Technology and Packaging: Know What’s Trending!

Technology and Packaging

It is a much known fact that a product’s packaging differentiates your product and brand from that of your competitors. It has now become the medium of communication between the consumer and the product. This is the reason why manufacturing companies are encouraging new packaging technologies; so as to make sure that their products enhance the customer experience with them.

If conventional packaging methods are to be considered, then you’d realize the fact that they are more focused and aligned to give the overall product a beautiful color, texture and maybe a story to promote the brand. However, with the constant enhancement of science and technology, it can now be inhibited in your product packaging. By doing this, not only will you attract more customers, but you will also be retaining the brand value.
Have a look at how technology is now being implemented in various forms of packaging:

Hybrid Packaging

Though there are none of the electronics associated, this kind of packaging turns out to be a boon for manufacturers and retailers who are planning to create customized packaging solutions, which shall ensure the safety of the product while it is being transported and shipped to different places. This can widely include courier bags, bubble wraps, BOPP bags, and foams. These materials turn out to be the best for safeguarding the product from all the wear and before it reaches to the doorstep of the consumer.

Active Packaging

Also known as smart packaging, this kind of packaging helps in extending shield life of the product. Active packaging monitors the state of packaged products effectively and offers information on their freshness. The information and other details are explicitly flaunted into the packaging which can be read on your smartphones or other devices. They also offer extra information to the buyers when the embedded QR code or bar codes are scanned. Other than the traditional QR codes and bar codes printed on the product packaging, you can now witness blippar app which requires scanning the picture and the information about the product and you will smoothly have all the information about the product in no time.

Interactive Packaging

Interactive packaging uses enhanced packaged technologies which assure you extensive safety through well tailored, engineered substrates and materials. They also enhance the product protection and security to detect forged products. For instance, there are certain products that use packaging which change color right when the product expires. Such kind of packaging is usually brought in use by pharma companies .

Intelligent Packaging

This kind of packaging involves technologies like radio frequency identification (RFID) or near field communication (NFC), smart labels and even Bluetooth. They establish interactions with these kinds of frequencies and deploy big data and Internet of Things. Such technology in packaging is implemented when the manufacturer or the company wants to have a record of or track the whole journey of the product i.e. from the store to the end user. This also turns out to be helpful in keeping a track of the well being of the product and fluctuations, if any, according to the environmental conditions.

With packaging industry witnessing such revolutionary changes, it is an undisputed fact that we have more to witness in the world of packaging and with time it shall only grow to something bigger and better.