Brown Reflector Box

Brown Reflector Box

  • Good strength reflector box
  • 5 Ply Brown box
  • 180 Vk and 120 Sk

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Brown Reflector Box

Brown Reflector Box

720x75x660 28x3x26 Brown Reflector Box 1
912.00 840.00 744.00 762.00 648.00 624.00
VAT applicable is 5.25%
  • Used for shipping and packaging
  • Used for different types of electronic items
  • Used in e commerce packaging
  • Multipurpose uses
  • 100% recyclable.
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Brown Reflector Box With Good Strength

Shipping goods means a lot of responsibility. We need to make sure that all the goods reach our customers or the intended persons in a safe and secure condition. Since the recent surge in e-commerce in the country, more number of goods is delivered each day than ever. When we have to make so many deliveries, we also have to take care that they are safe while in transit. These brown reflector boxes are the perfect packaging boxes when you have to send goods in long distance shipping. You can get the brown reflector box online from DCGPAC and be satisfied of all the deliveries you make.

Multi Utility Reflector Box

If you need a box for shipping and packaging, this brown reflector box is the perfect option for you. It is sturdy, strong and can take a lot of compression from external factors while in transit. We all know how rough it can get while handling the packaging boxes during the deliveries. To make sure that their condition is uncompromised with, we need to use these brown reflector boxes.

These brown reflector boxes are largely used for electronic items and as some of them are fragile, they ensure the good's safety to the core. These are 5 ply boxes which mean that they are highly robust in nature and will help a lot in protecting your goods. Mostly, e-commerce companies can use these brown reflector boxes for all their shipping needs.

The quality of the brown reflector box is very high as they are made with 5 ply and also are of 180 vk and 120 sk which makes them stronger than the other boxes available in the market. They can be used for a wide range of purposes. The best part is that these boxes are 100% recyclable and eco-friendly too.

Buy Brown Reflector Box Online in India from DCGPAC

DCGPAC offers the best solutions for all your packaging boxes needs. You can buy brown reflector box online at extremely low and affordable prices. With DCGPAC, you also get the benefit of quick deliveries right at your doorsteps.

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