Gift Handicraft Box

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  • Use of top quality wood with the basic raw material
  • Extra-ordinary designs
  • Carry a unique aesthetic appeal
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Gift Handicraft Box

Utility Box

7.9x6x11.8" Utility Box 1
658.60 617.90 580.90 547.60 518.00
Gift Handicraft Box

Painted jewellery Box

6x6x4" Painted jewellery Box 1
640.80 601.20 565.20 532.80 504.00
Gift Handicraft Box

Decorative tissue Box

7.9x7.9x7.9" Decorative tissue Box 1
658.60 617.90 580.90 547.60 518.00
Gift Handicraft Box

Brass Tissue Box

9.8x6x4" Brass Tissue Box 1
658.60 617.90 580.90 547.60 518.00
Gift Handicraft Box

Small Decorative Packing Box

7.9x6x6" Small Decorative Packing Box 1
623.00 584.50 549.50 518.00 490.00
Gift Handicraft Box

Large Painted 3 Drawer Chest

17.7x7.9x17.7" Large Painted 3 Drawer Chest 1
3746.90 3515.35 3304.85 3115.40 2947.00
Gift Handicraft Box

Decorative Make-Up Box

7.9x6x4" Decorative Make-Up Box 1
525.10 492.65 463.15 436.60 413.00
Gift Handicraft Box

Decorative Packing Box With Lock Facility

11.8x4x6" Decorative Packing Box With Lock Facility 1
676.40 634.60 596.60 562.40 532.00
Gift Handicraft Box

Decorative Box with Lock

9.8x6x4" Decorative Box with Lock 1
534.00 501.00 471.00 444.00 420.00
  • A variety of compelling shapes & sizes.
  • Incredibly reasonable prices
  • Popular and high in demand
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Attractive Gift Handicraft Boxes

When it comes to gifting, it is more about strengthening of relations than mere giving precious materialistic items. Since we need to express our love and gratitude in a more expressive way, we choose to gift our loved and loyal ones. The first impression of the gift is always upon the way it is packaged. Even if you give a precious gift in a dull packaging, it fails to leave an impression because the first time they see the gift is when they start to anticipate what’s inside. With the best type of packing for your gifts, you show that you care for even the minor things when it comes to their happiness.

Aesthetically Appealing Gift Handicraft Boxes

Be it your loved ones, close relatives or your employees, gifting them shows how much you care for them. When you pack that gift into something visually very attractive, they feel good about it. The packaging of the gift matters a lot. We offer beautiful looking handicraft made gift boxes which give a premium feel to your gifts.

The gift handicraft boxes we provide have a personalized feel to it which looks luxurious and classy. All the designs are completely unique and will surely make the receiver feel special due to the way it looks. It certainly raises the bar of your gifts. People would want to keep the gift boxes with themselves after they open the gifts.

These boxes are available in various shapes and sizes. No matter what size your gift is, we avail you good quality premium gift handicraft boxes. With the unique designs, even if you need them for corporate gifting, they would feel precious. These gift handicraft boxes are made from the best quality materials available so that along with the beautiful look they also keep the gifts safe and secure.

Buy Gift Handicraft Boxes Online from DCGPAC

You can buy handicraft boxes online from DCGPAC at really affordable prices. All our products are priced as per the wholesale rates no matter what quantity you buy. From DCGPAC, you get the convenience of ordering all your goods online and getting them delivered at your doorsteps within no time.

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