Air Bubble Rolls/Wraps

Air Bubble Rolls/Wraps

  • For packaging of light weight and heavy duty products
  • Protects product design and colour
  • Helps in maintaining life of product

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Item # Size (LxW) Description Pcs Price per Roll
1 2 5 10 15
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Air Bubble Roll

30 GSM, 2.5 KG Bubble Roll

1mx70m 30 GSM, 2.5 KG Bubble Roll 1
623.00 585.00 550.00 518.00 490.00
Air Bubble Roll

50 GSM, 0.416 KG Bubble Roll

0.33mx25m 50 GSM, 0.416 KG Bubble Roll 1
222.50 208.75 196.25 185.00 175.00
Air Bubble Roll

50 GSM, 0.625KG Bubble Roll

0.5mx25 m 50 GSM, 0.625KG Bubble Roll 1
311.50 292.50 275.00 258.75 245.00
Air Bubble Roll

50 GSM, 1.25 KG Bubble Roll

0.5mx50 m 50 GSM, 1.25 KG Bubble Roll 1
645.00 605.00 568.75 536.25 507.50
Air Bubble Roll

40 GSM, 4 KG Bubble Roll

1x100meter 40 GSM, 4 KG Bubble Roll 1
1,169.00 1069.00 1005.00 947.00 896.00
Air Bubble Roll

50 GSM, 5KG Bubble Roll

1mx100 m 50 GSM, 5KG Bubble Roll 1
1,424.00 1336.00 1256.00 1184.00 1120.00
Air Bubble Roll

60 GSM, 6kg Bubble Roll

1x100meter 60 GSM, 6kg Bubble Roll 1
1,730.00 1603.00 1507.00 1421.00 1377.00
Air Bubble Roll

80 GSM, 8KG Bubble Roll

1mx100 m 80 GSM, 8KG Bubble Roll 1
2,278.40 2138.00 2010.00 1894.00 1792.00
Air Bubble Roll

100 GSM, 10KG Bubble Roll

1mx100 m 100 GSM, 10KG Bubble Roll 1
2,848.00 2672.00 2512.00 2368.00 2240.00
Air Bubble Roll

120 GSM, 12KG Bubble Roll

1mx100m 120 GSM, 12KG Bubble Roll 1
3,427.60 3206.00 3014.00 2842.00 2688.00
VAT applicable is 5.00%
  • Range from 50 GSM to 120 GSM
  • Keeps items clean, hygienic & dust free
  • Solid non-permeable film surface
Usage No
SKU air-bubble
high_volume_rate No
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Image Gallery No

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Buy Air Bubble Rolls and Bubble Wrap Sheets Online at Best Prices in India

When you think of protective packaging for your glassware and first thing that comes to your mind is the air bubble roll. When it’s about safe packaging of fragile and breakable items such as costly vases, glassware, watches, jewelry, cases, antique items and rare paintings, no other option for packaging can perform a better job of cushioning than air bubble rolls. It serves to fill the voids inside a packaging box and protect your product from shifting, vibration and the damage caused by this to your product. The air bubble wrap packaging thus, are the perfect economic means of safeguarding the items inside boxes.

Air bubble rolls are more than just cushioning material

Well, who doesn’t derive a certain amount of pleasure from popping the bubbles of the air bubble roll, once a product is delivered covered in it? We may or may not admit this but it is quiet fun to pop the bubbles. Whether it is for cushioning your delicate products or extracting some fun out of it by popping bubbles, air bubble rolls are ‘must have’ in your packaging supplies stock.

High Quality Air Bubble Sheets for Packaging Available in All Sizes

DCGpac is engaged in offering a wide range of sizes and types of the air bubble wraps online. We ensure that all air bubble wrap sheets are quality tested to be durable and effective at protecting the package from damage during transit. These are manufactured using advanced machinery to offer ample protection to the packed items. Bubble wrap packaging offers protection to products from both kinds of damage: physical and static. Every size is precisely designed keeping in mind the varied packaging and cushioning needs of our customers. You can find these in almost every size, you may possibly need. Our high quality air bubble wraps can be availed at low prices and are delivered to you at quick delivery times.

Air Bubble wrap packing is the perfect economic way to prevent your delicate product from coming in touch with hard surfaces. You can simply wrap your delicate watches, for example, in the air bubble wrap before placing it in its packaging box for ensuring its safety. Out of the many online stores, you can browse for the perfect sizes on DCGpac website and buy bubble wrap online to meet your specific needs. Order air bubble rolls online now to enjoy our wholesale prices. Not only that, you can also contact our experts for a quick counselling on which bubble size will help you meet your need better. Not able to find the required size of air bubble rolls? Contact us for your enquiries.

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