Corrugated Sheet of paper together. The side view of any cardboard will show this texture, in general.

    All right, so, what all are its types?

    Cardboard comes in several sizes and styles. Let’s have a quick look at some of these:

    1. Single Face Board: It is very cheaply manufactured, but is not as durable as the other types of corrugated cardboard. It can best serve to add an additional protective layer to already packed stuff.

    2. Single Wall Board: This is the most common style of manufacturing the corrugated cardboard. Here are some of the most popular flutes of single wall board.

    • The versatile C-Flute is the most common corrugated flute. It’s a nice surface for printing which i
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  5. How To Use Bubble Mailing Bags?

    How To Use Bubble Mailing Bags?

    Bubble mailing bags are basically the padded envelopes, having a protective inner lining of air bubbles. These are used for safely mailing fragile or delicate items. Whenever you have to send across certain items, which, you think, need an extra level of protection, just use bubble mailers.

    These are also referred to as Air Bubble Bags or padded mailers. Outwardly, they look exactly like manila envelopes or the traditional yellow envelopes but on the inside, they are lined with bubble wrap, to offer an extra protective layer.

    Bubble mailers are absolutely important for you if you have to perform a lot of mailing and shipping tasks. Available in a variety of sizes, Bubble mailers can accommodate items of several different shapes and sizes.

    Being smaller and much lighter in weight, these are cheaper to mail than the boxes or other parcels. The bubble mailers are easily available everywhere – at majority of post offices, shipping centres, office supply stores and even online. Like other envelopes, they also have a sticky peel-off strip at one of its ends, so you can seal the envelope easily, without having to use glue. This also keeps your envelop from being tempered with.

    Bubble mailers come handy while sending items such as CDs, DVDs, photographs, books etc. Such items fit inside the envelopes easily and remain more protected in them, from any damage, as opposed to the non-padded envelopes. Thus, you can easily keep your photographs and book covers from being bent. B

    Bubble mailers are versatile and can be used for a vast majority of items that fit within them, except for the extremely delicate ones. These extremely delicate items or the items not fitting, can be packed within reusable and recyclable cardboard boxes. Another good option is the mailing tube for your oversized document

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  6. How Do You Meet Your Packing Material Needs?

    How Do You Meet Your Packing Material Needs?

    Just started your business? Does your business require you to pack and ship away considerable quantities of your product? So, how do you meet your packing material needs?

    Packing material and supplies are the third highest overhead cost for any company – after labour and facilities expense. So, whether your order fulfilment is outsourced or conducted in-house, you know the importance of keeping your packing material costs minimum. More so, when you need to pack and ship your products in bulk volumes. So, it’s a critical decision for any business to select their Packing Material Suppliers.

    Typically, your company would need corrugated boxes for packing, bubble wrap for additional protection and packing peanuts as the packing or filling material.

    Consider Blanket Purchase Orders To Cut Your Costs

    Majority of the business buyers of packing material start with buying locally or online in smaller lots and at the displayed prices. With passage of time and their business growth, their buying volume expands. Now, they are more concerned about cost and therefore, contact their vendor’s custom price segment to negotiate a bulk discount deal on their blanket order. Though to avail these deals, they must buy in huge volumes, but it certainly means substantial cost-cutting for their business.

    You Think, Buying in Bulk is the End of Story? Think Again!

    It is true that the unit cost of Packing Material goes down as its amount goes up. However, you cannot simply ignore the additional investment you have to make in order to buy its huge stocks. So, at all times, you should compare the return you get in terms of cost-cutting with your other investment opportunities.

    Improve ROI With Batch Releases of Your Blanket Order


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  7. What Are The Best Ways To Reuse Cardboard Boxes?

    As you order a product, it comes tightly packed in a cardboard box. After unpacking the product, what do you do with the cardboard box?

    Many of you might stash it in the basement or look for a creative way to repurpose the cardboard box. Well, if somehow your cardboard collection has grown exponentially then, don’t you think it would be wasteful to throw it off all at once!

    Here are some great ways to reinvent and reuse it in a new way altogether. Some of these creative projects may need an entire cardboard box or a section depending on what you wish to do. Let’s look into the journey from trash to treasure with these cardboard boxes:

    1. All-Purpose Storage Box

    You can turn those old cardboard boxes into amazing storage boxes within a few minutes. Cover boxes with a cloth or a gift paper and then add ribbons or ropes as a handle. You can use it as all-purpose storage to store craft supplies, toys, cables, magazines. Make sure you cover it properly so that no one could ever know that it is made from a cardboard box.

    2. Pet House

    Build a little castle for your cute pet with a repurposed cardboard box. Your pet will love the comfort of having his own space inside the house. You can also decorate it with ribbons, washi tapes, stickers, and some balloons, of course. Make sure that you keep the cardboard house indoors and give your little pet a place to unwind and have rest.

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