Why Your Brand Needs, Customized Packaging

A brand is a story in itself. It speaks a lot about your business like your- product, service and overall brand equity your business has. A great brand equity is created by having an exceptional branding.

The very first branding a product gets is packaging. And packaging creates a distinct identity of the product which differentiates your product from all the other products available in the market.

Why is branding important on the packaging?

Today branding is very important on packaging and probably no brand can afford to miss it. With the advent of marketing, over the time packaging became an extension of the product and at times it integrates with the product, making packaging, branding and the product inseparable.

Branding Through Packaging

It is essential to tell that the coffee inside the brown bag (which has turned into a red bag, thanks to branding) is a Starbuck coffee.

Packaging of Coca Cola Bottle

An good example of branding packaging is Coca-Cola’s Coke bottle. The shape of the bottle is a registered trademark of the company.

Branding packaging is customized packaging that helps in promotion. It also gives information on product details, safety and protection.

There are different levels of customized packaging:

  • Primary packaging
  • Secondary packaging
  • Tertiary packaging

Primary packaging holds one single unit of a product. Its primary function is to protect the contents of the product, yet it is a very effective platform for branding.

Branding with Packaging

Primary packaging also renders a platform for giving out all kinds of information of the product. Right from the ingredients and contents to the manufacturer details, marketing details, batch number, price etc.

Food Packaging

Secondary packaging is the next level of packaging where multiple units of a product are packed together. Branding is also extended to secondary packaging, yet branding on the primary packaging is much more effective than on secondary packaging because a single unit of a product gets more consumer exposure than a bulk.

Beverage Packaging

A crate of Pepsi holds multiple Pepsi bottles. At times the whole crate is bought. The branding on secondary packaging hence serves a similar purpose what branding on primary packaging does.

Branding On Tertiary Packaging

Tertiary packaging is used for transportation and branding makes the least impact on it. There is tiny or no exposure of the product to the end consumer hence making branding on tertiary packaging least effective. Majorly cardboard boxes and wood panels are used for this packaging.

Primary and secondary packaging are the most effective ways of branding.

Customize Branding Packaging

Customize branding can be done at several levels and at all different levels it has a different impact. It reinforces the brand image by hammering it every time it flashes and makes your product stand out of the crowd making it a differentiator.