• Strong Adhesion
  • Ideal for book binding and manufacturing of cartons

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VAT applicable is 5.00%
  • Synthetic Adhesive
  • Non-Toxic
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Adhesive Paste from Camlin

A lot of times, we need to put things together and stick them for various reasons. There are many options to stick items but using adhesives are one of the best choices you can make. Paste or glue will help you stick most of the things like papers, cartons, etc. They have a higher adhesion rate which is better than other options you may avail. When it comes to paste for usage in stationery, Camlin is known for its famous glue that just gets things done.

Camlin Paste for Long Lasting Adhesion

The quality of the paste is decided by how good the adhesion is. With superior sticking ability, the glue from Camlin is the best you can get. No matter for what purpose you may need them, you'll surely be impressed by how quickly they stick and how long lasting they are.

Camlin paste is largely used by students for projects and assignments. They are also used for book binding and cartons manufacturing which is highly useful for the industrial sector. Besides all this, these boxes of glue fulfill basic sticking, labeling, art and craft needs very easily and efficiently.

Since a small quantity of the glue can cover a large section of area, you can use one bottle of glue for many applications. The Camlin pastes are available in different quantities so you can buy the right product you require. You can buy paste online from DCGPAC at extremely affordable prices and get the quality of a brand like Camlin.

Buy Camlin Paste Online in India from DCGPAC

DCGPAC is known for offering products from the best brands at the lowest prices in the market. You can buy adhesive paste online from DCGPAC at cheap rates and the best part is that they are all made by the brand Camlin. With DCGPAC, you get the convenience of ordering them online and saving both your time and money. When you order with us, be assured that your deliveries will reach you just within a few days of ordering quicker than from anywhere else.