DCGpac: Offering Custom Packaging to E-Commerce Businesses

Custom Packaging

Protecting your products from all the bruises and the bumps is what basically the packaging of your product does, apart from marketing it! Of course, the packaging of your product is the first thing any customer will glance and decide whether the product should make it to their respective shopping carts or not! When e-commerce […]

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Best Packaging Design Trends For The Year 2017

Packaging Design Trends 2017

Packaging is directly associated with marketing. It is the packaging of a product that instigates people to make an instant buying decision based on the appearance of what the product has been wrapped in. This is the reason why you would never want to dress your product shabbily. You may have an amazing product but […]

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Stand Out with Unique Packaging

Unique Packaging

Step into the market and you will witness a range of products that offer various services and are often similar to one another. Yet, there’s something that makes them different! What is it? The price? Maybe. The Quality? Yes!! The packaging?? Never thought of it? Then as a businessman, you are surely depriving your product […]

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Unbox the DCGpac Diwali Discounts!!

Diwali Sale

Festive season, is often regarded as the season of deals!! and DCGpac knows what exactly bumper Diwali feels like!! This is the reason why we, at DCGpac are offering larger and bigger discounts, faster delivery times and sweeter deals this festive season! We promise to stay with not just the best prices on high-quality packaging […]

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How the New Face of Home Delivery will Transform Packaging?

Smart Packaging

Smart packaging drives in a lot of consumers towards your brand. After all, it is the packaging of the product that grabs attention of the customers appeals them towards it. Ever heard of smart packaging? In case you haven’t, you will! Smart packaging: When you talk about smart packaging, you need to realize the fact […]

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Scientific Research Shows How Corrugated Stops Bacteria

Fruit Box

Corrugated boxes are used widely as containers for a number of products and shipping materials. Be it gadgets, furniture, electronics or food products, corrugated boxes act as a great packaging material for all of them. These boxes tend to possess the characteristics that include reusability, cost-effectiveness and great utility. Corrugated Boxes: A safe mode of […]

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Trendy Ideas for Trousseau Packing & Wedding Favours!

Trousseau Packaging

Weddings in India are no less than a big fat festival that involves a lot of bling, decorations, relatives, happiness and celebrations; and most importantly, gifts! An Indian wedding is usually a grand, luxurious event where everyone wants to be a memorable part of the joy and the fervor. This is the reason why every […]

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Sustainable and Safe Pet Food Packaging on the Rise

Pet Food Packaging

In today’s world of fast running life people miss the peace and affection that core of their heart craves for. The culture of nuclear families, separations and loneliness in the busy world has somewhere affected the lives of people. Who else other than pets can give warm and selfless love? And these loving creatures of […]

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Pharma Exports Have To Abide by The New Packaging Standards To Be Set By Govt

Pharmaceutical Packaging

Indian packaging industry has huge market in exporting packaging material of pharmaceuticals to African and Asian countries. Pharmaceuticals need to be packed in safe and sustainable material as it commands the health of patient. Medical drugs need to be in their safe and healthy form till the delivery to the final customer. Government has recently […]

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How the Boring Brown Box Became an Object of Desire?

Brown Boxes

Do not underestimate the power of brown boxes that you may find boring and outdated in packaging. You may not find them fashionable and attractive, but brown box has become the object of desire in the new era of online world and has found itself a place with increasing business of logistics operations. As technology […]

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