Lamedge Files

Lamedge Files

  • Apt for displaying reports and projects.
  • Proper grade ‘spring steel’ wire used in fabrication.
  •  Rust-free spring & wire prong for durability.
  • Proprietary fabrication process (patent applied).

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Item # Size (Inches)
Description Pcs Price Per Pcs
1 1 10 50 100
LamEdge File

LamEdge File(Carat)

A/4 LamEdge File(Carat) 1
48.10 44.98 43.25 41.52 39.79
LamEdge File

LamEdge File(Executive)

A/4 LamEdge File(Executive) 1
48.10 44.98 43.25 41.52 39.79
LamEdge File

LamEdge File(Carat)

F/C LamEdge File(Carat) 1
48.02 44.98 43.25 41.52 39.79
LamEdge File

LamEdge File(Executive)

F/C LamEdge File(Executive) 1
48.10 44.98 43.25 41.52 39.79
VAT applicable is 13.13%
  • Full view of documents to delve through the content.
  • Large name card pocket on front for classification.
  • No sharp edges.
Usage No
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Lamedge Files for Displaying Reports and Projects

Among the various types of files available, the lamedge files are the most appropriate files to display reports and projects. They are used in offices, colleges, schools and anywhere else where documents are used on a large scale. They are one of the most durable file types and will ensure that the papers and documents stay safe inside the files. To keep the documents arranged, we need a file to store them. Lamedge files make sure that the sheets and documents we store stay in proper condition and organized.

Strong and Efficient Lamedge Files

As the name goes, the lamedge files have their top and bottom edges laminated inside out for additional protection. It ensures that the documents don't tear while you use the file to store or remove them. They are also made up of strong manila boards which make them a perfect choice for presenting reports and files.

These lamedge files use a rust free steel spring and wire prong to help attach and remove documents from the file. They are extremely user-friendly and seem convenient while you have to reorder the documents in the file. These files are manufactured using proprietary process. Sometimes we need to read the documents in the file so they enable us a full view of the documents which makes it very easy to read and go through the sheets attached.

All the materials used to make these lamedge files including the manila board, the steel spring or the wire pong are of superior quality which keeps the file sturdy. DCGPAC is the best place to get these lamedge files online at affordable prices.

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