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Superior Quality Camlin Stationery Products Supplies Online in India

Kokuyo Camlin Ltd. (the erstwhile Camlin Ltd.) is an Indian stationery company wherein Kokuyo of Japan holds around 51% stake. Camlin is renowned for its offerings such as fountain pens, marker pens, art materials, inks, pencils and so on. The most popular products of this company in India are "Camel" fountain pen ink and "Camlin" fountain pens. The Camlin fountain pens are well-known for their superior quality outside India too. Camlin is the market leader in producing artist materials such as oil paints, water colours, acrylics, pastels, pencils, inks etc. for students and artists alike.

DCGPAC is among the top Indian suppliers of office stationery, availing you with numerous Camlin products for the office and school segments. These comprise of a variety of gums, highlighters, Impress carbon, markers, paste, pencils and stamp pads etc. Camlin gums are good Adhesives, made up of natural and non-toxic ingredients. These are perfect for book binding and cartons manufacturing. We offer you the Camlin highlighters in a set of 5 assorted Fluorescent colours which are yellow, pink, orange, green and blue. Every single colour pack has 10 pieces of highlighters. The high quality highlighters are non-toxic and safe to use and have a fine chisel tip to underline and Highlight text. The Camlin markers are non-toxic and safe to use and come with brighter Inks for better visibility. These are refillable and can be availed in Black, Blue, Red and Green.

Check out all our Camlin stationery offerings and buy online to enjoy the office stationery of your favourite stationery brand.