Aluminium Foil

80% of 100
  • Great value for use in homes and professional kitchens
  • Easy tear for usage
  • Prevents discoloration of food items
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Aluminium Foil

9 Meter Aluminium Foil Paper

300 9 Meter Aluminium Foil Paper 1
40.50 40.10 39.10 38.20 37.50
Aluminium Foil, 72 Meter

72 Meter Aluminium Foil Paper

300 72 Meter Aluminium Foil Paper 1
240.00 230.40 225.00 224.70 223.53
  • Can be used for cooking , wrapping, freezing and storing of food
  • Wrap around food items with ease and doesn’t require any further sealing
  • Suitable for all kind of food items
  • Keep food fresh by retainning heat
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Buy Amazing quality aluminium foil paper online in India

When it comes to food packaging, one of the best solution is to wrap it in an aluminium foil. The natural tendency of a foil is to keep the food hot for a long period of time. This is also a viable solution for packaging all kinds of food whether it be a home or an office. Even professional cooking setups make use of aluminium for the same reasons. Food safety is maintained and along with it, the food stays hot too. One can also use to simply wrap the food for later consumption which is quite simple. At DCGpac, we provide a huge variety of aluminium foils which vary in sizes and types. Choose from the widest range of packaging materials from DCGpac and avail them at a low cost.

Avail the Best Aluminium Foil Packaging from DCGpac

Aluminium Foils are undoubtedly the best way to cook, wrap, freeze or even store the food for a longer period of time. The aluminium foil wrapping paper which you avail from DCGpac is available in two different sizes to suit different needs. If you need it for home usage, you should probably go for the lesser one which is 9 meter. In case you want it for professional reasons, the 72 meter version will be perfect for it. If you choose an aluminum foil to wrap food items, you won’t need any other kind of packaging materials for do so. It doesn’t even require sealing which is needed by other forms of packaging. The best thing which an aluminium foil paper does is to retain the heat and keep the food warm for a prolonged period of time.

One of the major issues that people face while packaging the food is the discolouration of a particular food item due to the cheap quality of packaging material. It is not only disgusting but is a threat to our health. You must avoid using any such products that can cause harm to your own self. The foil paper for food packaging provided by DCGpac maintains to the highest standards and promise that there will be no discolouration of food due to it.

Some aluminium foils get extremely soggy with frequent usage and thus tear in the process. This foil wrapping paper can resist a huge amount of pressure and won’t tear even when you use it for multiple times. Even after using it frequently for a long period of time, the foil has the capacity to bear it.

Shop Online Aluminium Foil Papers for Food Wrapping

DCGpac is the among best aluminium foil suppliers in India and you can completely trust our service to provide timely deliveries. To order aluminium foil from DCGpac, all you need to do is simply click on the specific button, fill your details and get it to your doorsteps. There certainly can't be a better way to get it right to your home. Start packing your food in aluminium foils and you will notice the difference in food quality and its freshness, right from the beginning.

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