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  • Brighter ink for better visibility
  • Conforms to EN-71-3
  • Non-Toxic
  • Available in Black,Blue,Red and Green
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Luxor CD/DVD Pen

Luxor CD/DVD Pen

Black Luxor CD/DVD Pen 10
199.21 189.57 185.00 181.60 178.43
Plastic Body White Board Marker, Blue

Luxor Plastic Body White Board Marker

Blue Luxor Plastic Body White Board Marker 10
249.70 183.60 174.79 167.44 160.10
Marker, Blue

Luxor Permant Marker

Blue Luxor Permant Marker 10
188.70 158.10 155.40 151.20 148.00
Marker Ink Black, 15ml

Luxor Permanent Marker Ink, 15 ml

Black Luxor Permanent Marker Ink, 15 ml 1
24.98 22.88 21.78 20.86 19.95
Plastic Body White Board Marker

Luxor Plastic Body White Board Marker

Black Luxor Plastic Body White Board Marker 10
249.70 183.60 174.79 167.44 160.10
Luxor Permanent Marker, Green

Luxor Permanent Marker

Green Luxor Permanent Marker 10
245.00   122.50
Luxor Permanent Marker, Black

Luxor Permanent Marker

Black Luxor Permanent Marker 10
188.70 158.10 142.80 132.60 122.40
Permanent Marker Ink, 15 ml

Luxor Permanent Marker Ink, 15 ml

Blue Luxor Permanent Marker Ink, 15 ml 1
22.25 20.38 19.40 18.58 17.77
Luxor Permanent Marker, Red

Luxor Permanent Marker

Red Luxor Permanent Marker 10
200.00   100.00
  • Quick drying permanent ink
  • Ideal for permanent marking on various surfaces like metal, glass, plastic etc.
  • Long life and leak proof
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Buy Bright, Visible and Permanent Marker Pens Online

Marker pens are one of the most useful and handy product in every office. They are used for writing on surfaces where normal pens won't be visible. Apart from offices, they are also largely used by students of schools and colleges. All types of professionals use these marker pens some or the other time in their work. These marker pens consist of ink that looks bright on possibly any surface you can write and is properly visible to read. They are largely used for writing on CD/DVD's for information regarding the content inside or naming them for easy identification.

Marker Pens in Various Ink Colors

We all know how important marker pens are in our day to day tasks. Projects in schools, college assignments, for marking on CDs, we all need good marker pens to get the job done. With good quality marker pens, you can make your information visually attractive and eye-catching also.

These marker pens are equipped with brighter inks to ensure better visibility on any surface you write. Also, the ink dries up quickly so you don't need to worry about smearing. They are available in various colours like blue, black, red and green. They are really good at marking on packaging boxes and bundles to write any details about them. These markers are completely leak proof ensuring a long life.

The marker pens we bring to you are non-toxic in nature and conforms to EN-71-3 standards. The ink is clearly visible and is readable even from a distance. You can get these marker pens online at affordable prices when you buy them from DCGpac.

Marker Pens Online at Best Prices in India from DCGPAC

DCGPAC has always believed in providing high quality products at low prices. You can buy marker pens online from DCGPAC at the lowest price available anywhere else in the market. Order it online and get it quickly delivered to your doorsteps within a few days of ordering. DCGPAC is the largest seller of online packaging materials in India.

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