Edge Protectors

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Quality Range of Edge Protectors Products Supplies Online in India

DCGpac presents you with a wide range of Edge protector products including Angle boards, Corrugated Frame Edge Protectors, Foam (EPE) corners, Plastic Edge Protectors and so on.

The angle boards help prevent costly damage of products during their shipment or storage. These are used along with strapping. These are very easy to use and can be conveniently trimmed down to your desired size using a radial saw. These help keep the strapped or the stretch wrapped loads intact.

When the double stacking pallets are stored in the warehouses, these offer additional support. The angle boards help shift the loads. The corrugated edge protectors are specially designed to be used for the photo frames. These are the best to protect the edges and corners of the fragile items made up of glass and other breakable material.

The foam (EPE) Corners are meant for the efficient protection of products from corner damage and these are among the best protectors for breakable items. The Plastic Edge Protectors are made up of virgin moulded HDPE which is rigid plastic material imparting it considerable strength.

These protect the products from the strapping damage of corners and these also serve to hold the parcel together. These are really good for the fragile items. Avail a sweeping range of edge protectors on DCGpac and buy your choice of protector online to save tremendously on your time and money.