Cello Stationary Tapes

Cello Stationary Tapes

  • Cello Stationary Tape
  • Less for more packaging saves money over cheap market tapes.
  • High Extensively Used.

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Item #Size (Inches)
DescriptionPcs Price Per Pcs
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Cello Stationery Tape, 10 Meter

10 Meters Cello Tapes

0.5"10 Meters Cello Tapes1
7.50 6.00 5.10 4.80 4.50 4.20
Cello Stationery Tape, 20 Meter

20 Meters Cello Tapes

0.5"20 Meters Cello Tapes1
7.50 6.00 5.10 4.80 4.50 4.20
Cello Stationery Tape, 40 Meter

40 Meters Cello Tapes

0.5"40 Meters Cello Tapes1
10.00 8.00 6.80 6.40 6.00 5.60
Cello Stationery Tape, 40 Meter

40 Meters Cello Tapes

1"40 Meters Cello Tapes1
20.00 16.00 13.60 12.80 12.00 11.20
VAT applicable is 5.00%
  • High Quality Product.
  • 40 micron tape.
  • Durable stands for heat, humidity and cold.
SKUCello Stationary Tape
Size or ColorNo
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Buy Cello Stationary Tape Online at Best Prices in India

DCGPAC presents you with a variety of Cello stationery tape. This high quality product is available in two different sizes, each in three different lengths. It enables you to package your stuff more for a little usage, which makes these much more cost-effective as compared to the cheaper tapes available in market. Cello stationery brand is one of the most renowned in the market and the Cello stationery tapes are extensively used everywhere. The 40 Micron Cello tape is quite durable and bears with all the adversities such as humidity and moderate levels of heat and cold. You can avail these at our wholesale prices without ordering any minimum order quantities. Buy online now to feel the difference.

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