DTDC Branded Boxes

DTDC Branded Boxes

  • Sturdy boxes that can be used over any mode of transport
  • These boxes can be recycled and reused and help save costs
  • Available in over 10 sizes to meet varied requirements.

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Size (Inches)
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DTDC Branded White Box 0.2 Kg Capacity

DTDC White Box 0.2 KG

127x127x1275x5x5DTDC White Box 0.2 KG1
11.00 9.83 9.23 8.76 8.29
DTDC Branded White Box 1.5 Kg Capacity

DTDC White Box 1.5 Kg

229x178x1789x7x7DTDC White Box 1.5 Kg1
28.00 25.75 24.17 22.95
DTDC Branded White Box 0.3 Kg Capacity

DTDC White Box 0.3 KG

254x127x5110x5x2DTDC White Box 0.3 KG1
23.00 22.64 21.66 20.67 19.95
DTDC Branded White Box 3 Kg Capacity

DTDC White Box 3KG

279x229x17811x9x7DTDC White Box 3KG1
38.00 33.24 31.20 29.62 28.04
DTDC Branded White Box 1 Kg Capacity

DTDC White Flat Box/Upto 1KG

343x216x63.513.5x8.5x2.5DTDC White Flat Box/Upto 1KG1
21.00 19.19 18.02 17.11 16.19
DTDC Branded White Box 5 Kg Capacity

DTDC White Box 5KG

343x235x27213.5x9.25x10.7DTDC White Box 5KG1
51.00 45.51 42.63 40.47 38.31
DTDC Branded White Box 10 Kg Capacity

DTDC White Box 10KG

444x292x38117.5x11.5x15DTDC White Box 10KG1
89.00 79.12 74.27 70.51 66.74
DTDC Branded White Box 15 Kg Capacity

DTDC White Box 15KG

483x330x38119x13x15DTDC White Box 15KG1
117.00 104.87 98.45 93.45 88.46
DTDC Branded White Box 20 Kg Capacity

DTDC White Box 20KG

559x432x40622x17x16DTDC White Box 20KG1
160.00 143.25 134.48 127.66 120.84
DTDC Branded White Box 25 Kg Capacity

DTDC White Box 25 KG

610x457x43224x18x17DTDC White Box 25 KG1
172.00 153.55 144.15 136.84 129.53
Vat applicable 5.00%
  • Table Tennis Racquet
  • Batting Gloves
  • Pen Stand
  • Emergency Lights
  • Emergency Fan
  • High quality and sturdy boxes in white colour, printed with DTDC logo
  • 3 Ply and 5 Ply (depending on size)
  • Table Tennis Racquet
  • Batting Gloves
  • Pen Stand
  • Emergency Lights
  • Emergency Fan
Size or ColorNo
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Best Quality DTDC Branded White Boxes

When it comes to couriers, no one does a better job than DTDC. They have pioneered in the business of delivering packages to customers within target time anywhere in India. Years of experience develops brand value which is untarnished. You can benefit from the same goodwill with their branded packaging. We offer white boxes which are branded with DTDC logos and colours. You get the assurance of durability of the boxes from DCGPAC and the brand name and goodwill from DTDC.

DTDC Branded Boxes White Online In Different Sizes

If you are looking for good quality boxes for sending goods through courier, nothing comes close to these DTDC branded boxes in white colour. Apart from being sturdy and robust, these boxes are visually appealing as well. They are the best bet when you need to transfer goods from one place to another.

All these boxes are available in 10 different sizes so that it suits your needs no matter how big or small the goods are. Even if the sizes aren't fit for the goods you want to deliver, just leave an enquiry of your requirements and we'll do our best to serve your needs.

The DTDC branded boxes are the perfect fit for sending shipments through courier or other surface transports. All the boxes look elegant in design with DTDC logos and follow the brand guidelines in every box. Even E-Commerce shipments can be repacked in these boxes and then sent for a professional looking delivery. These boxes come in 3 ply and 5 ply depending on the size you choose.

Quality wise these are very strong boxes and can handle a good compression rate. They keep the goods inside them safe.

Buy DTDC Branded Boxes White Online In India from DCGPAC

The quality of DCGPAC and the branding of DTDC are unmatched when it comes to boxes. You can buy DTDC branded boxes in white online from DCGPAC at really low prices and are of great quality. Avail these boxes conveniently by ordering them online and getting them delivered to your doorsteps within no time.