Foam Rolls

Foam Rolls

  • Protect delicate items for storage
  • Great for small parts protection.
  • Available in sheets also.
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Foam Roll


59"x400' 1mm 1
3,532.50 3308.00 3105.00 2948.00 2790.00
Foam rolls 36

2 mm

36"x200' 2 mm 1
2,155.61 2018.00 1895.00 1799.00 1703.00
Foam rolls 24

6 mm

24"x70' 6 mm 1
1,781.95 1668.00 1566.00 1487.00 1407.00
Foam Roll 36

10 mm

36"x40' 10 mm 1
2,672.14 2502.00 2349.00 2230.00 2110.00
Foam rolls 36

12 mm

36"x35' 12 mm 1
2,672.14 2502.00 2349.00 2230.00 2110.00
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  • Clean, non-abrasive, lightweight.
  • Moisture-resistant.
  • Cushion and protect your static-sensitive products.
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Review by swati
These foam rolls are good to protect the item it is very good convenient to ship the item. (Posted on 1/6/2014)

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Lightweight Foam Rolls for Packaging

If you ship lots of goods that have the warning 'Handle with care' written over them, then you surely need foam rolls to protect them. There may be goods that are fragile in nature and need additional protection despite the normal box packaging. Foam rolls help in protecting such goods even if they are mishandled during transit. They give a soft layer of thin cushion that absorbs the external force and keep the goods in safe condition.

Best Foam Rolls Available in Different Sizes

Foam rolls are one of the best packaging materials that take the safety quotient of the goods a notch higher. They are really essential for delivering delicate goods like glassware and China materials that are extremely fragile. Foam rolls are also used for goods that need to be delivered scratch-less such as electrical appliances which have a finish on their surface. Also, wooden and steel furniture need to be carefully wrapped in a foam roll as they are polished and can't take any scratches.

These come in various shapes and sizes so they can wrap goods of possibly any dimensions. One of the major uses of this rolls is to protect and provide cushion to goods that are static-sensitive. Most of the times, electrical equipments are static-sensitive so foam rolls are best suited for them. Additionally, these are also moisture resistant so it enhances their ability to protect the goods in a better way.

All the foam rolls are made up of high quality super soft foam which is clean, non-abrasive and lightweight. These rolls are also available as sheets to wrap goods that are large in size. They are highly used to provide protection to small parts of big items.

Buy Foam Rolls Online In India from DCGPAC

DCGPAC offers foam rolls of various size and thicknesses. There is a wide range of foam rolls we offer that will help protect items while they are in shipment and also while they are in storage. They are made up of shock absorbing polyethylene foam which is of supreme quality. Buy foam rolls online from DCGPAC at great prices and get it delivered to your home at your own convenience.