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  • Can be used for any household, office or industrial needs
  • Cost efficient tapes
  • Strong adhesion
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Brown Tape, 2

50 Meters Packing Tape

2" 50 Meters Packing Tape 1
43.21 35.35 31.36 28.59 25.25
Brown Tape, 130 Meter

130 Meters Packing Tapes

3" 130 Meters Packing Tapes 1
174.89 143.09 126.94 115.74 102.21
Brown Tape, 50 Meter

50 Meters Packing Tape

3" 50 Meters Packing Tape 1
64.81 53.03 47.04 42.89 37.88
Brown Tape, 2

65 Meters Packing Tape

2" 65 Meters Packing Tape 1
48.40 39.60 35.13 32.03 28.28
Brown Tape, 65 Meter

65 Meters Packing Tape

3" 65 Meters Packing Tape 1
73.46 60.10 53.32 48.61 42.93
Brown Tape, 100 Meter

100 Meters Packing Tape

3" 100 Meters Packing Tape 1
118.52 96.97 86.02 78.43 69.26
Brown Tape, 100 Meter

100 Meters Packing Tape

2" 100 Meters Packing Tape 1
89.70 73.39 65.11 59.36 52.42
Brown Tape, 130 Meter

130 Meters Packing Tape

2" 130 Meters Packing Tape 1
116.59 95.39 84.62 77.16 68.14
  • High quality full length tapes
  • Long shelf life
  • All weather durability
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Buy Packing Tapes Online at Best Prices in India

Want to make completely sure that your products ship safe to their destination? DCGpac presents you with their expedient range of sealing tapes or packing tapes.

Employ the packing tapes for sealing and adding an extra layer of safety to your products – packaged inside shipping boxes and filled with bubble wrap, packing peanuts or old newspapers.

Our wide variety of packaging tapes are very useful for the purposes of packaging, transportation, warehousing and logistics. The tapes features a pressure sensitive adhesive material coated over a durable polypropylene film.

We ensure that the packing tapes we provide you with are made using superior quality polypropylene material and thus, having exceptional sealing properties. The polypropylene film used has high degree of strength in both long and cross directions. These are extremely well-suited for high and low temperatures. Our clients vouch for their properties such as high degree of adhesiveness, good tensile strength and weather resistance.

The best part is that packaging for shipping and transportation packages is made fast and easy by the use of DCGpac packing tape dispensers. The tape dispensers we offer are simple to load that allow excellent control whether used in warehouses or homes. Enjoy the added level of convenience by using packaging tapes along with the tape dispensers.

You can choose from our wide variety of 20 different packing tapes available in different tape widths in the range of 0.5-3 inches all, at our wholesale prices. The colours we bring to you are white, brown and transparent (clear).

Buy from this sweeping range of packing tapes online for your personal professional and academic usage.