Flipkart Security Envelopes

Flipkart Security Envelopes

  • Lightweight, saves on shipping costs
  • These envelopes are used to send discs or other small breakable items
  • Self-seal bag
  • Minimum order quantity is 10 pieces

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Item # Size (MM)
Size (Inches)
Description Pcs/Bundle Price Per Pack
1 3 5 10 20
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Flipkart Security Pouch With POD, 60 Micron

60 Micron security envelope

152x178 6x7 60 Micron security envelope 100
186.00 182.00 179.82 176.85 174.15
Flipkart Security Pouch With POD, 60 Micron

60 Micron security envelope

216x280 8.5x11 60 Micron security envelope 100
335.00 330.50 325.21 321.01 315.00
Flipkart Security Pouch With POD, 60 Micron

60 Micron security envelope

305x357 12x14 60 Micron security envelope 100
669.00 659.60 645.06 635.35 625.25
Flipkart Security Pouch With POD, 60 Micron

60 Micron security envelope

355x406 14x16 60 Micron security envelope 100
869.40 856.80 837.90 825.30 812.70
Flipkart Security Pouch With POD, 60 Micron

60 Micron security envelope

444x495 17.5x19.5 60 Micron security envelope 100
1,170.24 1153.28 1127.84 1110.88 1093.92
VAT applicable is 5.00%
  • Tamper proof envelopes
  • Strong seams allow over-stuffing
  • Water resistant
Usage No
SKU Security Envelope
high_volume_rate No
Size or Color No
Image Gallery N/A

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Buy Flipkart Envelopes Online India from

Flipkart is undoubtedly one of the best e-commerce platform in India with millions of customers trusting the brand. It has a huge number of different category of products and the platform sees a surge in the number of orders with each passing day. Flipkart is amazing for sellers as well, it provides a healthy commission rate along with access to millions of customers on its platform. Selling through Flipkart is a breeze once you get to know the simple process. Considering the standards of the brand Flipkart, their packaging needs to maintain the branding guidelines set by them and you will get that kind of branding only at DCGPAC.

Top Quality light-weight Flipkart Security Envelopes

Flipkart offers a huge range of products and the favourite packaging material by sellers are the security envelopes. These are multipurpose packaging options which can be used for a range of goods. They ensure proper safety and security of the products along with looking stylish. The security envelopes are made with accordance to all the colour combinations and logo guidelines by Flipkart. You might have seen sellers using the old branding of Flipkart but DCGPAC lets you buy the new branded packaging material.

These security envelopes are extremely lightweight and thus ensure lower shipping costs. Being lightweight, they hold up to the highest security standards of packaging materials by Flipkart. The envelopes are perfect for sending all kinds of fragile goods which have a high chance of breaking during transit. There are various products on Flipkart which are highly fragile in nature including discs which can be sent using these security envelopes. They are self sealing bags which do not need any other kind of adhesive to pack them. This is great for sellers as they don't have to bother about tapes or adhesives for packaging the products. The envelopes are also tamper proof which makes it an ideal solution to send across confidential and high security items. It cannot be opened by anyone in between and to do so, one would need to cut the packaging. The security envelopes are waterproof as well which is an additional security option for the envelope.

The Flipkart security envelopes for sellers are available in many different sizes so that you can choose the appropriate sizing as per the product you want to ship. They are perfectly capable of holding many different products together without causing any harm to their condition. DCGPAC ensures that you get the best quality of Flipkart branded materials and focus on selling the products which you are proud of.

Get Flipkart Security Envelopes Online at Affordable Costs

If you are in need of Flipkart branded security envelopes which are used for packaging multiple kind of goods, there is no better option than DCGPAC. We avail all kinds of packaging materials at the lowest prices in the market. Moreover, you can simply order your preferred products online and expect the delivery within just a few days. This is the reason why DCGPAC is known as the best online seller of packaging materials.