Report Files & Covers

Report Files & Covers

  • Enables full view of documents for reading & Clear photocopies.
  • Features 'one touch 'clip for quick and convenient opening and closing.
  • Easily regroup paper bunch in file & open flat.

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Business File, A/4

Business File

A/4 Business File 1
65.05 60.84 58.50 56.16 53.82
Report Files & Covers

Insert-X File

A/4 Insert-X File 1
64.01 59.93 57.63 55.32 53.02

Out of stock

Report Files & Covers

Insert-X File

F/C Insert-X File 1
72.10 67.41 64.81 62.22 59.63

Out of stock

Report Files & Covers

Report Cover(Strip File)

A/4 Report Cover(Strip File) 1
17.50 16.38 15.75 15.12 14.49

Out of stock

Report Files & Covers

Report Cover(Strip File-Wide & Thick)

A/4 Report Cover(Strip File-Wide & Thick) 1
34.99 32.76 31.50 30.24 28.98

Out of stock

Report Files & Covers

Griptec Channel File

A/4 Griptec Channel File 1
24.05 22.49 21.63 20.76 19.90

Out of stock

Report Files & Covers

Report Cover(Strip File-Transparent Top)

A/4 Report Cover(Strip File-Transparent Top) 1
20.02 18.72 17.99 17.28 16.56
Report Files & Covers

Report Cover(Swing Clip)

A/4 Report Cover(Swing Clip) 1
48.05 44.98 43.25 41.25 39.79

Out of stock

Report Files & Covers

Report Cover(Swing Clip/Transparent Top)

A/4 Report Cover(Swing Clip/Transparent Top) 1
50.02 46.80 44.99 43.20 41.40

Out of stock

Presentation Folder, A4

Presentation Folder

A/4 Presentation Folder 1
47.99 44.98 43.25 41.52 39.79
Report Files & Covers

Report Cover(Swing Clip)

F/C Report Cover(Swing Clip) 1
55.01 51.48 49.50 47.52 45.54

Out of stock

Report Files & Covers

Report File

A/4 Report File 1
35.00 32.76 31.50 30.24 28.98
Report Files & Covers

Report File(Transparent Top)

A/4 Report File(Transparent Top) 1
49.99 46.80 45.00 43.20 41.40

Out of stock

Report Files & Covers

Report File

F/C Report File 1
44.99 42.12 40.50 38.88 37.26

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VAT applicable is 13.13%
  • Full view of documents to delve through the content.
  • Large name card pocket on front for classification.
  • No sharp edges.
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Convenient to Use Report Files and Covers

Working in an office includes regularly dealing with hordes of documents, files and important sheets. It is very important to keep these documents in an organized way. The best way to keep all the documents arranged is to keep them in a report file. We have many files as an option and all are used for their own special purposes. The report files and folders we offer provide a nice storage for documents that usually have to be read or viewed by many people. Besides offices, these files are also largely used in schools and colleges to attach important papers such as test papers. You can avail these report files and covers online from DCGPAC.

Good Quality Report Files and Covers

A lot of times, we are required to make photocopies or reproduce the documents we already have. The basic files or folders that we use hide a certain part of the document which can sometimes be important. Thus, using these report files and covers will ensure you get clear photocopies as they can be completely opened page to page.

Many documents have to be viewed a large number of times and the files that they are stored in must provide ease of reading. These report files and covers enable a full view of the documents attached in the file. They are also accompanied by a large name pocket which can be used for easy identification of files and set of documents.

Files usually have sharp edges which can hurt you while carrying them but our report files don’t have any sharp edges which makes them convenient to carry. They also have a one touch clip for quickly opening and closing the file which is very user-friendly. Whenever you have to regroup the sheets in the file, it gets very easy with these report files and covers.

Buy report files and covers online in India from DCGPAC

DCGPAC offers all its products under affordable prices and of good quality. To buy report files online, get them from DCGPAC at the cheapest prices. Order them now to get it quickly delivered at your doorsteps just in a few days.