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  1. How to Make Custom Corrugated Boxes Work for Your Business Benefit?

    If used appropriately, corrugated shipping boxes can have endless benefits for your business. All you need to have is the ability to visualise and design each aspect of the box including its size, thickness, inner setting, sticker, label, the print above the box in such a manner, as to project your brand powerfully. Regardless of your purpose of use of the corrugated boxes, which can be storage, shipping, moving etc., corrugated boxes must be your top choice as a packing material, owing to their manifold advantages such as durability, strength, versatile use and easy affordability. Corrugated Boxes Besides these, corrugated boxes confer certain specific branding advantages to the businesses: These are used in the shops, retail stores and malls as point-of-purchase display, which is by far the best way to promote a brand to its target audience. On browsing the web, one can easily find a sweeping range of Custom Corrugated Boxes available off-the-shelf. Corrugated Boxes Here are the features of corrugated boxes that make their use especially beneficial for your business: 1. These are significantly light in weight. 2. One can recycle a corrugated box as many as 8 times! 3. A minimum of 30% of every corrugated box is made up of recycled material. 4. The corrugated boxes can be easily recycled and therefore, cost the lowest among all the packing materials. 5. Corrugated boxes are easily available in the market in a wide variety of designs. 6. These are highly flexible and therefore, easily customisable. How Custom Corrugated boxes and corrugated shipping boxes benefit businesses: Cus

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  2. Creative Ideas for Using Leftover Corrugated Paper Rolls and Boxes

    Most of you have thrown away used packaging material, the most common of which include corrugated paper rolls and boxes. As soon as their purpose is solved, they are disposed and hardly sent for recycling. The recycling process does save up on resource utilization and also helps to lower the costs of the materials as the raw input is obtained by processing the used rolls and boxes. However, most people do not take out the time to dispose such materials in a dedicate outlet which collects them for recycling. In such cases, the best alternative is to come up with creative ideas in which these corrugated fiberboard products can be used creatively to come up with out-of-the-box designs as well as make good use of the left over materials. Check out some really amazing creations that have been made by using corrugated cardboard paper.

    The Eco-Friendly Beer Kegs!

    Thomas Hussey, an Australian student, has defied the stereotype definitions of a beer keg by coming up with a cardboard based container that holds carbonated fluids as good as its metallic counterpart. This is one of the best examples in which the interest of the consumers and the market is maintained while coming up with a packaging designs that conforms to green concepts. Currently, the design has been made for accommodating up to 4 litres of fluid.

    Cardboard Speakers for Smartphones!

    Ever wondered the possibility of getting attachable speakers for your smartphones to amplify the sound just enough to suit your preferences? If yes, then the cardboard speaker designed for smartphones is the perfect accessory for you. Eco Amp is the conceptualizer and creator of this highly creative accessory. They have undertaken careful efforts for making it environment friendly by using recycled fibres that have been resourced from post-consumer generated materials that are FSC compliant.

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