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  1. Get Creative With Your Paper Over Board Ring Binders

    The best and the most versatile kind of finish you use for your ring binder is the paper over board. The idea is simple: all you need is a piece of the commonly recycled Cardboard that you cover with printed paper. The printed sheet of paper can be laminated to give it the extra protection it needs, which is then fixed to the board. This is one of the most common designs for ring binders and in all likelihood, you must have seen it a number of times. Book publishers usually employ this method to finish their publications. It thus, stands somewhere in the middle of hardback and paperback covers. Apart from lowering the overall costs, it provides the ring binder, good amount of protection and a different look. On using paper over board, the book publishers can offer almost a hardback cover on their book for a much cheaper price. Paper Over Board Ring Binders Benefits of Using Paper Over Board Creativity: This simple clean material gives a good amount of scope to get creative with your ring binder. It

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  2. How Environment Friendly Is Your Ring Binder?

    Your ring binder can be made out of any of the three different materials - Polypropylene, Vinyl or Paper over Board. All of these have their pros and cons from the environment-friendliness point of view. Let us have a closer look at the properties of their material and how they are related to our environment so as to encourage and optimise their environment-friendly usage. 

    Paper Over Board:

    The paper over board Ring Binders are the ring binders of the most popular variety and these are the ring binders, we are the most familiar with. On the whole, it is a very environment friendly kind of ring binders that contains vinyl laminate having only a few environmental implications. The board used is completely recyclable and one can choose to use the 100 % recyclable variety of paper, easily available in the market. Though the board used in the ring binder can be made out of recycled materials, the binder itself is not totally recyclable, if it needs to be laminated. On buying from standard sources though, you can have completely recyclable ring binders and have reusable board for it. For those of us seeking

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  3. The ‘Must-Have’ Stationery Items For Your Home Business

    The ‘Must-Have’ Stationery Items For Your Home Business

    Stationery Items are the core of any business - whether home-based or a regular one. If you are a freelance web designer, graphics designer, writer, an architect, or seller of products or services online from home, you feel the need to set up your home office. For any home-office, a number of stationery items are essential to have. You must be understandably busy in setting up the other elements of your home-office such as a desktop, your work desk, books, and other materials, but you cannot simply ignore these equally important stationery items that keep up your business at home. For efficiently managing your home business, you must prioritize these basic yet necessary items:

    Pencils, Sharpeners, And Erasers: Essential for any home-based office, these are easy to carry anytime and come handy for roughly jotting down any information in your notepad, especially while discussing a plan with your business partner or a process with your customer. These help you save paper with optimal usage.

    Notepads: The most important of the stationery items you must have handy at all times, to take quick notes, jot down contact details, client requirements, etc. Always, have a few writing pads ready in advance, in order to avoid the last moment rush to the nearby stationery shop.

    Printer and A4 Size Papers: To print out all the required documents in order to share with your customers and among your business network, you need to have a printer and A4 size papers in your home office.

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  4. 4 Simple Rules To Make ‘Packing Your Valuables’ A Breeze

    4 Simple Rules To Make ‘Packing Your Valuables’ A Breeze

    You generally opt for packing a majority of your stuff in Corrugated Shipping Boxes before moving into a new home. It doesn’t only help you safeguard all your precious and delicate stuff from getting damaged, but it also makes it easier for you to transport all these valuables from one place to another, traversing long distances. But then, not many people really enjoy the hectic task of carefully packing their valuables during transfers.

    Thankfully, there are simple rules you can follow to make your life a lot easier while packing your valuable stuff and moving them. With these rules, these tasks become much easier to accomplish and bearable.

    1) It Helps to Start Early

    If you do not start packing early enough, you may be forced to rush yourself into doing this task in a careless manner. This, in turn, can cause your stuff to get damaged – as the saying goes “Haste makes waste”. Not only would you get your stuff damaged, but you might also as well forget certain items of vital importance. Once you’ve forgotten something, you have no choice but to trouble yourself by going back to your old home again.

    So, to avoid this situation, start packing your stuff early. By starting early, you get much more time to accomplish the task, to double-check your list of items and make sure that everything is packed within your shipping boxes. This saves you a lot of hassle.

    2) Sort and Filter All Your Stuff to Pack

    It’s important for you to sort and separate all the items, you do not need anymore, before starting with your pac

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  5. Corrugated Packaging To Ensure Safety And Enhance Brand Loyalty

    Corrugated Packaging To Ensure Safety And Enhance Brand Loyalty

    Think of a product not packed in a Corrugated Box. In times like these, when around 95% of the products are packed in corrugated packaging boxes for shipping and packaging, it’s hard to even imagine! These boxes are light in weight, come at a low price, allow easy product branding and offer amazing protection to the products while handling and shipping those. These characteristics of the corrugated packing boxes make them widely popular among manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers alike.

    The Key Reasons For The Wide Acceptance Of Corrugated Boxes:

    1) On using this packaging, the weight of the cargo is dramatically reduced – more than 50% as compared to the wooden crates.

    2) Ecologically, it is the most sensible choice you get to make because the raw material used to produce the corrugated package is completely natural. Moreover, it can easily get disposed of. So, the final product is widely recycled.

    3) While manufacturing corrugated boxes from wood, over 60% of the energy consumed, is sourced from natural renewable resources (biofuels).

    4) It requires less production and assembly time since the cutting and mounting of a corrugated box takes only less than a third of the time required for making a wooden container. Additionally, the corrugated boxes are easier to assemble and disassemble and therefore, allow easy and time-efficient handling.

    5) The corrugated boxes are so strong that these can be stacked over one another up to a height of 35 feet. This is really advantageous from the storage costs and facilities perspective.

    6) The use of corrugated boxes ensures hygiene since an item to be shipped is packed in the corrugated box only once, so these boxes are highly unlikely to contain any suspicious residue and

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  6. Plastic Based Packaging Material: Best Fit For Food and Stationery

    Plastic tubes and containers have these days become the lifeblood of packaging industry. Be it the packaging of food, stationery or any other consumable products, plastic packages are here to rule the market. The plastic packaging is available in various shapes, sizes, thickness and designs. The manufacturing companies can utilise these differently to pack each of their product offerings as per their precise needs. Plastic packaging offers host of advantages over other types of packing materials. These are relatively, highly inexpensive and yet, quite dependable. This serves to save significant amount of money for the companies. These tubes and containers are usually made out of the best plastic available ensuring that the quality and strength of the packing material is superior. The plastic used to manufacture these tubes, goes through numerous testing procedures and therefore, offers good value for your money. It keeps the contents hygienic, safe and fresh for long periods of time. The use of these plastic tubes and containers is the most suited in the cases where the contents need to be preserved for long periods of time. Also, it protects the contents from being contaminated. Clear plastic tubes have long been in use for packaging candies and confectionery as the best packaging solution available in the market, since, this kind of Packaging Material keeps taste intact for long periods of time as well as it ensures the quality The wide availability of these plastic tubes in various dimensions has further popularized this packing material amongst all the candy manufacturers across the globe. Dependable and good quality raw material is used to manufacture these and that is why the packaging material is sturdy enough to be shipped for long distances. The material easily stays protected against chemical reactions and water. The chemical nature of plastics is neutral that m

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