Stretch Rolls/Wraps

Stretch Rolls/Wraps

  • Superior cling film keeps load secure
  • Comes off the roll smoothly.
  • Highly stretchable cling film roll

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Item # Size (Inches)
Description Qty Per Roll Price per Roll
1 2 5 10
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Stretch Roll

23 Micron Thickness

3" width 23 Micron Thickness 1 Roll of 300 g
130.00 113.75 97.50 84.50
Stretch Roll

23 micron Thickness

6" width 23 micron Thickness 1 Roll of 500 g
170.00 148.75 127.50 110.50
Stretch Roll

23 Micron Thickness

12" width 23 Micron Thickness 1 Roll of 3 kg
695.00 661.50 621.00 589.50
Stretch Roll

23 Micron Thickness

18" width 23 Micron Thickness 1 Roll of 5 kg
1,102.00 1015.00 955.00 872.50
Stretch Roll

23 Micron Thickness

24" width 23 Micron Thickness 1 Roll of 7 kg
1,543.00 1462.00 1395.00 1305.00
VAT extra 5.00%
  • Improve stability of product
  • Product shrinks with heat, securing the product more
  • High degree of temperature resistance
Usage No
SKU Stretch Rolls/Wrap
high_volume_rate No
Size or Color No
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Smooth and Durable Stretch Rolls/Wraps

When you need to give your packaging an additional layer of security, these stretch wraps are here to help you. Often we fear that the goods we pack may break due to their fragile nature or due to mishandling during transport. To ensure that our goods are safely delivered to the customers, we need to take adequate care of the packaging. These stretch wraps and rolls are smooth to feel and are yet durable in nature so they don't tear easily. They are efficient enough for all kinds of goods and increase the safety facet of your packages.

High Temper Resistant Stretch Wraps

Stretch rolls are the best option when you need to wrap your goods to increase their safety. They have a high superior cling which keeps the load secure. It will make sure that no matter how much the load of your goods are, they will be secure inside the packaging. They are extremely smooth and come out of the roll very smoothly, which helps us wrap them quickly and easily. These stretch rolls are made keeping user-friendliness in mind.

As per the names, these rolls are highly stretchable and irrespective of their size they can easily fit most of the goods. These rolls shrinks in heat, securing the product more. These stretch rolls also have a high temperature resistance which makes it more durable than other packaging options.

These stretch rolls can be used for a variety of purposes and come handy while packaging goods to increase their protection. You can buy stretch rolls online from DCGpac which are of better quality than other competing stretch rolls in the market.

Buy Stretch Rolls/Wraps Online in India from DCGpac

No need to buy in bulk if you want cheaper rates, we provide you all our products at wholesale prices so that you can get the best products and also save your money. Get these stretch rolls online in India from DCGpac and enjoy the comfort and convenience of ordering them online. You get all the goods quickly delivered to your doorstep just within a few days of placing the order.

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