Demonetization And E-commerce Market


The massive demonetization exercise led by the Prime Minister of India has been in the market for a few weeks now and it actually has snowballed into a financial emergency for the country! The most popular denominations of India currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 has created a lot of havoc in the market!

Widespread tremors are being experienced by the e-commerce sector as well! With the ban of these currency notes, e-commerce players were forced to shut down the ‘cash-on-delivery’ payment modes as the new currency is still to be flowed out properly! Not to forget, cash-on-delivery payment modes summed up to 60-70% of the total orders and this has made the customers jump to the digital options of payment.

Going by the recent facts given by Amrish Rau, CEO of PayU India, “About 40% of CoD was driven by black money according to a study done two years ago.” This means that the demonetization will surely help in curbing black money and corruption! However, there are various e-commerce sellers who have come up with different deals that can help them in dragging up the sales that have fallen because of this sudden ban on the most popular currency denominations!

DCGpac is one such e-commerce business that has offered sales and discounts on various products so that consumers can some how avail the benefits when such a crisis is being witnessed! You’d be glad to know that DCGpac is offering 10% discount on Flipkart branded packaging products and Voonik branded packaging products!

Soon, DCGpac is coming up with Paytm integration! So now you can go cashless at DCGpac and avail all their offers without stressing about the currency denominations!