Loose Paper Holders

Loose Paper Holders

  • Available in packs of 10
  • Fits A/4 and F/C size papers and documents
  • Available in various colours

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Item #Size (Inches)
DescriptionPcs Price Per Pcs
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L Folder

Clear Holder-Premium

A/4Clear Holder-Premium1
10.00 8.40 7.80 7.20 6.60
L Folder F/C

Clear Holder Premium

F/CClear Holder Premium1
12.00 10.08 9.36 8.64 7.92
Sheet Protector A/4

Sheet Protector (Universal Punch - 35+35)

A/4Sheet Protector (Universal Punch - 35+35)1
2.50 2.10 1.95 1.80 1.65
Sheet Protector F/C

Sheet Protector (Universal Punch - 35+35)

F/CSheet Protector (Universal Punch - 35+35)1
3.00 2.52 2.34 2.16 1.98
Sheet Protector

Thick Sheet Protector (Universal Punch-150+150)

A/4Thick Sheet Protector (Universal Punch-150+150)1
9.00 7.56 7.02 6.48 5.94
Sheet Protector

Thick Sheet Protector (Universal Punch-150+150)

F/CThick Sheet Protector (Universal Punch-150+150)1
10.00 8.40 7.80 7.20 6.60
Sheet Protector

Thick Sheet Protector (Universal Punch-150+150)

A/3Thick Sheet Protector (Universal Punch-150+150)1
18.00 15.12 14.04 12.96 11.88
Sheet Protector

Thick Sheet Protector (Universal Punch-100+100)

A/4Thick Sheet Protector (Universal Punch-100+100)1
6.00 5.04 4.68 4.32 3.96
Sheet Protector

Thick Sheet Protector (Universal Punch-100+100)

F/CThick Sheet Protector (Universal Punch-100+100)1
7.00 5.88 5.46 5.04 4.62
Clear Holder

Clear Holder

A/4Clear Holder1
9.00 7.56 7.02 6.48 5.94
VAT applicable is 5.25%
  • Holds papers and documents
  • No fear of losing any paper
  • Prevents documents from tearing and folding
SKULoose Paper Holder
Size or ColorNo
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High Utility Loose Paper Holder

We all know how chaotic the scene in our offices and workplaces are, papers lie here and there without any arrangement. It harms the productivity as well as the efficiency of the organization which we must try to curb. With the loose paper holder at your desk you can keep all the random papers together so that you find them when you need it. An office becomes controllable when the things are in order and everything is in place. By taking such small measures in making the organization efficient, we can improve the productivity of our workplace to a great level. You can buy loose paper holder online from DCGPAC at affordable prices.

Loose Paper Holder In Various Shades

If we keep all our documents anywhere without organizing they can get lost and in turn waste a lot of our time. When we use these loose paper holders, all the papers stay together so finding them is hassle free. Moreover, papers are delicate and can get folded or torn if we keep them unattended.

Loose paper holders are available in various shades so you can choose whichever you need to suit your office ambience and environment. They look elegant and are a great way to store all the loose papers on your desk. With these loose paper holders on your desk, you can never lose any paper again.

They are available to buy in a pack of 10 which is a sufficient as in an office with a medium number of employees there are bound to be at least 10 desks. You can purchase a set of 10 together at great discounts. The loose paper holders we provide are of great quality and efficient in holding paper. They can hold papers of A4 size which are the regular size of papers we use.

Buy Loose Paper Holder In India From DCGPAC

With DCGPAC, you get the convenience of ordering all your products online and save your time. You can buy loose paper holder online from DCGPAC at extremely low prices. Order it now and get it delivered to your footsteps in no time.

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